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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Los Salazar

By Buggs for Borderland Beat

Some people had asked me about more information in relation to Los Salazares that operate in the states of Sonora and part of Chihuahua.

Lat's talk Los Salazares,

Los Salazares is a group that has been leading drug trafficking operations since the 1990s in Sonora. They originated from Chinipas, Chihuahua.

The group is recognized by Mexican and United States authorities as the main operators of the Sinaloa cartel in the state of Sonora, specifically in the trafficking of drugs for distribution into the United States.

Their areas of operations are the strip of the borders of the states of Sonora and Chihuahua, as well as the international border of Sonora with the United States. Their best known home bases of operations are Navojoa, Sonora and Chinipas, Chihuahua.

Their structure is a family operation:

  • Don Adan Salazar Zamorano was the founder and leader.

    Don Adan

  • Jesus Alfredo Salazar Ramires known as "El Muñeco, El Justiciero or El Pelos." He is the son of Don Adan.

    Jesus Alfredo Salazar Ramires known as "El Muñeco."

  • Adan Salazar Ramirez "El Indio," son of Don Adan.
  • Jose Crispin Salazar Zamorano, the brother of Don Adam.

After the escape of El Chapo Guzman in 2001, Don Adam had an alliance with the Beltran Leyva brothers who were associates of El Chapo Guzman. They played a key role in the restructure that was generated by the war after the fracture of the Sinaloa cartel with the Beltran Leyva brothers. Los Salazares took the side of El Chapo Guzman.

Blows to the Salazar family.

 Alfredo Salazar, "El Muñeco" or "El Pelos" is arrested.

  • On February 15, 2011, Don Adan was detained in the state of Queretaro by federal forces. Don Adan had served as leader for almost 20 years of the organization of Los Salazares in Chihuahua and Sonora.
  • Jesus Alfredo Salazar Ramires El Muñeco was detained on November 1, 2012 in Huixquilucan, State of Mexico after fleeing to that city due to strong operations against him by authorities in attempts to arrest him. He had been leader in a state of Sonora after the arrest of Don Adan Salazar.
  • On May 20, 2016 the body of Adan Salazar Ramirez was found outside a funeral home in Navojoa, Sonora. The son of Don Adan had sustained wounds from gunfire, but the cause of death was never made clear.
  • In August 2019, the son of Alfredo Salazar Ramirez, named Alfonso Salazar "La Cria" was executed in Navojoa, after having an argument with a collaborator who shot him, who died later after arriving at a clinic.
  • Edgar Salazar Gaxiola, son of Crispin Salazar, was arrested in an operation in Bocoyna, Chihuahua. Edgar was indicated as allegedly responsible for the death of journalist Miroslava Breach.

The Scandals.

Seeking justice for journalist Alfredo Jimenez Mota of El Imparcial
  • After the death of the journalist Alfredo Jimenez Mota of El Imparcial, the Salazars were identified as allegedly responsible for the disappearance of the journalist prior to his death. This after an investigation came to light where Jimenez Mota talked about the organization and their operations within the state.

  • The murder of the activist Nepomuceno Moreno Nuñez in Hermosillo, Sonora in 2011 pointed to the man responsible for the alleged murder as Alfredo Salazar Ramirez El Muñeco or El Justiciero. Moreno Nuñez was part of a group in the movement for peace where he was demanding justice for the illegal arrest and disappearance of his son. He was killed from seven gun shots in the centennial neighborhood of Hermosillo.

  • As it was mentioned previously, the group of Los Salazares were identified as responsible for the death of the journalist Miroslava Breach in the city of Chihuahua. Miroslava published reports where she pointed to the Salzares as being responsible for many people leaving their towns due to the violence generated by the group and also for corrupting mayors in the plazas they controlled. After the arrest of Edgar Salazar Gaxiola, son of Crispin Salazar, in his statements, he testified details on the planning and order for the execution of the journalist.

    He said that the order was given by Crispin Salazar to his lieutenant Juan Carlos Moreno Ochoa El Larry. Due to his testimony there was an order to kill Edgar Salazar by his own father and his cousin Alfredo Salazar. The case attracted so much attention that El Larry was arrested in Sonora and charged for the death of the journalist, another sicario tied to the murder remains at large.

El Larry killed journalist Miroslava Breach Velducea as a gift to Los Salazares.
  • After the massacre of the LeBaron family in Bavispe, Sonora that borders the state of chihuahua, the group was suspected of playing some type of role. For this reason, Alfredo Salazar Ramirez and Don Adan Salazar Zamorano sent a letter to Julian Lebaron and to president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador where they explain that they were not responsible for the massacre and that they join in the mourning of the Lebaron family. They also demanded that their human rights be respected since they were detained and their rights were violated. They also asked that their pictures from the president's mornings press conferences be removed where they show them as responsible for the act.

  • In Hermosillo, some narcomantas were found with threats against the governor of the state of Sonora signed by the group of Los Salazares. In it, they say that the governor did not respect the agreements and will pay for it with blood, that was written in the message.

Narcomanta whee Los Salazares threatened 
Sonora governor Claudia Artemiza Pavlovich Arellano

The wars waged by the salazar in Sonora and Chihuahua.

Some of the armament seized from Los Salazares.
  • The Salazares aligned themselves as the armed wing of the Sinaloa cartel, they were part of the group Gente Nueva founded in chihuahua by a lieutenant of El Chapo named El Flaco Salgueiro. From there, the birth of of the group La Gente Nueva Salazar was born, associated with the group of Los Paredes Machado from Agua Prieta, loyal to the Gente Nueva del M100 organized to fight the plazas in Sonora and part of Chihuahua.

  • The Salazars had an intense confrontation with the Enriquez Parra family of the group Los Numeros, their leader Raul Enriquez Parra El 9, previously in alliance with them but split up for matters of treason. There were several confrontations and deaths of the people close to the Salazars in Navojoa, Alamos and Ciudad Obregon. It all ended with the death of Enriquez Parra El 9 by orders of El Chapo Guzman.

  • After the breakup of the Beltran Leyva brothers and El Chapo Guzman,  Sonora entered into a war without cartels where groups loyal to El Mochomo and El Barbas attacked the cities in the south and north of the state to maintain control of the group's operations. Alfredo Salazar El Justiciero was in charge of eradicating the Beltranes from the state, in operations in the border cities of Nogales, Agua Prieta, Ciudad Obregon and Hermosillo. After strong confrontations and ultimately the death of the leader of the Beltran Leyva (El Barbas) they eradicated the power of the group.

  • Los Salazares maintain a war with the people in Choix, Sinaloa. Adelmo Nuñez Molina "El Lemo or El 01" leader of the group Los Nuñez, loyal to Caro Quintero, confronted groups of Los Salazares who had been supporting Benito Portillo Torres who was fighting for the region of Choix, sinaloa. Today, the Salazars continue an alliance with people from Choix, who maintain a conflict with Lemo Nuñez.

  • Los Salazares went to war with another Adelmo, in this case Adelmo Nieblas Ramirez "El Señor, Memo or G3" of the state of Durango, in fights in Sonoyta and Caborca for control of the plazas. Both groups were loyal to El Chapo Guzman. Today El Señor or G3 maintains his home base in the plaza of Sonoyta and shares his territory with Los Salazares.

  • On the border of the states of Sonora with Chihuahua is the biggest confrontations of Los Salazares that is supported by Los Paredes Machado, against the group of La Linea del Cartel de Juarez led by Arturo Quintana El 80. The municipalities of Chihuahua, Moris, Uruachic, Chinipas, Guazapares, Urique and the Sonora plazas such as Yecora, Rosario Tesopaco, Quiriego, Sahuaripa and Alamos have witnessed the bloody confrontations between both groups.

  • In the plazas of Ciudad Obregon, Empalme, Guaymas, Navojoa and Hermosillo maintain a battlefront against factions of the Beltran Leyva and possibly the CJNG. The group of Los Salazar supports the boss of the plazas in the southern state, Jesús Francisco Sarrazín Lohr "El Pirata" of Huatabampo, Sonora, and his brother that is associated with Los Paredes Machado of Agua Prieta with the nickname Gonzalo R8 in ciudad obregon. They fight against the people of El Chapo Trini who was killed in Guadalajara and El Chapo Olivas, father of the singer Alfredo Olivas. They fight against the factions of Caro Quintero and then leader Emilio Quintero Navidad El Cadete, today led by Miguel Aragon El Telcel. In narcomantas found in Hermosillo and Obregon they talk about an agreement between the State Attorney and the group, in which they say that the agreement was not honored to give support the criminal group.

    Jesús Francisco Sarrazín Lohr "El Pirata"

  • Today before the new fracture between Los Chapitos and El Mayo Zambada, Los Salazares support La Gente Nueva del Cazador/El Noveno to control the plazas of Caborca, Altar, Santa Magdalena and their surrounding towns. They fight against a lieutenant of Mayo Zambada with the nicknamed El Gigio of Nogales, Sonora. In Caborca ​​and the Caborca ​​coast, there is a struggle against groups of the Caro Quinteros.

Lieutenants and Collaborators of Los Salazares.
  • Manuel de Jesus Palma Morquecho El Macario or El 04, detained in Agua Prieta. He was boss of plazas in Agua Prieta and Nogales for Los Zalazares .

  • Jose Dolores Palma Morquecho El 05, boss of the plaza in Nogales and Hermosillo. Responsible for the narcomanta against the governor of the state of Sonora.

  • Elba Nidia Palma Morquecho La China, boss of the plaza in Urique, Chihuahua and known for the famous corrido performed by Javier Rosas, a Sonoran singer. La China accused and testified in the case of the journalist Alfredo Jiménez Mota after being kidnapped by the Enriquez Parra brothers and the singer Jesus Darey Castro. La China was protected by Alfredo Salazar and now under the command of Crispin Salazar.

  • Sergio Alberto del Villar Suarez El Napoleon, was arrested in 2018 in Guaymas but was released in 2019. He was executed in a restaurant in Hermosillo, Sonora. He was also the other man responsible for the narcomantas against the state governor.

Alberto del Villar Suarez executed in Hermosillo

  • Hugo Guerrero Encinas El 01, boss of the plaza in Yecora for the Salazars, was wounded in an attempted execution by the Beltran Leyva along with the sicario he was traveling with known as El Chamaco who died in the attack. El 01 was captured in Chihuahua, Chihuahua after undergoing surgery in a city hospital.

  • Jose Paulino Vasquez Villagrana El Jabali, boss of plaza in Santa Ana and Magdalena, was detained in Santa Ana. El Jabali led by orders of Alfredo Salazar in operations against the Beltran Leyva brothers.

  • Raul Sabori Cisneros El Negro, boss of plaza in Caborca was detained in Hermosillo, Sonora. El Negro Savori helped in the search of people of Los Beltranes in El Saric, but was ambushed where 21 sicarios of the Sinaloa cartel died.

  • Edgar Romeo Resendiz Holguin El Navajas or 01, died in the confrontation of El Saric. El Navajas operated in the city of Nogales and was able to corrupt military commanders who help him in his activities.

  • Cesar Villagrana Salazar El Paca was detained in Nogales. He supported the group of Gente Nueva and control the cities of Magdalena and Santa Ana after the arrest of the El Jabali.

  • Carlos Fernando Aguayo Corrales El Chupon or El 020, boss of the plaza in Yecora, Sonora was executed in an ambush in Moris, Chihuahua after the arrest of Hugo Guerrero El 01.
  • Ignacio Paez Soto El Nachillo, boss of the plaza in Caborca ​​for Los Salazares was detained in Pitiquito, Sonora.

  • Marco Antonio Paredes Machado El M100 leader of Los Paredes in Agua Prieta was arrested in 2011 in Huixquilucan in the state of mexico, he was also an operator for El Chapo Guzman in Sonora. Los Salazares and Los Paredes controlled the plazas in the Sonora-Chihuahua border and the corridor of the United States border. In alliance they fought in attacks by rival groups trying to take control of the state.

  • Relatives of the Salazars, Joel Salazar Vega, Angel Salazar and Alejo Cuevas Salazar operated in Navojoa, Plame and Obregon, Sonora.

Narcomanta where they blame Los Salazares of crime in Sonora.

Today, Los Salazares are in control of the state of Sonora in alliance with the Sinaloa cartel and accountable to the children of El Chapo Guzman. The operations are led by Crispin Salazar Zamorano, he is a key part of the organization's structure.

The battles for the plazas in the name of Los chapitos, make the Salazares a fearsome and powerful group in Sonora, so much is their power that after 20 years of working with the organization, they remain active and still in operation. They share their power with Los Paredes Machado from Agua Prieta. With their big relationship and alliance with their groups of La Gente Nueva, they fight in the plazas of Sonora, Chihuahua and part of Sinaloa.

Currently, the ravages of violence seen in the state of Sonora and Chihuahua, the death toll that increased due to the drug war, and the Sinaloa cartel that struggles to reorganize itself after the arrest of El Chapo, gives that cockroach effect that has managed to reach the land of Sonora.


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    1. El jefe de el noveno o el cazador son los chapitos,gente nueva salazar es una celula afiliada al cartel de sinaloa y asi es es un brazo armado de el C.D.S lidereado por joaquin guzman y mayo zambada eso es totalmente falso el mayo jamas a estado en guerra con los chapos ni lo estara se miran como una familia los chapos le tienen respeto y el los aprecia

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      And no, these salazares are not related to Alejandra Salazar, mom to Ivan and Alfredo.

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