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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Video Added: 10 Missing Colima Police Officers, plus two Last seen in La Huerta, Jalisco

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Informador / Infobae / msm
Ten policemen disappeared in Jalisco: the trucks they were traveling in are the only trace there is of them. The agents who were assigned to a commission, traveled in four official units, but they were without labels when they stopped having communication with their superiors, yesterday morning. 

Elements of the Jalisco and Colima Police search for 10 investigating agents belonging to the  Colima entity, reported as missing. Given the situation, Colima asked Jalisco to support and broaden the search.

The Colima Public Security Secretariat (SSP) confirmed that 12 people disappeared in Jalisco. They are 10 police officers and two civilians who accompanied a group of national investors to the municipality of La Huerta, located on the South Coast of the State. Video Next Page:


The businessmen returned from the scene aboard a helicopter and are safe. However, two other civilians are known to have been in the same place and are missing , the agency said in a press release. It was May 28 when the businessmen requested the protection of the Colima state police.

"Entrepreneurs who have project plans for the State, who traveled from the Manzanillo Airport to the mentioned site and had previously requested support through an official letter."

However, “ when the elements of the state police were still in the territory of the State of Jalisco, they lost total communication with the emergency center in Colima, so the collaboration of the authorities of the different orders of government was immediately requested. "

Apparently, they were going to a property near the municipal seat of La Huerta when they were intercepted by armed individuals . The police did not wear uniforms.

The Colima Public Security Secretariat (SSP) made it clear that the State Police agents had the respective commission offices that "protected the legal presence in the neighboring State and the carrying of their weapons."

He revealed that the four trucks in which the policemen were traveling had already been located and were available to the Colima State Prosecutor's Office. "No evidence of violence was found in any" said one source.

The search operation continues and elements of the Mexican Army, Mexican Navy, National Guard, as well as police from Jalisco and Colima participate.

According to the Colima Public Security Secretariat, it is in permanent communication with the Jalisco authorities, who support the search for the 12 missing persons.

The businessmen who were being escorted, since they could no longer communicate with the police, returned to Colima after which the support of the Government of Jalisco was requested.

The units they were traveling in were found shortly after , two in a place in Minatitlán and two nearby the vicinity of that municipality, local newspapers maintain.
It was a red Nissan Titan pickup truck and a silver Ford F-150, as well as a white Dodge Ram and Chevrolet Silverado, which had no apparent signs of violence.

A rumor has circulated among authorities that investigators entered Jalisco through the municipality of Cuautitlán de García Barragán, although there is no evidence so far.

Without informing the state authorities that they would enter Jalisco, the police went to La Huerta in four trucks, a red Nissan Titan, a silver Ford F-150, a white Dodge Ram and a white Chevrolet Silverado belonging to the Government of Colima.

The State Prosecutor's Office and Army troops began a search operation that resulted in the location of two of the trucks in the La Loma gap, in Colima, a road that connects to Cuautitlán de García Barragán, Jalisco.

The white Ford F-150 and the silver Chevrolet Silverado were found there. The two vehicles had their keys glued and had no signs of collision or clues about their whereabouts.

Just before four in the afternoon on Friday, two other trucks were located in the community of El Mojo, in Cuautitlán de García Barragán. In these there were blood stains.

The sources consulted indicated that the escorted "businessmen" returned to Colima by helicopter, but nothing was heard from the Investigating Police.

Unofficially, it was said that the police were guarding "businessmen" from Manzanillo, Colima. The elements left the airport in the capital of Colima for Cihuatlán, where they were transported by land.

It is presumed that the businessmen were able to return to Colima by helicopter; however, so far no information has been provided on what happened on the way.

On Friday, in the state of Jalisco, bone fragments and more than 3,000 percussion caps were found.

The discovery occurred while elements of the National Guard were conducting a surveillance tour in the vicinity of a ranch located in the town of San José García, where a vehicle with various firearm impacts was located inside.

After the events, the officers requested a search warrant to inspect the site. Once the procedure had been completed, more than 3,000 spent caps, one loaded one, various bone remains and a vehicle were secured in the building.
The secured was put at the disposal of the Federal Public Ministry, which continues with the investigation file against whom or those who are responsible until it is resolved in accordance with the corresponding law.


  1. On and on and on. Things seem so hopeless in Mexico. Its hard to continuously come up with adjectives to describe all the horrific acts and they animals that commit these acts. Not sure what the state was like before Calderon ordered this war on cartels but for the last 14, 16, or 20 years it just seems to get worse and worse and worse. I cant imagine what families stuck in the crosshairs are forced to live with. It would be one thing if the cartels killed one another but they seem to get off on one-upping each other by coming up with even more horrific means of slaughtering women, children, innocent civilians, Gov't officials, police-local n federal, et al. If cops with guns and radios dont stand a chance what does that say to all the poor people who live in an ever worsening environment?? Calling the. Cartels evil, despicable, depraved, or cold blooded doesn't even scratch the surface. Its bad enough when cartels kill and torture their fellow countrymen but hunting civilians is____?? The scariest thing is there seems to be NO END IN SIGHT!! Smh

    1. cartel violence has always been there since before the war but it was always kept low, they did not like attention, cartels where very few but huge and extremely organized and they all respected their boundaries for the most part. Back then Mexicans used to rhink crime was high, kidnappings and being robbed at gun point was high, yet its pretty low compared to today. I remember when it was said Sicarios where highly paid respected and trained gunmen, and just like the Mafias, to get membership they had to trust you etc... today anyone joins,many sicarios arent arent even paid, theres no honor nothing no codes no respect. Before nobody was scared because cartel violence was "them vs them", today everyone is a potential target and victim. This shift isnt just because cartels got fragmented, its a problem that started when these where no longer drug producers but also became drug consumers,and drug providers to their own people in their own cities, a huge part of society became drug users. Thats why many groups no longer just fight strategic corridors to the US and abroad, but they now fight over street corners aswell.

  2. so where the bussiness men with the officers when it happened? or not? they say the bussinemen where being escorted when they where intercepted, but then again they say the bussinessmen returned because they lost communication with the officers as if they aborted the trip because they couldnt get a hold of the cops. if they where present its pretty weird that they where left alone and untouched but then again its not stated if they witness it and their story.

    if they where kidnapped, they must have run into a large amount of gunmen to the point where they where outmanned and outgunned that they knew they had no chance and rather comply because these are 10 armed officers we are talking about that dissapeared with no violence and normally thats enough manpower to put up a good resistance

  3. Weird story but if I'm a cop in this situation, I'd rather shoot it out and get killed or put a bullet in my own head. Why get tortured and suffer through getting decapitated while they film it for your relatives to see later?

  4. Very good points Just my Opinion and 2:12. I used to travel through Ciudad Guzman Jalisco, Colima, Tecoman and Manzanillo on business trips. Most of the time I travelled alone in volkswagon bug. This was in the 90's I never had any problems. Then again I never travelled at night, never went up into the mountains and never tried to buy drugs. Fast forward to now there is no way in hell I would try doing that today! Things changed when the local consumption and sale of drugs started to go up. So sad.

    1. Don Mateo I am so so so sad.

    2. We drove through La Huerta in January. No problems at all.

  5. Consider them gone, they will torture them, then dump them into a stolen pick up.

  6. Informador reports that 5 of the missing-3 female cops and 2 male businessmen were released. I imagine everyone is surprised by this development. 7 still MIA.So...Is there hope for the still missing 7 or do you figure if they were to be released they'd have been so already?? The 5 are some very lucky people!!

  7. Looks like the 7 were found dead.


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