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Friday, April 3, 2020

Reynosa, Tamaulipas: Authorities Return to the Recurrent Gravesite Used by Criminals

An anonymous complaint alerted authorities to locate two bodies, one buried and another half-buried in a vacant lot where human remains of at least three other bodies had recently been found in clandestine graves.

With this finding, there have been 10 bodies located in this area from 2017 to date.

The events were reported at 12:00 hours yesterday in a property located behind the Puerta Sur neighborhood, on the border with the New Mexico Itavu neighborhood. Since last Friday, a report had been registered about a semi-buried body in the area, authorities had made an inspection but had not located anything.

Yesterday they received an anonymous report again and the investigative police corporations of the Tamaulipas State Attorney General's Office (FGJ) and the Federal Police Gendarmerie division found the leg of a semi-buried body behind a few heaps of earth.

The body of a person, presumably male, was uncovered on one of the leg. The corpse was wearing blue jeans, orange Nike sneakers, and an already deteriorated shirt.

The authorities requested the presence of criminologists from the Expert Services Unit and police officer Investigators from the General Investigations Unit on duty.

The criminologists began to excavate the site with shovels and located the human remains of two bodies, which were transferred to the facilities of the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo).

The authorities informed that presumably because of the clothing these were two men, who were already in an advanced state of putrefaction. They will have to wait for the results of the autopsy to try to determine the cause of death and time. And to be able to identify them.

They mentioned that they will give their findings to the General Unit of Investigations Specialized in Missing People in order to try to compare the clothing of the corpses with that of some people reported missing.

It is worth mentioning that on March 12, in that same vacant lot, authorities located five clandestine graves in which were the human remains of at least three people.

In addition, on October 9, 2017, in the same place, the police corporations found five bodies buried. Among them that of a woman, after the rain removed some heaps of earth.


  1. Is it true no alcohol beverage sold in Mexico for one month

  2. That is one expensive air nike.

  3. Wow impressed people still concerned about the victims

  4. Not true... business as usual...

  5. They sell liquor to minors I used to go there every weekend crazy lazy zero zone Mr Lee the strip joints

  6. Probably young men who did not want to partake..


  7. Mexico blames violence on US for lax gun laws-maybe so, but if Mexico had 2nd Amendment rights at least innocent civilians could shoot back like we do up here.


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