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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Cd Juarez: Family Of 6 Murdered at Home on Sunday including a Child

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: El Diario
     There are 93 people killed in the city of Juarez, Chihuahua already during the month of May.

Six people were deprived of life in an armed attack registered yesterday in a house located on Rosinante and Caballo streets in the Ampliación Felipe Ángeles neighborhood, in the northwest of the city; apparently among the victims is a minor.

Reports of this multi-homicide indicate that three women and two men were deprived of life inside the house; Two other people were taken to receive medical attention to a hospital, where one of them died. The report of the State Attorney General's Office mentions that the victims located inside the house had multiple injuries from a firearm projectile.

Neighbors from the neighborhood of Ampliación Felipe Ángeles reported that two minors were in the house where the attack was committed, including a seven-year-old girl who had died and another one was injured. This information had not been confirmed until last night by the State Attorney General's Office.
They reported that the tranquility of Sunday afternoon was interrupted by the shooting of a firearm that came from the house located at the mentioned corner. They indicated that they did not see those responsible since they only heard the engines of vehicles that were moving away from the place. They mentioned that this sector was quiet, so they were surprised and frightened by the massacre committed against the occupants of the house.

In Another armed attack:
Another armed attack was registered yesterday afternoon against two women who were traveling in a recent model red Nitro van in the streets of Pascual Jaramillo and Melchor Ocampo in the Vicente Guerrero neighborhood, in the south-west of the city.

The report indicates that armed men shot at the occupants of the vehicle, leaving one person dead and another more injured.
They shoot a couple:
A couple was gunned down last night while traveling in an old-model Lincoln vehicle on Ejido Nayar and Plan de Ayala streets in Colonia Zaragoza.

This attack is recorded after eight other people were deprived of life in the afternoon in two events that occurred in the west of the city.

Neighbors called the 911 emergency number to report that they heard firearm detonations, and minutes later the couple was located, the man was left dead at the scene, and the woman was transferred in red code to a hospital.
This Morning an "Encobijado" was found:
The body of a person who was killed, wrapped in blankets, was abandoned on the banks of the Río Bravo and located this afternoon.

Municipal police and members of the State Investigations Agency arrived at Nadadores and Guadalajara streets, in the Franja Del Río neighborhood, to certify the discovery made by a man who was walking home from the river.
The area was cordoned off by the uniformed personnel, and they are waiting for experts from the North Zone.


  1. I wish I can donate money to a private organization with only Special forces to wipe out cartels. Hope one will be established.

    1. I would to, but the Mexican Problem is so out of control, since Amlo toke office. It maybe to late

    2. And just like the autodefensas the Mexican government will stop and jail them to allow criminals to do their thing

    3. You can donate:

    4. 3:52 only beasts don't know this, but cartels are like Private Special Forces' pawns, dedicated to make their boss rich.

    5. @ 6;23
      HA HA HA LOVE IT MY CK is in the Mail ..

    6. I was wondering too how good people could get guns into good people in Mexico.

  2. As expected. As soon as lockdown restrictions were eased here in America. Shootings began at malls. Schools would have followed if not for their restrictions.
    Americans love their guns.

    Such a shame.

    1. While most Americans do support pro gun causes the true shame of the U.S. is drug abuse. Without "customers"aka "drug addicts" the cartels would become obsolete

      Of course cartel emembers are total psycopaths and they also make money via kidnappings, extortion, and pirating staples like fuel, limes, and avocados. But drugs are the biggie and or endless bounty of drug abusers are golden to the cartels

    2. Shooting at mall in Phoenix, Arizona was done by the Mexican national!

    3. Such a ridiculous argument. There is probably one gun per citizen in the US. Around 350 million guns... Now compare the violence in the US vs the violence in Mexico. Find me one city in the US that has had 100 homicides this month alone like Juarez has...

    4. 6:19 the weapons used in Mexico a d on the US to commit crimes, are mostly sold by US merchants of death, and they KNOW when they are selling to mexican cartels and drug traffickers, but bisness is bisness, aaight?

    5. 4:07 of course we love our guns, I own a Glock 9mm, AR-15 they are my life insurance in defending my life from criminals be in Mexico people are to afraid to use the gun against criminals, that's why they get away with murder.
      Have a great day.

    6. Yea, He was just Coping as A Mexician tweeker.
      Mexican Guns do NOT all come the USA.
      What you didnt get layed last night, so you go blaming the USA for ALl Your Problems !

    7. What about the thousands of decapitated people? Who are you going to blame for those? The machete makers? People kill people, evil and greedy people kill people. They are going to kill and do evil things regardless.

  3. Jesus. These poor people live on a dirt road. What the hell could they have done to deserve that?

    1. Hey A hole i live on a dirt rd
      What is it about you City people dont understand
      Its clear you are ignorant about how the world lives
      I bet only 50 miles away from where you live is a DIRT RD where people live many in Million dollar houses
      get real get out more

  4. 4:52 The boys did not pay their dirt for the plasa on time


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