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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Son of Succar Kuri, among the 5 detainees in Cancun

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat TY GUS  Source

Chivis Note: Jean Thouma Hannah Succar Kuri is a Lebanese-born Mexican businessman convicted of child pornography and child sexual abuse in Cancún, Quintana Roo. He was sentenced to 112 years in prison on August 31, 2011

Authorities revealed that among the detainees in an improvised shooting range in Benito Juárez, is the son of Succar Kuri.

The subject is 27 years old, is originally from the United States but lives in Cancun.

The publication De Peso reported this afternoon, the arrest of 5 people.

Everything happened in an improvised field, they found weapons for the exclusive use of the army, as well as tactical equipment. They were on a ranch located in the Chiapaneca and Tres Reyes neighborhoods.

Two vehicles were allegedly seized, which are currently in the Public Security yards.

Rodrigo N, 26 years old, originally from Mexico City, single and student, residing at Supermanzana 48 in Cancún, Las Palmas residential.

Guillermo N, 27 years old, from Mexico City, single and also a student and  residing in Supermanzana 48, Las Palmas residential.

Juan José N, 30, originally from Mexico City, a hotel manager, residing in the Sky subdivision, Superblock 3 in Cancun.

Joshua N, 27 years old, originally from Los Angeles, United States, working as a businessman and domiciled on Kukulcán Boulevard, Solimar Condominiums.

Carolina N, 32 years old, of Colombian nationality, merchant occupation and domiciled in the "Casa Cielo" hotel.

Jean Thouma Hannah Succar Kuri is an entrepreneur and was convicted of child pornography and sexual abuse in Quintana Roo.


  1. They got MONEY and are with the right guy the Lebanese guy.. There are many crooks in 🇲🇽 from there..

  2. Carlos Slim is of Lebanese descent as well as Salma Hayek as well as others prominent members of this small immigrant community in MX. Many prominent Christian Lebanese came to MX in early 20th century escaping political, social and religious persecutions. More importantly, they were escaping economic persecution given the instability in their world region. Lebanese people are the descents of the ancient Phonecians. The Phoenians was a rich and powerful kingdom founded on large scale trading throughout the Mediterranean Sea and beyond. Plato tells us that they might be the ancient Atlantians. All Western civilization's alphabetic systems are descendants of the Phoenician alphabet which they record originating from Egypthian hieroglyphs. So yeah, if your Lebanese in MX you probably got a swollen bank account. For sure, you toil as a merchant on the open market.

  3. Child pornographers,string the beasts up.Dirty old bastard settles in Mexico and takes advantage of underpriviledged and poverty stricken children to engage in some beastly shit.
    How did this dirty old bastard not get disappeard in Mexico off Mexicans?At least throw petrol on him and light him up,im sorry but no mercy for these bastards,they have to learn a harsh lesson.These little kids havent got it bad enough already?

  4. Eeeeyickkk,dirty old man on deck,a child abuser,show him no mercy.
    Children are guided by adults,look what this adult did?
    Dirty rotten old fucker,his son seems like a wrongun too

  5. Little Sonny of Succar Kuri did not pay to get his name blocked or is too young and his identity must be protected, all these residents of Mexico City are chilangos like the owners of more than 50% of Cancun, the Hank Rohn brothers...
    Let's remember that Jean oscar kuri started his business career selling pop in plastic sandwich bags on the street, before becoming a billionaire hotelier businessman and a world famous pederasta of international renown, like russians, Ukrainians, americans, British royalty caught in the web of Jeffrey Epstein who got "suicided" in a NY prison. So many Demonios Del Eden and so many Loving Lolitas in slave love islands and Lolita Express and Cancun.

  6. who's the chica tho i'll bail her out

  7. Who is the girl ? Anybody can give me any information on that Beauty

    1. She's the bait, to work on you desires and lower your guard, so that the other henchmen can cut your throat.

    2. Be careful what ya wishin' for homie. A swine with a golden ring is still a swine.

    3. Carolina N 32 yo, colombian, lives in Casa Cielo
      It's right there in the report perro!

  8. she is a colombian prostitute

  9. That Child abuser deserves a BULLET

    to pry on children and poor children that dont have protection really chaps my hide Fu#$ker
    It boggles my brain is that anyone could think a child as sexual Its just shows how sick sick and deranged they are
    A child is a Child Full of innocense free sprits full of wonderful imaginations Gods Gift Why these basterds want to destory the bright light in them. Just kills me inside
    NO child born to anyone no matter how bad the parent is deserves to be hurt All the pain life can give us
    Why why does this happen to children.
    Only time I question if any god is real To allow these VILE persons to harm such true innocence
    I would pray not riches for my self But protection of every child around the world from bastards that harm them. my hate is so deep I would commit a sin and murder these vile persons easily
    There is no place in this world no reason at all for Harming a child.
    Bless the shank that finds this man and others like him in prison

  10. Just rich kids, they found daddy's gun under the bed and snuck out to play good narco bad narco !

  11. It's Parades fault. They are behind it all......


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