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Friday, May 29, 2020

Special Ops Tamps: High Powered Arsenal and "Monster" Vehicles Secured

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Excelsior /msm / quintopod
In a series of operations carried out in five municipalities north of Tamaulipas , the elements of the Special Operations Group of the Secretary of Public Security secured an arsenal that includes high-powered weapons and armored vehicles, the so-called "monsters" that organized crime groups often use.

The agency detailed that the police actions were carried out in Valle Hermoso, San Fernando, Cruillas, Matamoros and Nuevo Laredo, the first four are influenced by the current leader of the Gulf Cartel , Evaristo Cruz Sánchez "El Vaquero" or "Señor 46" .

In Valle Hermoso, a neighboring town of Matamoros and considered as the bastion of this criminal group, three confiscations were made.

The first consisted of 20 weapons, of which 18 were long and two were short, including at least three 50-caliber Barret machine guns and two rifles with a telescopic sight.

In addition, vests with insignia corresponding to the Cruz Sánchez criminal cell were seized.

In the same action, the officers located a workshop where vehicles with artisan armor was customized and prepared.

The second securance in that municipality consisted of 13 long weapons, 40 magazines, 12,700 useful cartridges, 23 bulletproof vests, 64 kilos of marijuana as well as the arrest of an individual identified as Edgar "N", nicknamed "El Canelo".

In addition, the agents located three trucks with artisan customized armor that are known as "monsters". On some of them, on their doors, the emblem of the leader of the Gulf Cartel is stamped.

Valle Hermoso has been the epicenter of various assurances in the last two months, in addition to the capture of important criminal leaders.

In Matamoros, San Fernando and Cruillas, the police seized 39 long weapons, 6 short ones, 41 magazines, tactical equipment and radio frequency devices, while Nuevo Laredo, a bastion of the Northeast Cartel, officers seized 270 kilos of drugs, characteristics of marijuana.

The weapons, detainees, vehicles and drugs were made available to the corresponding authorities.

The areas of constant vigilance:

The State Police indicated that it is carrying out permanent operations in Nuevo Laredo, Reynosa, Matamoros, the riverside area and Ciudad Victoria, as part of the security strategy that the Tamaulipas Government has implemented, to deter criminal groups and prevent acts that attempt against the integrity and heritage of the Tamaulipas.



  1. I note in there weapons stash they are tooled up with every gun but every assassin/sicaro got to have his pot lol

  2. Spartans group of sir 46 the cowboy


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