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Thursday, May 28, 2020

More men, women and children murdered in Michoacán: Homicides in April break record and almost double compared to 2019

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Sicarios del narco matan a familia completa en Michoacán | La Opinión

The state of Michoacán just experienced the most violent April on record.  In 2020, with 207 murders; Among the victims, there are 19 women and 26 minors.

According to the most recent data from the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System, 188 men and 19 women were murdered in the state of Michoacán last April.

This figure is almost double that registered in April 2019, with 114 intentional homicides, and higher than that of 2018, with 124 murders.

In 2017 there were 108 murders, in 2016 there were 102 and in 2015, 64, which shows that since Governor Silvano Aureoles took power, year after year violence has been increasing.

The record of homicides of women registered in a month of April in Michoacán was also broken, with 19 women murdered, two of them minors; above the 13 victims of 2019

The murders of minors also exceeded their previous records, adding 26 in April 2020, above 15 of 2019, 17 of 2018, 11 of 2017, 9 of 2016 and 5 of 2015.

During the first 4 months of the year, Michoacán totaled 890 murders, with 88 women among the victims, and in May it is expected that a thousand intentional homicides will be exceeded.

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