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Sunday, April 19, 2020

In the East Zone of Tijuana "it seems that the coronavirus pandemic does not exist"

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  Zeta Tijuana

Despite the fact that Tijuana is one of the cities in Mexico with the most cases of people infected with COVID-19, there are parts of the city where people do not abide by the authorities recommendation: "stay home."

Residents of the Eastern Zone reported to ZETA, that in that part of Tijuana, people continue to circulate as if the pandemic caused by the coronavirus did not exist.

And so it was found in a tour carried out by this weekly on Saturday afternoon, April 18; in neighborhoods like Mariano Matamoros, El Florido and El Pípila there was vehicular flow, street vendors, jugglers, and open non-essential businesses.

Tijuana is the city in the country with the most confirmed cases of patients with coronavirus. (Archive)
Tijuana cases of Covid19 increased by 83% last week

"I go outside because I have to go to work, but I do know that things are very hard (pandemic), but because in my work, the employer has not told us anything and it cannot be missed," said Juan Estrada, an employee of a maquiladora.

Several of the interviewees expressed that in the face of the health contingency they wanted to stay at home, but necessity forces them to leave.

During a tour, businesses such as stationeries, retail stores, beauty salons, among others, could be seen operating.

"It is also important that we are working, both for them (the customers) and for us," said a corn vendor.

Another of the interviewees expressed concern about the pandemic in Tijuana, which this morning has left 49 deaths.

“I hope that people understand that it is for their own good to stay home because this (virus) is  real, you can die; Hopefully everyone understands it, ”said María Ramírez, a Florido resident, while cleaning the patio of her house.

During the drive through the eastern neighborhoods of the city, a Municipal Police agent reported that they are constantly attending to reports of crowds, which are usually in shopping centers.

The official explained that they ask the public to obey the recommendations of the health authorities, however, "there are many people and you must bet on awareness."

Through a press release from the Tijuana City Council, he released this Saturday, April 18, that operations have been carried out to monitor the markets.

So far, six fines have been issued to stalls where diners remained and nearly 50 notifications to businesses that are not considered essential.

So the area will remain restricted for street vending until Sunday, April 19, the day when only the stalls considered essential will be placed.

So far, the Tijuana City Council has only delivered six financial fines to positions where diners remained and about 50 notifications that non-essential businesses received; During the operation, the vendors were also invited to withdraw and return to their homes.

The inspections continue to carry out operations in the markets of Valle San Pedro, Panamericano, El Vergel, Mariano Matamoros, Valle de las Palmas, Urbi Villas del Prado, Natura, Villas del Campo, El Florido, La Morita, Delicias, Otay and Zona Centro .

It is important to attend to the preventive measures for essential positions, such as the installation with a minimum separation of two meters between each one, using mouth covers, gloves and antibacterial gel, actions that contribute to slowing down the spread of Coronavirus in Tijuana.


  1. The citizens and politicians of Mexico are either oblivious or just don't care. In a sense the country will serve as a petri dish. Herd immunity may work or may not.
    600 on average are dying per day in NYC. Dozens of cops and firefighters in the city have died from coronavirus as well.
    Good luck Mexico, maybe the strategy will work...

    1. It's not about being oblivious or not caring but a matter of serviving. How do you think they will be able to put food in their stomach or their children's stomach? You had children at home and your only means to feed them was for you to go to work. You would stay home?

  2. These people aren't being fooled by the media's campaign to control them. Shutting down the economy and giving control to the government IS worse than MAYBE getting a flu. #ENDTHELOCKDOWN #KAG2020

    1. I sincerely hope that NONE of your loved ones dies from COVID-19 because you are downplaying it. It may feel good “thinking you know something that everybody else doesn’t” but this is no joke.

      Stay in good health.

    2. You are a Total Idiot. If you're worried about the Media controlling you why are you on this Media site.I hope you and your whole family get Coronavirus because ignorant people don't deserve to be on this planet.

    3. Another one ignorant 😂, blind to what is going on in the world. The only way for you to hit reality, is for you to to any hospital in New York and see people dying from it, what a weirdo you are.

    4. @6:55 AM
      You're using specific anecdotes to push the media's corrupt narrative. Trump has done an incredible job at keeping this virus under control while still keeping the stock market near record highs. Of course individual people will end up in a "hospital in New York", but the point is America is having unprecedented success in controlling the virus overall.

    5. @Chivis These comments like 6:55 are going to keep coming if you don't block them. Nothing being said is even close to true; you know that, right? You know the US's numbers are significantly higher than any other country, and that the stock market is nowhere close to "record highs", right? I think you do know all of that, but you so badly want Trump to look good that you're willing to post these comments, because you know some people will actually believe them.

      Let's see if you have the balls to post both those comments ^^ and this one. "freedom of speech", "opinions on both sides", right?

    6. I agree and I stay away from political comments from either side. Nothing good can come of it, includes religion.

      Unless it has to do directly with the post I prefer them kept out. and that's what I do....

    7. The total population of the United States is far more then Italy, France, etc. You need to go by percentage not total numbers .

  3. From a social sciences perspective this is an excellent "natural experiment". Here we have a population that wontonly ignore being quarantined and can be compared to places that strictly do so. Natural experiments are not perfect but are still useful in learning things... in this case epidemiological mostly. The main problem, I see, at this time is "if" Mexico keeps data on the pandemic from scientists. Will Mexicans just dig mass graves, dump bodies in them "without" acquiring pre and post-mortem data.
    P.S. many Mexican cities are, and have been, overwhelmed with bodies of homicide victims and stinking up morgue parking lots....
    Question: Clandestined mass grave in TJ's outscrirts anyone?
    Answer: (anyone with info or ideas)

  4. People in other Mexican border towns/cities...what are the news on people's' conduct in these places?
    What will happen if there are many fatalities? Will Mexico be honest? Will it beg for help in the face of their disrespect for authorities to abide by quarantine edicts?
    IMO, lots of very interesting political, economic, medical, questions spinoff from what Border Mexicans appear to be doing during this COVID19 pandemic.


    1. 12:49 don't worry, at least the mexicans you blame for everything bad in the world will be gone from the face of earth.
      And you can go back to watching your face circling on your golden toilet water that won't flush even after 15 tries.

  5. Wait until they see more deaths in rapid succession.

  6. Are statistics being kept on other flu deaths that happen every year, or are all deaths being lumped under the coronavirus?

  7. Tijuana will explode. US needs to close the border to all non commercial crossers.

    1. They have closed it, to essential only, many weeks ago where have you been!

    2. It was closed as soon as Trump built his WALL, which went up with record speed very soon after he won office.

    3. 10:40 wall has been repaired or replaced, partially.
      the rest has been all lies and experiments, no budget to gouge for partisans that will kick it back as tax free campaign contributions that can be converted to a retirement fund upon retirement or before.

  8. People have a lot of experience ripping off concrete contractors...
    Fat Tony Salerno who built trump tower with his concretemcompany and his Union workers never got paid, he got stabbed on the back by trump and giuliani.
    Wall contractors can expect more of the same, forgetabout suing the presidente or the US government, no cents on the dollar will be paid this time in exchange for a NDA, (non disclosure agreement) that have allowed the predators to stay and thrive on their fraudulent businesses...paid for by other people's money.


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