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Thursday, May 21, 2020

More Cd Juarez: 2 Arrested with 245 Pounds of Mota and Mechanical Presses

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: El Diario
I thought most of us might be interested in what a "Mechanical Pot Press" might be and perhaps less interested in the perps of such an operation. I am no engineer, but that looks pretty unsophisticated.

Two men were arrested after arresting them with 245 pounds of marijuana and mechanical presses, the Municipal Public Security Secretariat reported. The arrest was carried out when two men were reported to be transporting drugs on board a 2006 Mazda 6 gray vehicle.

Agents implemented search actions, locating a vehicle that met this description at the intersection of Carlos Amaya and City Hall streets, in the Galeana neighborhood, which was driven at speed, resulting in a pull over by the police; who subjected the driver and his companion to a preventive inspection locating 245 pounds of marijuana, a mechanical press and 14 metal parts, inside the said vehicle, arresting them after reading of the rights, César Alejandro BM, 33 years old and Pedro CG, 37 years old, were registered before the corresponding authority.


  1. We don't smoke Mexican dirt weed in Cali cause it gives you headaches just OG and Jack Herer.

    1. Some of the weed here in El Paso is better than cali weed cheaper sinsemilla 200 an elbow

    2. I doubt that highly partner.

  2. They use the mechanical press to make weed take the shape they want. It also makes it brick-hard, and they are able to put more weed inside a tire, or whatever other place they use to smuggle it.

  3. Here in New York mostly sour diesel but right now I got some wedding cake....Thanks Cali.

  4. Boys were just trying to extract oils to replace expensive diesel fuel now that they can't find cheap huachicol.
    Maybe burning bricks to make steam they'd get more millage...;

  5. You can get any box you want made up,to press half keys,keys,of the white gear,smaller hydraulic presses that can exert half ton etc to brick it up up,and it does brick it so i heard ?

  6. So, that's how they press Mexican bunk weed...

  7. What do guys in califas and new new yorkers care where it comes from you'll smoke anything.

  8. Whats the white powder for or from ?
    also look at the floor is that hydrolic fluid yuck smoking that with spilled fluid is gotta be nasty
    I hate lazy pot heads
    they are forgetfull many are lazy fat stupid

    But now theirs a few that say pot makes them work and they get energy
    from it Not the pot heads I know or see .. Gateway drug to hell for the irrespondiable But good for ones who Really need it

    Arizona LE coming out with new breath machines to ck THC levels
    hooray stop smoking and driving w/ babies in Cars you stupid jerks


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