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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

El Marro's Parents Are Released From Prison; Their Lawyer Is Then Killed by Gunmen

"MX" for Borderland Beat; TY to "Parro" and "Itzli"
José Antonio Yépez Ortiz ("El Marro")
Rodolfo and Maria Eva, the parents of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel (CSRL) leader José Antonio Yépez Ortiz ("El Marro"), were released from prison over the weekend. One of the family's attorneys confirmed to the press that several of El Marro's relatives, including his brother, fled to the United States to avoid persecution from the Mexican government.

El Marro's father was arrested in Celaya on March 6 for driving a stolen vehicle, as reported by Borderland Beat. At the time of his arrest, the Mexican government confirmed that there was an ongoing investigation against him and that they were looking to press "more charges".

However, he paid a MXN$10,000 fine and was released from prison on Friday, June 26. His lawyer explained to the judge that El Marro's father was over 60 years old and had high chances of getting sick of COVID-19. The judge allowed him to be on house arrest in San Miguel Octopan (Celaya Municipality). His trial is still pending. 

The case against El Marro's mother was dropped on June 27 after her legal team was able to prove that there were "irregularities" in her arrest, particularly in the discrepancies found in the warrant documents. Her legal team said that the addressed in the warrant document were different than address she was in when she was arrested. Moreover, the reported times of capture were different than the ones the prosecution presented to the judge.

Judge Paulina Irais Medina Manzano said that the charges linking El Marro's mother and four of other suspected CSRL members to a drug investigation were inconclusive and ordered their release. Since her arrest, El Marro's mother complained that she was subject to psychological torture.
El Marro's mother, Maria Eva, was released from prison on Saturday

El Marro's mother was arrested on June 20 in the San Isidro de Elguera (Celaya Municipality), as reported by Borderland Beat. Authorities said she was in possession of 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of methamphetamine and MXN$2 million in cash. To prevent her capture, people linked to the CSRL burned vehicles to block roads and attacked multiple businesses across the city. 26 people were arrested for the attacks, but they were released after approximately 48 hours due to lack of evidence.

Upon leaving the prison, four Silao Municipal Police officers temporarily detained El Marro's mother at a checkpoint near the penitentiary. In an ambush attack, suspected members of the CSRL killed three of them. El Marro reportedly claimed responsibility for the attack and blamed the police officers of working for the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), a rival criminal group that competes with the CSLR for control of Guanajuato.

Lawyer's murder
In an unexpected turn of events, one of the lawyer of El Marro's mother was killed by gunmen in Irapuato. The attack occurred on the evening of Sunday, June 28. According to Guanajuato investigators, the legal team of El Marro's family was traveling through the Irapuato-León highway when unknown assailants attacked them.

Their attorneys lost control of their vehicle during the attack; one of them was shot in the head and killed
The attorneys lost control of their Volkswagen Jetta and it overturned. One of them was shot in the head and died before authorities arrived at the scene. Their identities were not available by press time.

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  1. Her mom was caught with 2 kilos of drugs on her possession and then is set free. Give me a break.

  2. Hey, I know this is not on the subject of the posted article, which is fantastic by the way, but I wanted to share this weird video of a cab driver being paddled by a cartel member at a fake checkpoint.

  3. Seems the wages of sin, is extended death to family members and associates.

  4. Can we interchange "Discrepencies" with "CASH?" I would not buy comistible mixed with blood even if it cost ten pesos a liter. The deeper the cartels delve into the infrastructure the harder they will be to sterilize

  5. Cowards CJNG killing lawyers for doing their job what a low scum they is can't defeat a man that only has power in guanajuato in a couple of municipios and fan boys think they can take over sinaloa 😂 keep killing inocent lawyers and children michoacanos de mierda...

    1. 10:07 before the US was independent, it was discovered in England by Sherlock Shakespier and Isaac Newton that things fall on their own Weight, but you have to push sometimes a little.
      Therefore you must kill all the lawyers first, their forked tongues are dangerous, they usually chose profits over reason and cartel members ain't hoy enough moneys to buy enough justice.

  6. CJNG would never enter guanajuato if it was not for the government they are Police informants bunch of snitchoacanos snitching on marro and working with the police 🐀

  7. Sinaloa and marro are making cjg look like schoo girls

  8. El Marro see you in Las Vegas soon. Let's throw a few back.

  9. Maybe should send some U.S. lawyers to defend those criminals


  11. Exactly why Mx should capture, torture for info AND a slow death after. That includes crybaby el Marro

  12. Poor MARRO, pretty soon even his dog will leave HIM.. TOO risky to be BESIDE him, marro has MANY SICARIOS after HIM..
    His sister and marros head of sicarios whom she was going to marry got KILLED 2 or 3 months ago. His mom and dad ARRESTED,
    ALL his luxury homes and vehicles got taken from GOVERNMENT, now he's literally running from the law AND MENCHO SICARIOS..
    Shouldn't have started WITH CJNG..
    He gave a good FIGHT, I give HIM props for THAT but he actually THOUGHT he could win AGAINST an international CARTEL? NOT to bright

    1. 1:26 the Baaad News is El Marro ate his dog alreddy,
      and the cat is next...

  13. How many Jettas are in Mexico?

    Sending some 'Happy Canada 🇨🇦Day' cheer to the good people of Mexico.

    Canadian girl💋

    1. 8:45 german born mexican Professor Carlos Hank González brought Volkswagen from Germany to México because he never had money for the Bus, in the 50s.
      He made himself a billionaire and left us his billionaire sons Jorge and carlos, the Atlacomulco cartel, EPN, drug trafficking and a few mentadas de madre because he was a fatherless child...
      --Jettas are today's Volkswagens... the germans have always been in Mexico

  14. So when you see a old lady and her son is a major drug gang leader
    you feel sorry for her when her son dies ?
    when she her self is in the gang and knows good and well children woman innocents gets killed everyday

    I not saying every mother knows or agrees but you put lots of money in her hands many many wont care who gets killed raped because now she just looks at it like Oh Well its bussiness

    Who said parents arent responsable for their children ?
    well many many are some that arnt and refuse to take blood money from their kids are the parents I want

    Its very very hard to turn away money Yes when growing up working 14 hours a day 24/7 who can blame anyone ? I dont really blame Them
    but what it does over time is change the moral code in familys
    Just because your a mom or great grandma dosent mean your innocent
    nor guility
    In the end its you and your maker be poor and free clear moral mind
    or turn a blind eye
    and or say might as well take it
    it will go to someone worse then me or I deserve having a good life

    1. 6:52 you never knew what your own mother had to go through to give you a better life, yet you just took it and may have given away what you could.


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