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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Heavy-caliber weapons hidden in refrigeration equipment seized in Sonora

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat Source

Elements of the National Guard and the Tax Administration Service (SAT) seized 22 large-caliber weapons, two thousand 640 useful cartridges and additional weaponry  that were hidden in two refrigeration compartments.

Derived from the security devices implemented by the National Guard in conjunction with SAT personnel, the weapons were located in the Customs section of San Emeterio de Sonoyta, Sonora.

In the use of an X-ray machine an irregular image was detected in the cargo area, alluding to possible ammunition.

Inside the refrigeration equipment were hidden wrappers of different sizes made of transparent synthetic material, which contained 22 long firearms, a mechanism for a rifle-type weapon, a short weapon, 65 magazines, two thousand 640 useful cartridges and three ballistic vests .


  1. Region is HOT when weapons are a primary focus in times of war.

  2. Leave them alone let them kill each other

  3. No mamen estan bien pendejos no sera mas efectivo mover la carga en piezas??? Strip them down first.

  4. Excelent catch of weapons..what will they do with them, hopefully not give them back.


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