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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

El Puma arrested, a founder of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  Reforma Milenio

He was arrested without a shot and without violence. He had a black sweatshirt and a mask when he was arrested 

Noé Israel Lara Belman, alias "El Puma", at one time considered José Antonio Yépez Ortiz's right-hand man, "El Marro", he was detained in San Luis Potosí.

Noé Israel Lara Belman , alias "El Puma", a founder of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel (CSRL) and who was considered José Antonio Yépez Ortiz's  aka El Marro, right-hand man was arrested yesterday in San Luis Potosí.

Federal forces, including elements of the Army participated in the capture, security authorities confirmed.

"He had an arrest warrant in force for the crimes of organized crime and theft of hydrocarbons; he is also considered one of the main generators of violence in the State of Guanajuato," the Ministry of National Defense said in a statement.

"El Puma" was the last of the three Lara Belman brothers to be captured, after the arrest of Fabián Lara Belman, alias "La Vieja".

The Lara Belman brothers were considered close to "El Marro" in the criminal operation in Guanajuato, however "El Puma" fell from the grace of Yépez Ortiz at the end of last year.

"La Vieja" was captured in March in Baja California, while "El Tortugo" fell in February, in Celaya, when he had breakfast with 3 elements of the Navy and other people.

In March 2019, a phone call was leaked between Noé Israel Lara Belman, alias "El Puma", and Hugo Estefanía, former Mayor of Cortázar, who was executed by an armed command last November.

Reports indicate that as a result of that call, mistrust was generated between "El Marro" and "El Puma", which caused the latter to flee Guanajuato.

Noé Lara fled to Culiacán, after the differences with El Marro, according to information from Janet López, a journalist from Milenio. There he wanted to recruit members of the Sinaloa Cartel to create a new cell in Guanajuato but failed.

He then began operating with CJNG, state authorities said. They assigned him the plaza of Querétaro and Guanajuato capital.


  1. execute his ass end the violence there.

    1. 4:27 sure whatever you say dreamer

    2. Yeah. Just like arresting and extraditing el chapo stopped the drug-trafficking.

  2. If you understand la Moda Méxicano, you have to understand it is la costumbre to first bleed him dry. Motiones, amparos, fees, deposits, cutting deals with abogados to share the legal costs. Threats, anything to extract money. This is the corruption quite apart from accepting drug money. This is centuries old. Even the police, the ministerio publico and senior military demand their share. Purchased, is where they spend their time waiting for trial and their permitted comfort level. Not unusual at this level to spend hundreds or hundred thousands of pesos.

  3. Pics from the internet look like a violent capture. vehicle burning, etc. Did he put a fight or was protected?

  4. Wasn’t this foo working for CJNG?

  5. an ex candidate for Morena in Abasolo guanajuato was also executed after addressing El Marro in a Facebook post

  6. Sheesh, so confusing all the names and aliases...

    Sort of like you fellas trying to follow what I find a analogy:

    1932 Louis Vuitton Noé "el Champagne Bag" was born (think el Chapo)

    Noé descendants include:
    Noé, Petit Noé and Noé BB, Noé "el Monogram, Noé "el Damier Azur" and Noé "el Epi Leather".

    In 2014 the NoéCHAPITOS...
    NÉONOÉ MM, "el Caramel", "el Black", "el Rose Poudre", "el Poppy", NÉONOÉ "el Monogram Empreinte", NÉONOÉ "el Damier Ebene", NÉONOÉ "el Epi", NÉONOÉ "el Damier Azur", NÉONOÉ " el Monogram".

    Canadian girl 💋

  7. TRAITOR all the way around, cjng DIDN'T have no need for him.. MARRO and this guy wanted CDS to help them but they knew it was a FAILED and costly WAR against cjng.. Just LIKE when CDS TRIED to take veracruz,colima, from CJNG.. Or when cjng TOOK CDS PLAZAS in Quintana roo peninsula, Tijuana, Baja California... Too much of a list to name

    1. With the current homicide rate in TJ, and throughout Baja, it is quite evident that NOBODY "TOOK" the plaza....

    2. 9:12 more than 200 million dollars taken from Kiko Vega, former BC governor's home, prove nobody else made that kind of money on BC, all the fighting over BS makes nobody any money and he was prokbably behind all the fighting like El Uberrimo, Matarife alvaro urube velez...
      Grow and learn, and i don't mean grow grifa.

    3. 9:18 you COULD deny it ALL you want boy but the fact is CJNG took that PLAZA.. Years BACK Tijuana had ZERO pull in Tijuana and baja Cali..
      Matter of FACT there were many mantas left in TIJUANA AGAINST michoacanos who refused to PAY PISO.. Those mantas were referring to MENCHO PEOPLE..
      They killed a few for refusing to pay and TO announce themselves in their TURF
      That's when cjng sent in their SICARIOS and a few months later it created CTNG who were people from cjng and MANY that jumped SHIP from CAF and CDS.. Now they CONTROL more than HALF that PLAZA..

  8. So it looks like that meeting between Tortuga, the three Marinas, and the Sinaloans wasn’t about Marro reaching out to CDS for help, it was the Lara Belman brothers trying to create their own independent cell.

    1. 7:16 puro poinchi gonorriento sifilitico at the top, and their disciples are on their way, but the government of Guanajuato made such big waves about Las Poquianchis back in the day, after exploiting them to the last centavo of course.


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