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Monday, May 25, 2020

Juarez: El Goofy, Iraqui's sicario leader,captured

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat El Diario Chihuahua

The right hand of 'El Iraqui’ arrested, Los Aztecas

Alexis David LM nicknamed 'Goofy' alleged hitman and listed by the State Attorney as the right hand of Jose Dolores Villegas Soto aka 'El Iraqui', was apprehended by investigative agents yesterday.

He is accused of  being the executor of multiple people, whom he murdered on the orders of El Iraqui  Iraqi, according to a press release sent by the FGE.

He was apprehended in the western part of the city aboard a red Chevrolet Aveo car, where he allegedly concealed a 9mm caliber pistol.

Investigating agents filled out an arrest warrant for the crime of qualified homicide and made him available to a judge this morning.

El Iraqui himself was captured on the 20th of this month causing an outbreak of violence especially against police installations.    Iraqui’stransfer to a federal facility was a heavily guarded operation using a armored truck and 40 armed escort trucks.


  1. His boss sold him out. Wow, they didn’t even have to get him to US to turn supergrass.

  2. Bueno lo mas seguro que a base de tortura el iraqui dio la ubicación del tal Goofy supongo yo por la rapidez y effectivida de los comandos castrenses de capturar a su mano derecha

  3. Should let him go. Having the nickname 'El Goofy' is punishment enough.


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