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Friday, May 8, 2020

FIU freezes Ovidio Guzmán's accounts; investigates El Mayo's sisters

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  TY Gus  El Pais

"The investigation to Videgaray and Peña Nieto will happen,  we are not anyone's cover"

Santiago Nieto, head of the FIU of the Government of Mexico, revealed in an interview for the Spanish media El País that he has frozen bank accounts Ovidio Guzmán, who was arrested and released during the armed clashes in Culiacán on October 17, 2019, on called Culiacanazo .

From Pais interview :

Q. How is it possible that Ovidio Guzmán [El Chapo Guzmán's son] does not have an investigation open?

A. We have frozen Ovidio's accounts and 330 people linked to the cartel and we have filed the complaint with the Prosecutor's Office. 

We have also found peculiar things. Ismael El Mayo Zambada's sisters won millions of pesos in a casino. Nobody wins millions of pesos in a casino, so it seems to me a good indicator that we are in the presence of money laundering. It is also already denounced. I hope it is processed quickly.

“We have two super-national cartels and it is important to stop their operation, "he concluded.
Efforts to Combat Corruption in Mexico Exemplify the Depth of the ...
Medina Mora with EPN was on the supreme court, he abruptly resigned

Q. Has the United States Government asked you for information about Genaro García Luna, the former Security Secretary of Felipe Calderón?

A. Yes, and we’ve already delivered it.

Q. What information was it?

A. Investigating [Eduardo] Medina Mora, what one of the North American agencies told us was "check the connection that existed at the beginning of the sexennial between both characters." Later they would clash but from Medina Mora we were led to García Luna. We found the recruitment network.

First, when they purchase the software of espionage for the Secretariat of Security that later remains in the company of García Luna.

Second, the constitution of Nunvav in Panama.

Third, the start of operations of this company in Mexico in 2011.

Fourth, the transactions, the 2,600 million pesos that the Ministry of the Interior of Peña Nieto gives to Nunvav.

The 31 million, they give to Black for a consultancy came from the Mexico City anti-kidnapping Prosecutor's Office and then the information on how the scheme that allowed the standard of living of García Luna in Miami was paid from Panama.

All of that information has been released to prosecutors in the Eastern District of New York.

La Saga | Abogados de Emilio Lozoya piden citar a Enrique Peña Nieto
Lozoya with EPN
Q: You have recently adjusted the number of alleged bribes that the former director of Pemex, Emilio Lozoya received from 10 to 14 million dollars. Is the investigation still open?

A:  We have found transfers to accounts. Primero de Zacapan SA and Latin American Asia Capital Holding. Later, when these companies are closed, all resources are transferred to Tochos Holding Limited, the Swiss-based Lozoya company.

This is the one that distributes the resource to his sister and mother. There are different acquisitions: the 3.8 million acquisition of Altos Hornos de México. In fact, it is 16 million dollars that have to do with several Odebrecht companies.

They all end up making transfers to Panama, the Virgin Islands, Monaco. We are still investigating the shipyard in Galicia. 

Fertinal is also pending, we have not finished. Four complaints have been filed for tax evasion, embezzlement, bribery and money laundering of Emilio Lozoya and his environment, evidently including his wife.

Santiago Nieto (Mexico City, 1973) is one of the star officials of the Andrés Manuel López Obrador government. He has managed to put himself under the spotlight despite being in charge of a division that should have discretion as the main distinctive: the Financial Intelligence Unit (of the Ministry of Finance). This office, created during the Vicente Fox government (2000-2006), has never had so much weight until now, when Morena's anti-corruption agenda has been a stand out.

Nieto was an electoral prosecutor during the government of Enrique Peña Nieto, but he was struck down when he investigated the role of the construction company Odebrechtin the 2012 presidential campaign. The official today heads an apparatus that watches over the financial system for unusual movements that exceed $ 7,500.

In 2019 there were 9.8 million operations of this type. In Nieto's office, on the table, there is a thick folder on this matter. The block is made up of schemes that show the flow of money from different countries or tax havens that end in the accounts of governors, administration officials, businessmen and relatives of drug traffickers.


  1. Anabel Hernández said sinaloa has precense in 70% of the world, I think this organization is to big to be stop since it doesn't depend on one person plus when mayo dies his son mayito flaco would follow his footsteps.

    1. CDS is more powerful than every other cartel by far. Whenever someone is king, people will hate on them, thats just a fact. Kobe, Lebron..all people do is talk crap on them just like haters here talk crap on CDS yet cheerlead for a butcher like Mencho.

    2. So when somebody says cds is big you believe everything but when someone else says cjng its bigger you say its fake news? We all know right now cjng is bigger than cds and flaco is not near as smart as his dad so im sure all of mayos franchise will disappier when he dies, you think cjng is just mencho?

    3. In cln el flaco is already giving orders

    4. There are tons of other families than just Mayo's or Chapo's. They all are ready to fill the vacuum right away.
      It's never ending story - just some of those families and clics are on the news.

  2. I am great full that this person is exposing the truth. Knowing how Mexico work, the cartels are going to put a price on his head.

  3. Big brother 🇺🇸 smaking little brother 🇲🇽 AGAIN..
    Some Things don't change
    Big brother does what he feels but SMACKS his little brother and says "DO AS I SAY DON'T DO WHAT I DO" 😆

    1. Another whingeing bitch draggin the US kicking and screamin into mexican affairs,im amazed the US has anything to do with mexico,i mean,listen to you.

    2. Globalism.....its the way of the future. You should look into it.

    3. It's too bad "big brother" loses in the end, the punch comes in the form of addiction.

    4. 12:04 that's right

  4. It's just propaganda, the Cartel has the government on its knees, the cartel runs the city. Also that is blood 💰 money used for bribing government how dare they freeze the accounts.
    Arriba to money laundering

  5. The politicians have been raping Mexico forever. Its incredible the gob allows people like the pemex president to have tens of millions of dollars in offshore bank accts. The cartels are just a front at this point, a big distraction while the politicos steal the clothes off the peoples backs.

  6. many hate on amlo. the critisism is harsh. I saw one of his morning communications and they went hard on him on the murder rates. Things do take time and us mexicans expect change from one day to another with government change.
    from obras publicas to crime, it doesnt go away with one administration change to the other.

    but, this is news that hes actually keeping his word on anti corruption. investigations and as read in the interview complaints filed. its a tough battle when corruption is embedded into our heads from a young age as something normal.
    I work for the gov and when the federalis stop us on the highway we dont say we work for X department, cause theyll expect more jajajajaj

  7. Mencho and associates paid the most for the government.

  8. I’m not understanding; what does Florida International University (FIU) have to do with the Guzman. Perhaps they could contributed to their international business program.

  9. Of course they know where the $ comes from..0 and 1. Its all watched. Anything over $7,500 huh...:-)

  10. I hope they catch Mencho because he is a dog..... I hope they catch Mayo so....I can see an up to date pic of him

  11. Financial Intelligence Unit FIU as stated in post 3rd paragraph from bottom...

  12. EPN is singing like a contestant on The Voice, performing like if he was on Mexico’s Got Talent, will stair on Tales from the Snitch - CDS Version.

  13. I wish all Poor mexicans And all lil gang bangers Look at your Real Boss's
    here they are In the spot light with thousand dollar shirts on With The most beautiful woman Big houses Cars
    Etc You do these Guys dirty work
    You will never get this big or rich
    So if you think killing or joining a gang You will never become Rich like these guys
    Your being used to make money for them
    They do Not care for you They never will

  14. Over 300 frozen accounts including Ovidio and 2 sisters of MZ.
    Looks like sicario 006 might be taking a pay cut.

    1. Omg he was already on minimum cartel wage. He will have to share his daily maruchan with another sicario.


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