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Monday, April 20, 2020

Meanwhile in Michoacan: 6 sicarios and a dead man, also: father and son ranchers executed

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  source

6 Sicarios stopped after shootout with a dead body inside their vehicle

José Sixto Verduzco, Mich., Six alleged assassins were arrested after a bullet-ridden confrontation with National Guard soldiers, in this municipality. The detainees were detained and elements secured several weapons as well as a van where they carried the gun riddled body of a man.

According to consulted sources, the events were recorded when the National Guard personnel received several reports of gunshots, in the municipal seat of Pastor Ortiz.

GN soldiers moved to the site, so when patrolling on Avenida Lázaro Cárdenas, they spotted a group of armed civilians traveling on board a white Nissan truck, with Texas license plates.

When the subjects saw the approach of the official units, they began to fire on the uniformed officers,  the officers then repelled the aggression, registering a confrontation that ended with the surrender of the aggressors.

 The subjects were secured at the site, who identified themselves as Mario Armando G., 18 years old, Lino G., 19; Isidro R., 20; Diego C., 21; Fidel Abraham G., 22, and Edgar M., 28, who were secured with several long weapons as well as a short weapon, with their respective ammunition. 

When the SUV in which the now detainees were traveling was inspected,  a body of a deceased  man,  who showed signs of torture, was found in the rear seats of the vehicle, who remains unidentified.

The detainees and the insured were placed at the disposal of the corresponding authorities, while the body was transferred by personnel from the Regional Prosecutor's Office to the Forensic Medical Service.

This municipality is apx 2 hrs north of Morelia, the capital of Michoacán.

Father and Son Executed- PRI mayor tagged as involved

Churumuco, Mich-Father and son were taken from their home by an armed group, which riddled them with gunshots and abandoned their bodies on a property in that municipality.

Information circulating on social networks indicates that on Friday morning, Rogelio López Gaona and Anibar López Calderón, father and son, were deprived of liberty by an armed command that broke into their home in the La Palma de Huaro community.

Later they were shot, and their bodies found in Puerto del Ahuijote.

The publication indicates that they were engaged in livestock and agriculture, like many in that region.

The group of Gabino Barrera Estrada, head of the local organized crime plaza and brother of the current PRI mayor Rodimiro Barrera Estrada, linked to crime since 2007, is identified as responsible for the crime, according to federal reports.

Currently in that municipality there are four municipal police officers who have been missing since January.


  1. LOVING this blog. Build that WALL!
    #KAG2020 #WINNING

    1. 10:06 yes please so people like u won't be allowed to cross into Mexico to spread the virus

    2. what a dumb and off-topic comment

    3. The wall will do nothing it’s pointless, but yes do deport all illegals who commit crimes and let police beat them in the jails with no consequences, this is coming from a Mexican not a white guy

    4. 1006 has nothing better to contribute, that says jibberish azz stuff.

    5. It's neither dumb nor off-topic. Crime in the USA is down to record lows, down from record highs during the Obama years. This is because of Trump's wall, plain and simple. And he has kept the Mexicans out of America and from infecting us with the Corona flu. We are having record success at wiping out the virus on our side of the border.

    6. 10:06 its not happening Trump is out

    7. 10:06 sounds very suspicious..this is how fake propoganda gets inputted by a 3 world country (Russia) into media sites in order to brainwash people in electing a president, be ready for these types of teasers in the upcoming weeks. The wall some of it has been built old topic, watch out for imposters.

    8. COVID cases in the US already WAY DOWN thanks to Trump's record leadership. #FINISHTHATWALL

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  2. Right to bear any kind of arms in your home. Right to self defense at home.

    Mexico don't want citizen to have Semi Auto firearms because they think Pancho Villa part 2 will happen, But the cartels can have any kind of Firearms.

    Revolution in Mexico needed. Your president is taking photos with Chapo family wake up Mexicans stop being stupid always 3 steps behind everything.

  3. I feel for my Mexican people man. This drug war needs to end, seems like it never will though. So much corruption all the way to the top!

  4. Chivis there were road blocks and shoot outs all over Cupan del Rio and surrounding area's El Migueladas vs The Carteles Unidos Viagras, Templarios ect.

  5. Chivis, good article, but the headline makes no sense what -so-ever!

    Perhaps a
    Meanwhile in Michoacán... 6 sicarios killed while transporting a corpse; father, son, and
    ranchers executed.

    1. sorry, i have to make it short as possible. while i think it is awkward it makes sense. you say "father, son and ranchers executed...but it is father and son ranchers, 2 victims. father and son who are ranchers....chivis

  6. Lebarons are just tryna make national headlines however they can. Grow some fucken balls and go fight you cry baby bitches.

  7. One dead inside the SUV should have been 7!!!!

  8. Build that Wall!! Mexico is a failed state!!!

    1. So is Trump's American. Don't lie to yourself idiot.

  9. Gabino has been enemies with Migueladas since H3 fell apart. Gabino and his brothers are Viagras, but are more of an independent cell that has governed Churumuco since 2007. Strange how the cartel structure has devolved into all these little fiefdoms that ally and fight against each other as the winds change.

  10. Tierra calibrate is 🔥 right now


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