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Monday, May 4, 2020

Michoacan: Viagras leader "El Botox" is free, captured as a priority objective suspect in the killing of Buenavista Mayor

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  TY Gus 90 degrees

On the night of August 28, 2018, Michoacán Governor Silvano Aureoles Conejo, announced on his social networks the arrest of César Sepúlveda Arellano, alias “El Boto” and/or “El Botox ”, whom he pointed out as a suspect in the murder of the interim mayor of Buenavista Javier Ureña González, in the midst of the elections that took place that year in Michoacán, but in a year and 8 months that he was imprisoned, the PRD administration could not demonstrate his guilt in a crime, which is why he was released a couple of days ago.

On June 27, 2018, the last day of the campaigning acts of the candidates, hoping  to occupy a position of popular election, the person in charge of the office of the Municipal Presidency (mayor) of Buenavista, Javier Ureña González, was shot to death. He had survived an assassination attempt in March of 2018.

Then Aureoles, with more than two years in power, was already demonstrating his insensitivity and taste for hiding the reality of the state, because far from publicly condemning crime he launched the message on his Twitter account “Congratulations, @miseleccionmx!  We lost to Suecia, but we keep going. ”

Two months later, he did celebrate the capture, in the state of Morelos, of César Sepúlveda Arellano, alias “El Boto” and/or “El Botox”, indicated as being responsible for that murder, and even dedicated two messages to him in Twitter:

“Coordinated work with @SEDENAmx and the Morelos Anti-kidnapping Prosecutor's Office allowed @MichoacanPGJ to detain César S., 'El Botox', a priority objective of @GobMichoacan within Operation Cleanup.

"It is related to the murder of the person in charge of the Office of the Mayor of Buenavista that occurred in June, in blockades and in the burning of vehicles. In the next few hours, he will be transferred to Michoacán to answer to justice.”

Thus, the detainee was transferred to Michoacán and the Mil Cumbres Social Readaptation Center  where is was interned and where he remained until April 30, where in the midst of a process for the release of prisoners promoted by the federal government and reinforced by the coronavirus epidemic.  There was a review of his case and was free, as the Silvano Aureoles Administration failed to prove any crime against him.

"El Boto" and / or "El Botox" is identified as one of the founders of "Los Blancos de Troya" and "Carteles Unidos", and leader of "Los Viagras", groups linked to the collection of quotas, extortion , kidnappings, murders and disappearances in Michoacán.

Before the release of the "priority objective" of the "Operation Cleaning" of the Aureoles Conejo government, the governor has remained silent on his social networks.


  1. No news here. We all understand how familiar death threats and bribery are the real goings-on in the Mexican judicial system.

    1. This. People always ask how narcos are set free, but it’s a multitude of factors. Threats on your families lives and your own are far too real. It is much easier for these DTOs to kill someone in the way of their profits than to bribe their way through. The smarter ones bribe to avoid heat, but the fear of death is there nonetheless.

    2. 12:00 that's good points well taken. I recall that's what they did in Sinaloa. Chapito was going
      to be arrested...the cartel quickly mobilized roadblocks, killed a few Innocents, went straight to the military base, had men overpower the guards, and had went into military familes homes and would shoot them, if they did not let chapito go.

  2. Very funny known criminal go free after a awhile, bet you his happy to be free, what he will do now is kill those that pointed the finger at him

    1. Cjng will take out really soon, hes the one who should be worry he was safer in jail

  3. Dead man walking. Gave cash and info to be free. He will be eliminated shortly.

  4. Every girl loves a blink of Botox!

    Canadian girl 💋


  6. He’s my mom’s cousin no lie small world still lots of sepulvedas left tho not all are the same one is a pro soccer player in Mexico others have successful businesses with avocados some of us live in the US we might be family but we all make different choices in life all I’m saying is don’t judge anyone it could’ve bin someone in your family to do the same life hits everyone different and we can never predict ourselves in situations like this but it does happen I hope someone learns from this and thinks Beyond the crime and ask yourself how is it that this man ended up like that? and make sure you never do because yea he’s in for a miserable ride smh still proud of having sepulveda in my family won’t let a few rotten apples spoil the rest of the batch ...stay safe live learn and teach oh and yea and appreciate too bye bye now 🙏


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