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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Police Commissioner of AP Denounced

By Buggs for Borderland Beat

Marcus Vinicius Ornelas Quesada

Hermosillo, Sonora.- On May 7, 2020, a report of an investigation was released where Agua Prieta citizens that were allegedly abused by police forces in the municipality, denounced Marcus Vinicius Ornelas Quesada, Commissioner of the Agua Prieta Municipal Police, accused of the following crimes:

False imprisonment, abuse of authority, breach of legal authority, abuse of power and extortion.

The complaint was made through the Attorney General of the State of Sonora and the Anti-corruption Prosecutor of the State of Sonora (Fiscalía Anticorrupción del Estado de Sonora), where an investigation report was opened on May 5 of this year.

Previously, the commissioner has been denounced for non-compliance with requirements to occupy the post, corruption, threats from Aguapretenses citizens, his performance has also been questioned due to the increase in home robberies and assaults with violence in the municipality.

In addition, the commissioner does not comply with the Code of Ethics of the Municipal City Council since he maintains an address in Douglas, Arizona on the other side of the international border.

Despite all the accusations, Mayor Jesús Alfonso Montaño Durazo has always come to the defense of the commissioner who was appointed by his government.


  1. Political powers outweighs public perception. The norm for many of us on this planet.

  2. Police work for the Cartel just like the politcos

  3. I still think you should have to at least live in the country you police particularly if you are the commissioner

    1. Not if your head has a bounty in it.

  4. Este cabrón necesita que lo capen, pero ya!
    HONEST COPS need not run home to mama on the US, except prolly to bring their fayuca where it belongs.

  5. Just shows how upside down the world is.. Every where .. I guess the true moral peoples of this world have to keep going and only wish or turn a blind eye or do something about it
    Its hard work to go up against Evil
    we are torn because we are only human
    So many live in their own world of just cause honest hard work others get involved and try for better Others are driven by other ways greed power egos
    its hard trying to live hinest and not get depressed to see this crap
    is it to powerfull to fight for good ?
    is it worth the pain and heart ache ?
    some people are not made to fight some are afraid or just dont want any part of it and put blinkers on to avoid it Others have the heart to fight agaisnt bad but have no power
    thats where no man can stand alone
    That is why bad guys form gangs

    how do good peoples stand in a Gang for the good ?? and will it ever really end ever History says Not !


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