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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Mexico arrests Luis 'El Tio' Mendez, last FBI fugitive in US Consulate murders in Juárez

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  TY Gus El Paso Times

Mexican law enforcement has captured the final fugitive sought by the El Paso FBI in connection with the U.S. Consulate murders case of 2010.

Luis Mendez was arrested by federal forces over the weekend in the city of Cuernavaca, south of Mexico City. The FBI in El Paso confirmed the arrest in a tweet Monday.

Authorities say Mendez is a former member of the Barrio Azteca gang and is reputed to be one of the founders of the Juárez cartel breakaway crime organization named La Empresa (The Company).

He was identified in Mexican news reports as Luis Gerardo Mendez, alias "El Tio" (the uncle).

Mendez, who is also known as "El 58," "Alex" and "Narizon," is wanted in the U.S. on several federal charges, including murder, racketeering and drug conspiracy.

Mendez, 44, is accused of being one of the Aztecas involved in the killing of three people associated with the U.S. Consulate in Juárez on March 13, 2010.

Two months ago, the FBI publicized Mendez on the 10th anniversary of the deaths, which occurred during the war between the Juárez and Sinaloa drug cartels.

On that day in 2010, Aztecas opened fire on two separate white SUVs that left a children's party at about the same time in Juárez.


  1. Time to pay the BIG Piper game. Let's see if his pockets are deep enough to get himself out of this mess.

  2. What narco tunnel was discovered in tj

  3. I know this is off topic to this article but anyone else think these corrido singers look like idiots singing so many narco songs about all these guys that ends up being rats and pussies by turning themselves in? Lol serious question

    1. Sounds like someone’s mad cuz la dinastía won’t make corridos of his idol mencha. Probably cuz Michoacán music is TRASH. Can’t fake the Norteño funk playboy.

    2. Narco corridos are trash in general. Some of the worst music know to the human ear

  4. Chivis have you seen the video of chinos funeral? Other sites are posting it

    1. Well I have, but it shows nothing if we are talking about the same video.

      seems like there would be many videos and still images.
      Do you think he will be buried at Jardines de Humaya Cemetery?

  5. Trump's threats to declare Mexican DTOs as terrorist organizations seems to be bearing bountiful fruit. A quid pro quo. Stand down your threats and in turn we will expedite extraditions of low-hanging fruit. Mexico is a proud nation, ditto the US, so let's hash this out like friends do.
    Secret diplomacy between democratic nations is somewhat like the kitchen of a five-star restaurant, or like making sausage. You really don't want to know what goes on in the background. But the presentation is eye-pleasing, has a captivating aroma, and sparks delight when it hits the palate.
    Also, I say this from a position of total ignorance. I know nothing of the narco game in Mexico. But I infer that behind the big-name drogeros, there are covert narco-families entrenched in the game for decades if not centuries, contrabandistas. They don't make headlines and their faces aren't out there. They live behind shell companies, bribes, political firewalls. But their lavish lifestyles are fueled by narcotics.
    Back in the day we African-Americans had a name for these narco-families. We called them Quiet Storm. From what I gather from BB, forget about the figureheads. Much of the cartel drug money goes to the outwardly-respectable, long-entrenched Quiet Storm families in Sinaloa, for example.

    1. You’re right in a lot of situations, I’ve been curious about that in Sinaloa. The truth about Mencho is he works for the powerful Valencia clan. They never get their hands dirty and have 30-40 years at least in the business. Mencho maybe the head of the cartel army but at the end of the day he answers to that family.

    2. No the Guzmans and Zambadas have ran Sinaloa for decades.

    3. jamesbrown hope to read from you later.

  6. 2:28

    Well said sir. Just like an oil cartel or soft drink cartel or cartel of high finance, simply groups of people forming organizations, forging partnerships in a means to some ends ie. The sale/moving of 'insert product' in a bid to accumlate capital which according to many scholars of our time agree that capital is also just another means to other>->-control and the power to maintain that control. As a wise man with knowledge of method once said "Cash rules every tang round me.."

    Gang, Clan, Cartel, Organization, Corporation--- the names change and the heiarchy ascends based on quality of connections and ability to prevent the dutty laundry from ever seeing light of day..

    Interesting world isn't it?

    I encourage you to check out this tune, "Immortal Technique - Peruvian Cocaine" .. at the very least check out the lyrics i find myself reading them again and again and am astonished to see how realevent their break down of the game truely is.

  7. @2:28 you are very right, but allow me a minor 'correction': their life styles are not that lavish, because they know better than to draw attention to themselves.

    I like the way you 'put things', but I think it is worth mentioning that neither the Mexican government nor the US government want to solve the 'problem'. On both sides the respective political elites benefit tremendously from the status quo (=WoD).

    What it comes down to is that both sides needs to dance together in a way that they can continue to fool the 99% on both sides of the border.

  8. Can God just blow up this world and start all over again This time he god gotta stck around to make sure bad people dont get away with bad shit
    We are just morons Really


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