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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The arrest of “El Mocho”, leader of La Línea, unleashed shootings and threats against police in Chihuahua

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  TY GUS  Source

Chihuahua.- The arrest of the alleged criminal leader of Jiménez nicknamed "El Mocho" was the origin of the various confrontations in the city, in addition to the head of "La Linea" authorities detained his wife and brother, who according to versions of ministerial agents, were wounded.

The information that has flowed is that state agents detected "El Mocho" in a meeting, then went after him and the confrontation began.

The shootings lasted for various parts of Jiménez as far as the highway to Villa López, resulting in the death of a state agent, another one injured, and the arrest of the three people.

The murdered state agent was identified as Martín B., originally from Delicias, who was assigned in Jiménez.
Luis Alberto MM, alias 'El Mocho', is the head of the criminal group called La Línea in Jiménez and his capture caused fierce confrontations in that town, including the shooting attack on the Ministerial Police command, leaving a state element dead so far. , another one more seriously injured and two more civilians with injuries who according to versions of Jiménez's agents are already in the state capital.

So far the authority has not officially released any information.


  1. Hey Chivis, any word on the recent attempt on Ovidio? Thanks.

    1. I can't find anything. BDN started the story, and they do get some good gets but equally post fabrications. So I am not sure. As for now...I am letting it lie and on to other stuff.

    2. Why hasnt anyone covered the retaliatory strike by LFM towards the CJNG over El Vagos death? El Vago was the nephew of Lalo Mantecas. Lalo killed 12 of Chito Cano's people in return....

    3. You mean this one?

  2. Who was boss of La Linea before El 80?

  3. Mocho girlfriend "la reina del sur" was captured with Mocho


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