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Friday, April 10, 2020

Ver: Alleged criminal leader found in Sayula de Alemán beheaded

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  TY Follower  ObservatorioEnLinea

Ver. - Last Sunday night in the town of Aguilera, belonging to the municipality of Sayula de Alemán, the decapitated body of the ex-convict and alleged criminal leader, Endir Barrientos Guillén, alias was found “ El 20 "; authorities reported that they did not find the head.

According to official sources, it was before midnight when the presence of the body of a person was reported, discovered lying next to the dirt road that connects the towns of Aguilera and La Caudalosa, the latter in the municipality of San Juan Evangelista.

After several minutes, the police authorities managed to find the location and observed that it was the body of a man, who was headless and wrapped in black bags.

Later it was learned that the body was Endir Barrientos Guillén, alias "El 20" and whose head has not been found so far.

Authorities indicated that said person had been missing since last Friday, when an armed command broke into his home in the town of El Juile and took him to an unknown destination.

24 hours later, through social networks, an image was circulated with his head and where they launched threats against another alleged member of a criminal group and against Mayor Freddy Ayala, from Sayula de Alemán.

“El 20” was allegedly arrested in 2015 for kidnapping for which he was transferred to the Acayucan prison.

It was reported that just a few weeks ago he had been transferred to the Tuxpan prison, where days later a judge granted him his freedom.

Endir Barrientos was considered by the authorities as the alleged leader of a criminal group dedicated to kidnapping, extortion, vehicle theft and homicide, which operates in the Sayula de Alemán area.


  1. Guess he won't be the head of that organization anymore. Oh well.

  2. Does anyone even feel "a little" bad for this waste of space??? Kinda had it coming to him.

  3. He could have stayed in the prison from where he recently got out.
    Pero no, tenia que andar de caliente buscandole tres pies al gato,
    Hasta que se lo llevó el burro de 5 patas.

  4. A kidnapper,extortion,homicide..


  5. I'm assuming he was a Z


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