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Monday, June 8, 2020

Cartel CDX Introduces Themselves by Executing Rival Hitman

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: LaVerdad / Vanguardia / YouTube / Twitter
Who and What is the Cartel CDX?
CDX appears, a new cartel that operates on the Tamaulipas-US border

NARCOS: CDX executes a hit man for betraying them and going over to the Northeast Cartel
The CDX , a new Mexican cartel operating in Tamaulipas, questioned and executed a young hitman for betraying them with the Northeast Cartel.

The CDX , a new cartel that has emerged in recent days, was presented by a video on social media networks. This is the execution of a young man at the hands of this cartel for alleged treason, as they assure that the young man had agreed to be with the Northeast Cartel ( CDN ).

The execution of a young man in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, highlighted the emergence of a new organization on the map of Mexican drug trafficking: the CDX. VIDEO is grainy and safe to watch, although there is a shooting.

The young man accused of moving from one drug trafficking group to another was executed despite the pleas he expressed throughout the clip. The executors repeatedly questioned the hitman before murdering him, trying to get the young man to confess to his alleged treason.

According to the message that accompanies the video circulating on social networks, the murdered victim belonged to a new cartel that operates in the municipality of Ciudad Victoria in the state of Tamaulipas in Mexico, near the border with the United States, which is identified as CDX.

CDX executes a hit man for betraying them and going over to the Northeast Cartel:
The victim denied at all times that he was colluding with those from the Northeast (CDN), he even blamed another man with the intention of convincing his captors. Despite his pleas, the hitman was executed for "selling himself" to the Northeast Cartel. These criminal groups are believed to be in a dispute.

The day and location where the execution was recorded is unknown , as well as the identity of the young man executed, but the broadcast of the clip was accompanied with a message warning that this will happen to all those who betray the alleged new cartel identified as CDX.

CDX executes young hitman:
"I did not put you with anyone, "El M10" is the one that is putting with the Northeast Cartel  , apa, on "El 10" he told me that he was going to get him afloat, after a while he was going to go out there to the (inaudible) there we can give him a floor", The young man expressed before the criminal group's questions. The clip concludes with a threat to future traitors.


  1. Another murdered teenager.. just sad. Very sad..

    The murderers are probably in the same age range judging from how the conversation goes on. This youngster certainly was no saint but to me it kinda sounds like he is the unlucky scapegoat in this story. Anyway thats just speculation..who am I to know the truth. It's just sad.. i still believe that teenagers who took a wrong turn in life can be shown the right way. Its not their fault as their brains are now yet fully developed. But the adults who lead them and take chance of those poor souls are to blame. May a lightning hit those bastards while taking a dump!!

    And may the soul of this boy may be in a better place now. Amen

  2. As if mexico needed another cartel wonder who they worked for before organizing the new outfit?;

  3. Did this group splinter from CDG?

  4. who is CDX, and what do the letters stand for?

  5. No se ven los viedos chivis que onda

  6. CJNG is in Ciudad Victoria, Tam.???? Are you guys sure about that


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