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Saturday, June 6, 2020

10 Tons of Various Drugs Seized in Tijuana, Baja Ca incl Deadly Fentanyl Powder

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: AFN / DM
SEDENA Secures Drugs Valued at 743 Million Pesos in Tijuana; Agencies calling it "Historic":

On June 2, the Ministry of National Defense, in coordination with federal and state authorities, secured drugs in Tijuana valued at 743 million 116 thousand 985 pesos.

Authorities of various federal corporations carried out a "historic" drug seizure when they searched a warehouse in Valle de las Palmas, in the city of Tijuana, complying with an order from a District Judge after an investigation process in the State of Baja California.

The seizure, according to the authorities, was seven tons 802 kilos 332 grams of Marijuana, in addition to 46 kilos 300 grams of Heroin, two tons and 432 kilos , 604 grams of Methamphetamine.
6,577 Fentanyl tablets, 16 kilos 440 grams of Fentanyl powder, 31 kilos 500 grams of Lidocaine and finally, 23 kilos 880 grams of Tetrahydrocannabinol were also secured, all packed and accommodated inside a warehouse. It should be noted that Fentanyl powder when presented in an overdose can kill anyone almost immediately, and is one of the most confiscated drugs in the state of Baja California.
The Defense Department said Thursday that the haul included about 190 pounds (89 kilograms) of Cocaine.  No arrests were reported.
The drugs, some packed into plastic containers and neatly packed into cardboard boxes, appeared to be destined for export to the United States. Such multi-drug shipments have become routine in the cross-border drug trade.
Elements of the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic, as well as the Federal Ministerial Police, participated in this search, in coordination with the experts of the Coordination of Investigation Methods and under the legal direction of the Agent of the Public Ministry of the Federation, all of them attached all to the state of Baja California.


  1. Lidocaine ūü§Ē
    Are the Cartel involved in manufacturing this also?
    This is the first time I have heard of it been seized in a bust.....maybe I haven't been paying attention.
    Is Lidocaine something that the Cartel is heavy into??
    Love your Work Yaqui from the Land Down Under

    1. Thank you !
      Now, if we could only find conformation that this massive amount of poison is in reality destroyed.
      I hate to think of the outcome if it still gets moved.

    2. Lidocaine is an ingredient mixed into fentanyl for users who shoot to make the high more intense. In medical conditions/hospitals its used for topical numbness or injected right under the skin for a local anesthetic.

    3. I knew people that mixed it with a certain bath salts to simulate cocaine.

  2. Dam, thats a lot of drugs and money lost, like 35 million dollars, a lot of people are gonna get whacked for this

  3. Lidocaine is cheap and can be used as a cutting agent.


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