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Friday, May 1, 2020

Reynosa Tamaulipas: Bad guys escape in a taxi after shooting at state police

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  El Manana

After attacking state police, armed individual aboard a taxi  managed to escape.  The events were recorded on the main avenue of the Almendros neighborhood.

The assailants were traveling aboard a sedan-style taxi, when they encountered state authorities and provoking  a chase and gunfire.

The criminals took advantage of the traffic and the crowd of people who congested the area to escape, as the police did not shoot in the area filled with people creating a perfect opportunity to escape.


  1. Deathly Viper CV in Mexico.
    As of Friday morning.
    2,082 dead. 19,224 infected

    1. Doubt any number estimated anywhere is accurate. There are no true estimates. Only indications of probably double that on any given number.

    2. The tip of the iceberg. Taxi collectivos. Paseras. Oxxos people touching everything. People spitting in street. Kids touching everything and then going home to grandparents. People eating chips with their hands and in and out of stores and public transportation. And the prostitutes are still working! Damn! If she has it or he 100 or more infections in a week. Maybe. Not good. Be careful. Lupita

  2. Taxi or Uber lol

  3. Now Mexico needs help from El Chapulin Colorado...
    "Que no Panda el Cunico!"
    Que dios los coja confesados,
    es muy triste morirse sin haber amado.
    Llegó la hora de aflojarlas, y sin condiciones eh?
    Al cabo ya se va a acabar el mundo


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