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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

7 missing policemen found dead in Colima---SSP Chief resigns

Chivis Martinez  Borderland Beat  Reforma

Colima's Secretary of Public Security, Colonel Enrique Alberto Sanmiguel Sánchez, resigned from his post, after the murder of seven elements of the agency, reported Governor José Ignacio Peralta.

"This day, Colonel Enrique Alberto Sanmiguel Sánchez, presented me with his resignation from the position of Secretary of Public Security," the President reported on Twitter.

Peralta explained that the resignation is in order not to interfere in the internal investigation after the multiple crime.

"The foregoing, so as not to interfere in the investigations that will be carried out within the said Secretariat to determine if the protocols and regulations were complied with in the commission that appointed 10 state police officers, of which 7 unfortunately lost their lives."

The Governor affirmed that he will shortly announce who enters Sanmiguel's place as head of the SSP.

Yesterday, seven Colima state police officers who had disappeared last week on the border with Jalisco, were found dead in Manzanillo.

The bodies, dismembered and wrapped in black bags, were located inside an abandoned truck in the town of Los Cedros.


  1. What happened to the other 3?

    1. They released them, the 3 were females. They killed 7 the males.

    2. It was actually 12 victims who were kidnapped. However i read yesterday that 3 female officers and two others ( business men) So 5 were freed and the rest May God Bless them. I BELIEVE I read it in Informador.

  2. There originally was 10, plain clothed Colima State Police Officers, 2 business men and two "other civilians." The two business men returned safely by helicopter. 3 female police officers and the other "two civilians" later were returned safely. The remaining 7 male police officers ere killed.

    1. If you don't understand why many refuse to call the police?? Hmmm..This kinda stuff MIGHT have something to do with it. Maybe??

  3. secretary of public safety resigned so that he does not interfere, why woukd he interfere? sounds more like he doesnt want to be investigated, theres something hes trying to distant him self from. Probably the murder of these agents was meant to be a message to him.


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