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Monday, May 18, 2020

VIDEO: Carborca Sonora, Armed Group Attacks PESP Helicopter

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: El Sol / Sin Embargo
Thank You Gus !

Armed group attacked PESP helicopter, there are detainees.
Around 17:40 hours on Sunday, the flight was attacked by several people with firearms in the Caborca ​​area. So far the State Police have detainees, and they have secured large-caliber firearms and several vehicles, one of them armored.

After a confrontation with armed men, the State Police maintains a siege in an area of ​​the Caborca municipality , where the criminals tried to shoot down a State Public Safety helicopter.

The Secretary of Public Security in Sonora reported that they did not manage to damage the aircraft or injure the elements that were boarding it.  "Fortunately, no State Police is injured," the agency reported.
Caborca ​​is a municipality with around 60,000 inhabitants , located in the area called La Perla del Desierto, 277 kilometers from the state capital.

The State Public Security Police surrounded an area in Caborca ​​on Sunday afternoon, after a corporation helicopter was attacked by an armed group.
According to the information provided, the officers on board the air unit were unharmed and some of those involved were arrested.

The incident was recorded around 5:40 p.m., when authorities observed several people with high-caliber weapons shooting at them, so they activated the red code to intercept them.

Among the actions they besieged the area and patrols were directed to secure firearms, vehicles and suspects, who were turned before the Public Ministry. It was also reported that the helicopter was not damaged during this armed attack, which was frustrated by elements of the PESP.

So far the State Police have detainees, and they have secured large-caliber firearms and several vehicles, one of them armored . "Fortunately, no State Police is injured," the agency reported.
In a statement, the state corporation revealed that one of the criminals was initially detained in an apparently armored vehicle, and heavy-caliber weapons were seized.

Then other people were arrested, to add four detainees for this fact. Operation continues in this area between the three levels of government with various actions for the security of the region.

The alleged criminals identified by the names of Antonio "N", Luis "N", José "N", and Humberto "N", 22, 21, 19 and 30 years old, respectively, were arrested last Saturday afternoon May 17 while being in a property in that area. The men captured are allegedly hitmen or sicarios.

The arrest was made after Mexican Army personnel requested the support of the PESP since they had four armed people located within a property located near the Ejido Los Janos.
PESP officers immediately responded to the complaint and when they arrived at the scene, where together with Sedena staff they proceeded to arrest the four alleged criminals and secure a Ford vehicle, F-250.

The agents found two long weapons in the area of ​​the events, one of which corresponds to those known as AK-47 and one R-15, in addition to 15 magazines and more than 380 cartridges of different calibers.

When the state police arrested the subjects, they were informed of their rights, to remain at the disposal of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) and continue with the investigations.

During the operation, the police officers realized that a narcotic odor was emitted on the premises, so the Prosecutor's staff was immediately notified to carry out the corresponding procedures.


  1. Damn... I don’t think the military can suffer another chopper downed (like in Jalisco), it really hurts the morale.

  2. That guy in the video is really annoying with his 2 dollar mask ,stop trying be sensational fool

  3. Probably just an incident of distraction, to lure the cops in one direction, so the real task could be accomplished in another direction.

  4. I think you meant ar-15 in the article. Also, Mexico really needs to utilize the Air Force/Air units more effectively. They should be providing guidance, weapon superiority against these terrorists. Mexico needs to step it up.

  5. Under Amlo Administration, Cartel r muy Bravo, they in control. Amlo as absolutely Zero security. In our state the Cartel own it. They must be very Pleased with Amlo. Can u imagine what mexico look like in 4 years, pretty bad, only thing can happen is Miltary take over.

  6. I guess we just except Mexico 🇲🇽 what is a very violent country. I must say the population has

    1. Except or Accept??????

    2. 701
      Except or Accept??????

  7. The state police in the helicopter captured several armored cars/trucks along with high caliber mounted rifles(.50cal) belong to the “Rumas brothers” who control Puerto Lobos, Desemboque, Puerto Libertad, La Y, Ultimo Esfuerzo, along with several Ejidos along the coast of Caborca. The dismembered bodies found Inside a cooler just a few days before this event was a job done(confessions)by this group of sicarios who got apprehended by state police and soldiers.Seems The Rumas brothers are loosing control/power over the territory they used to control for several years.

    1. If true that they got the rumas, I amhappy. Remember back in december/january they killed some poor dudes who used to sell tortillas, they were on their way from Caborca to the ejidos. Super early, around 4-5 am. Rumas pendejos, I hope things get better in that side of Caborca.



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