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Monday, May 18, 2020

Cd Obregon, Sonora: Editor of 'El Tiempo' and 'Media Obson' Assassinated

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: SinEmbargo/ Animal Politico
Jorge Armenta, editor of the newspaper El Tiempo and Medios Obson, was assassinated during an armed attack in Sonora.

In the armed attack, two police officers report that, according to unofficial information, at least one died together with the head of the news outlet. On Saturday afternoon there was an armed attack where the director of Media Obson lost his life in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora.

The Sonora Prosecutor's Office reported that it does not rule out any line of investigation for the attack against the director of the Media Obson and the agents of the Municipal Police.

Claudia Indira Contreras, head of the Sonora Prosecutor's Office, reported at a press conference that Armenta and two Municipal Police officers were attacked when they were leaving a restaurant located on Chihuahua Street, in Ciudad Obregón. LIVE VIDEO by Medios Obson reporter next page:

Armenta and the police died after being transferred to hospitals, while the other officer suffered several injuries and is under medical observation.

The prosecutor noted that, according to the first testimonies, the attackers were traveling in a white model wagon vehicle, of a recent model.

" We do not rule out any line of investigation , we will address both the inherent in family, personal order and of course those related to the professional practice of each of the people who were victims," ​​he added.

Claudia Pavlovich, governor of Sonora, condemned on Twitter the attack on Media Director Obson and the security agents.
According to information from social networks on the same webpage of the Media Obson, they report the news that its owner was executed, who was in the company of several people when leaving a restaurant.

In the armed attack, two police officers report that, according to unofficial information, at least one died together with the head of the news outlet.

During the live broadcast, his fellow Media partners Obson narrate the facts of this armed attack and upon arriving at a City Hospital they confirm that Jorge Armenta is losing his life.

For their part, workers and equipment from the publishing house Medios Obson  asked for an immediate and energetic response to the three levels of government for the murder of its director.
In a  video broadcast on social networks, members of the media said they added to the pain caused by the attack. “We are touched by the loss of a loved one. Now it is up to the authorities to give results and we will be very attentive ”, they indicated.

The Attorney General's Office in Sonora confirmed the attack that killed director of the media Jorge Armenta and an element of the Municipal Police, indicates that a Commander was wounded and is receiving medical attention.
For her part, the Governor of Sonora, Claudia Pavlovich, immediately requests the transfer of the head of the FGJE, Claudia Indira Contreras, to the municipality of Cajeme so that they can immediately start the investigations and find those responsible.


  1. Sonora is officially OUT OF CONTROL .. #RIP

  2. How very unfortunate and I will pray for his soul. Mexico needs to ditch the arrogance and get some solid help in defending its interest or it will all soon go to Hell. In Nuevo Laredo a newspaper had been pleading for help from threats but all reinforcement that came was from lame empty speeches from the political parties; now, there are no mainstream print news stories on cartel activity. Mexico has a real civil war on its hands.

  3. First one I hear the reporter had police escort, I recall reading on BB, that after Valdez died, the government was going to supply, protection which was a broken promise. RIP.

  4. The further criminals are from the truth, the more they will hate those that investigate and report on it.

  5. Another INNOCENT killed by Sinaloas


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