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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

5 incinerated bodies were located on the Guadalajara - Saltillo Highway

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat Source

The burned bodies of 5 people were located inside a truck on km 30 + 700 of the highway towards Saltillo in Ixtlahuacán del Río, Jalisco.

It was around 05:00 in the morning of this Wednesday that Civil Protection and Fire authorities were alerted to the fire of a vehicle near the town of Ancón in the same municipality.

After the arrival of the relief forces at the aforementioned location, a Ford truck with JR-47421 plates on fire was reported.

After several minutes of maneuvers to put out the fire, human remains are discovered inside the vehicle.


  1. El mayo y los chapitos están limpiando camino en Jalisco. Ya valió el Mencho

    1. Wrong. Nomas porque el Cholo tenga acuerdos con gente de Sinaloa no quiere decir que los Chapitos anded asiendo desmadre en Jalisco


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