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Friday, May 22, 2020

7 Dead in Gunfight at Puente Grande Prison

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Zeta / Sin Embargo 
                                           7 killed in gunfight at CRS in Puente Grande:
 Dispute for control of the sentenced prisoner leaves 7 dead, 9 wounded; home explosive is secured.

Jalisco: Seven dead leave the violent afternoon in Puente Grande. Inmates were armed: Prosecutor's Office; The Attorney General of the State of Jalisco confirmed the death of seven inmates inside the Puente Grande Preventive Prison in Jalisco .

According to reports, seven people were killed , three by firearms and four by beatings,

At the same time, the authorities seized three firearms, one of 3.80 caliber, another of 3.7 millimeters and a homemade explosive device.

The Prosecutor's Office indicated that two more people would present injuries by firearm; while six would be medically attended for presenting injuries by blows.

In a press conference, the Secretary of Security of Jalisco, Juan Bosco Agustín Pacheco, explained that the fight took place at noon on Friday, during a soccer match.

"We briefly appeared at the detention center and found that everything was already calm, there was a negative result in terms of the number of injured."

While the director of the detention center, Juan Antonio Pérez Juárez, denied that there was a riot at the site, nor a quarrel; "One we had a broken glass inside the sentenced area."

He added that they detained five inmates accused of starting the fight.

"The important thing for the relatives of the inmates is that they know that the authorities are already present and that the available information will be provided at all times for their peace of mind," said the head of the detention centers.

On the other hand, the Jalisco State Human Rights Commission (CEDHJ) reported that after the events that occurred, communication was established with the prison authorities to carry out the investigation.

A fight inside the Sentencing Police Station (CRS) of the Puente Grande prison complex left seven people deprived of their liberty dead and nine injured. The balance was confirmed at a virtual press conference by the Jalisco State Government.

While the general director of Social Reintegration, José Antonio Pérez Juárez, only used the microphone to justify the omissions of the prison authorities, the Jalisco prosecutor, Gerardo Octavio Solís Gómez, announced the seriousness of the event.

Of the seven deceased inmates, three of them presented firearm impacts and the remaining four various blows. Of the nine wounded, two were shot and the others had contusions on the body.
                  Apparently, the confrontation occurred while a sporting event was taking place.
Although the causes of the assault are not revealed, it emerged that several inmates went to one of the bedrooms located near the baseball field, where they fought with the prisoner in charge of the module and his followers activated firearms against the attackers. 

The state authorities indicated that five of the alleged participants in the crimes were secured and made available to the Public Ministry for the corresponding investigations to be carried out. A homemade explosive device was even located.

Regarding the motive for the attack, none of the officials present in the transmission gave information about it. The events occurred at noon on Friday, May 22, when detonations of firearms were reported in what was previously known as the Center for Social Reintegration.

When the authorities came, they noticed a confrontation between two groups of inmates, activated the Maximum Alert and Red Code protocols, closing the prison doors to avoid unjustified entry or exit.

While security forces moved to support the prison authorities, it emerged that the result of the quarrel were two injured people deprived of liberty and an injured custodian.
Hours later, it was announced at the press conference that there were no injured guards and that the participants were only inmates, all of them identified, although it is not known who they are. Unofficially it is said that one of the leaders of self-government could be among the deceased.

It was also said that the two firearms used in the war were secured , one of them being .380 caliber and the other 5.7 caliber of the so-called "police killings." ( guns issued to police ? )

In the next few hours there could be exhaustive searches inside the CRS in search of more firearms, drugs, cell phones and other prohibited objects.
Relatives of the inmates crowd outside the prison complex awaiting news of their relatives. So far their presence has been peaceful.


  1. Meanwhile in Puerto Vallarta the economy is stopped, Guadalajara is one of the highest covid numbers and people are wearing mask and can’t go on the beach. These guys get to play organized sports.

  2. Too bad the body count was not higher. Fucking cockroaches.

  3. I know is Mexico and all but how on the duck do they have guns inside jail??

  4. Wheres all tHE MASKS ?
    odd how that is

  5. Gerardo Gonzales Valencia of Los Cuinis brother of Abigail and brother in law of El Mencho was extradited from Uruguay to US this Thusday. They feared he would escape.

    1. Are you late you know BB posted this before and when it happen right or you did not want to go back about pages?


    Gun is called the cop killer
    Pierces body armor just fyi

  7. Matamoros wele a sangre...
    1990s song on shootout in Matamoros prison

  8. What a coincidence that z40 wanted to go see a doctor and then this happens

  9. Amlo never talks about the Catel extortion Tax or Morida Tax. If ur in business u have to pay it or die

  10. “ It was also said that the two firearms used in the war were secured , one of them being .380 caliber and the other 5.7 caliber of the so-called "police killings." ( guns issued to police ? )”

    The 5.7 is referring to the FN Five-Seven hand gun which is nicknamed cop killer because certain types of rounds used in the 5.7 can pierce body armor. So that is what the police killings is referring to with the 5.7. There are only 2 guns that use the 5.7 round. The FN Five-Seven handgun and the FN P-90 (and civilian PS-90) rifle. They are both popular with narcos.

    1. "Cop Killer" is what the 5.7 is also called in the streets. For the same reason the guy above me said.

    2. There is also AR57 rifles, made by AR57 LLC. Its an AR with a modified upper and shoots five seven rounds.

    3. Ruger makes a pistol that uses the 5.7 round.its literally called the Ruger 57

  11. isnt that where Z-40 the 2nd biggest and most ruthless kingpin after Z3 Lazcano of course is currently at? i remember those two guys had chapa and snitchaloa running scared killing them left and right they had to form carteles unidos and cry to the U.S and Mexican government for help against the Zetas lmao


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