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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Iguala Guerrero: El Malosi of G.U. abducted, interrogated, dismembered, he said reporters, police on the payroll

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat Source of videos,  BB archives, source

Los Números Cartel,  abduct  “El Malosi" of  Guerreros Unidos,  they interrogate and supposedly reveal “operation and protection” network, which includes the mayor, Municipal and Ministerial Police,  regional Journalists. 

After the interrogation he was dismembered

In at least five clips, the man reveals the modus operandi of the criminal organization that operates in the municipality of Iguala in the state of Guerrero, in southern Mexico.

An armed group calling itself Los Números Cartel  captured, interrogated and then dismembered a member of the band of the drug known as Guerreros Unidos, "identified by his alias, El Malosi .

In at least five video clips, the man reveals the modus operandi of the criminal organization that operates in the municipality of Iguala in the state of Guerrero, in southern Mexico.

Graphic images below is blurred
Second video:  he points to Héctor Rodríguez alias “El Colín”  plaza chief of Guerreros Unidos and several other subjects for being supposedly behind "abductions” and executions.

Third video: reveals an alleged protection from G.U. which come from the mayor of Iguala, Antonio Jaimes who allegedly contributes more than 2 million pesos a month and also mentions the Regional Prosecutor Iguala, José Luis Martínez Silva, alias la Guayaba.

Note: Readers will recall G.U. and Iguala from the Iguala abduction of 43 normalistas students from the Raul Isidro Burgos Rural Teachers College of Ayotzinapain.  44 is the accurate number as one student, the only American, Julio Cesar Mondragon’s body, was discovered discarded in the streets of Iguala with his face completely skinned.  Autopsy revealed he was skinned alive. Two other students and three bystanders were also killed in the skirmish in September 2014 when hell came to Iguala.

Julio's wife identified him by the shirt he was wearing, a recent gift from her

The executioners were said to be G.U. at first, José Luis Abarca the corrupt mayor and his wife, María de los Ángeles Pineda Villa,  were blamed for ordering the mass abduction, subsequently they were arrested and charged with organized crime charges but not involved in the mass kidnapping. 

María is a part of he Pineda family who founded "Los Pelones", working under the direction of Beltran Leyva Organization, and are the predecessor of the Guerreros Unidos.  Her brothers, herself and her parents and siblings all worked within the criminal organization.

In September 2009, brothers Alberto and Mario were murdered for their betrayal of Arturo Beltrán Leyva, something the mother addressed in her interrogation video subsequent to her abduction.

The far left normalistas take the buses for far travel and return them after their usage.  A long and common practice.  In this case they were going to Mexico City for a protest.

It is believed the cause of the abduction stemmed from drugs that were being trafficked on one of the buses taken by the normalistas.

Fourth video: He mentions an alleged money laundering network where he names various  people involved and companies as well as the leader of the community police in Teloloapan , Juan Carlos Flores, alías la Beba .

It also reveals that La Beba allegedly was behind the execution of some children whom they mistook for “hawks” (on the ground observers who  report the presence of authorities or rival groups).

Sixth video: He reveals that Guerreros Unidos allegedly has reporters on his payroll to whom he tells them what to upload and what to avoid, on regional/local news pages, in addition to a subject identified as Luis Adame is in charge of paying journalists. Later he reveals who are allegedly responsible for extortion in the area.


  1. I watched the documentary on netflix about the missing students. That was crazy that the govt gets away with things like that. It was corrupt all over from the ppl who claimed they found the black garbage bags to the local state and federal police the mayor everyone had a hand in that. Then hearing the students who ran and hid in the guys house tell their version of events. It was insane.

  2. Moral of the NOT take over buses laden with cocaine and poppy....

  3. Maybe the US should send support troops to aid the Mexican police and military. What is happening in Mexico is the fault of the the endless flow of drug addicts in the United States.

    1. Oh stop with that nonsense... From now on I'm just going to say the same thing. I said this in another post and I'll just copy it here

      This is aways going to be an issue and no one is going to change the others mind. Who is at fault, the consumer or the suppliers... Just answer this, is it possible to sell drugs and not kill anyone? As a Mexican I do not agree with your opinion and how you phrase it. I'm more offended that the Mexican people are killing their own people "because of the Americans"... The Mexican drug dealer's job is to cross drugs obviously but why does he change his tactic once he gets across? Why isn't he killing his competition over in the US? Fighting over I-10, I-5, I-40? There is no need to kill your fellow people to supply the Americans... It's greed and that falls on the supplier's side... The fact that people can kill people with no consequences... The corruption... It's all on the México side.
      "I'm going to kill, sell drugs and break the law because the Americans will buy it!" doesn't that sound idiotic?

    2. The constitution of Mexico doesn't allow it. Otherwise this would have happened decades ago

    3. First off I didnt mean to insult anyone. I KNOW that US forces-both legal and military en masse-will NEVER enter Mexico. I was just wondering how any help within Mwxico would be viewed by its citizens who are living with beheadings, murder, extortion, kidnapping etc. I was just spitballing. And i think 99.9% realize this situation is a macabre version of the question " what came first, "the chicken or the egg". I truly believe that the US bears a huge responsibility as you cannot have drug sellers without drug addicts. But you are 100% correct that the drug trafficking business is so lucrative now that it has morphed from a simple survival career choice to a multi Billion dollar business where many impoverished persons now have their shot at being able to care for their families for generations to come. As you stated greed is the biggest reason that these horrible drug cattel wars are taking place. That becomes very apparent when you see cartels using extortion, kidnapping, and taking over avocado and fuel markets. The genie is out of the lamp and now it looks like he will mever go back in. My comment regarding US help with agents on the ground wasnt an attack on Mexican sovereignty but an equal share of blame tween the sellers in Mexico and the buyers in the US. You cannot have one without the otther. It seems to me that the cartels are prospering because they have the numbers and they terrorize their own to ensure loyalty and cooperation fron the people forced to live under cartels with little to no hope of police or federal agencies intervention. I cannot imagine the horror the locals must feel living with the daily atrocities cartels commit and little to no help from police making the situation even more heinous. The situation grows worse every day. The cartels have an infinite number of hitmen, and access to weapons designed for war (also fron the U.S.). The war against the cartels is fleeting at best. I know that end of the day the US role is defined and appears very minimal at best. Locking up cartel bigwigs in Florence is simply put- a band aid on a bullet hole.

    4. Or maybe the US should legalize regulate & tax all drugs given the war on drugs is an utter failure & no amount of troops US or otherwise will stop the flow. Moreover if you really wanted to solve the problem we would fund rehab clinics & education & retraining centers for addicts & we could do this with the tax proceeds once we end prohibition.

  4. To be honest, I think the US Has something to benefit from in this war, that would explain why they let the endless Thousands of Tons of Drugs, through the Border.


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