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Friday, April 24, 2020

Guatemalan Drug Lord With Ties to Mexico Is Removed From Kingpin Act List in Possible Deal With the US

"MX" for Borderland Beat
Otto Roberto Herrera Garcia
The U.S. Department of the Treasury announced this week that Guatemalan drug kingpin Otto Roberto Herrera Garcia, who had ties with Mexico's Sinaloa and Gulf Cartels, was removed from the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act (Kingpin Act) list. The fact that Herrera Garcia was removed from the list may suggest that he could have struck a deal with U.S. authorities to keep his assets safe.

The Kingpin Act is an economic sanction that freezes all U.S.-based assets owned by an individual or entity and prohibits U.S. citizens and companies from engaging in business activities with them. It is used to disrupt criminal financial networks and bring top criminals to the international spotlight.

Otto Roberto Herrera Garcia was born in Guatemala in March 14, 1965. He was the leader of a drug trafficking network responsible for shipping multi-ton quantities of cocaine from South and Central America into Mexico and the U.S. from 1998 to 2004. Herrera Garcia was one of the most important Central American drug traffickers during his heyday and was linked to Mexico's Sinaloa and Gulf Cartels.

Herrera Garcia's criminal group was known for their violent tactics. It successfully murdered multiple government informants, often in gruesome ways. Herrera Garcia was the first drug lord to hire former Kaibiles, members of the Guatemalan Special Forces, to serve as his bodyguards. This was similar to what Osiel Cardenas Guillen did when he recruited ex-military men and formed Los Zetas.

In 2004, the U.S. Department of the Treasury announced a US$2 million bounty for his capture and conviction. A few months later, Herrera Garcia was arrested in Mexico City and imprisoned in Reclusorio Sur penitentiary.

Mugshot of Herrera Garcia before his imprisonment in Mexico City
While in prison, he enjoyed several privileges; he had access to cable television, wine, clothing, a cellphone and was allowed regular visits. In 2005, Herrera Garcia escaped from prison by dressing as a police officer with a uniform he was able to buy from prison staff members.

In June 2007, Herrera Garcia was re-arrested in Colombia. He was extradited to the U.S. in February 2008 to face his drug trafficking and money laundering charges.

In an unexpected turn of events, Herrera Garcia was quietly released from prison in October 2013. His release was not reported by the press until a year later when a Guatemalan newspaper noticed in the U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) that Herrera Garcia had been released.

Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) data showing Herrera Garcia's early release
His early released angered authorities in Guatemala. The newspaper that first reported the release said that "Herrera Garcia's 2013 release [was] just as scandalous as his 2005 prison break".

His release was a strong sign that Herrera Garcia was cooperating with U.S. officials for a soother sentence. There is no reason to think that his removal from the Kingpin Act list this week is any different. 


  1. Maybe he’s in witsec

  2. Mochomo should’ve snitched everyone has done it and he would’ve probrably been free in a few years since he’s been locked up for years already, that dude was the type of boss every plaza wants

  3. it’s true what my friend said one time, as long as you’re not blowing shit up and making a fool of politicians you’re pretty much a free man as long as you got fat wallet

  4. Funny how that work$, Murica

  5. Stupid question here. But me being Dominican I'm classified as Hispanic. So would a South or Central American. Are Guatemalans concidered white race.....

    Rubio NYC

    1. We’re Latinos based on our bloodlines, not color of skin. Saludos Fam MX/Chi

    2. In the U.S criminal justice system you’re considered “white”

  6. Viva los zetas always giving us bad press aren’t you chivis ? Zetas done this zetas done that what about all the good things the Zetas done like when a bunch of drug addicts were causing a lot of crime in NL and z40 being the noble leader he is rounded them up put them in a house until they came off the drugs then gave them jobs as Sicarios! This is what I mean no one ever mentions the good things let’s take a minute to look back and appreciate what the great 40 and cunning z42 done


    1. Dear Zeta wannabe
      I have worked and lived among the last letter since 2009. So I write what I know. That said, I know because of my experience not all narcos behave alike. I have had plaza bosses that protected my foundation and offered monetary assistance--which I could/would not accept, and the very plaza boss that replaced him, was a terror and broke into my therapy centers, stealing everything including copper wiring and water heaters, braille machines kitchen appliances etc. TWICE. after the second time I had to close the facilities.

      Your example is such BS. Zetas are famous for breaking into rehab centers killing everyone. No cartel will take full on addicts, clean or not as sicarios. stop lying. they would place them in the bottom rung of foot soldiers, those dead mangles bodies represented in fotos after a balacera.

      There is nothing more pathetic than a social outcast turning to the internet and pose as a cartel member to feel important.

      I do not support any cartel. No sane moral person would. I just post facts as known and lee everyone judge for themselves.

      and I have been doing that for a decade.

    2. Zetas are no angels in my book, you Scotland zeta possibly fake.
      Don't forget the zetas killed 78 imagrants that were passing by to go north, they would not be mules for them,band killed them all. Zetas are salvage killers.

    3. Big cheers to u chivis! Your response was beautifully said.


    4. From the heart...I hate to see comments cheering one cartel over the other as if this is a sport. Highly disrespectful to the people of Mexico first and foremost...and to people like us giving our time, taking no advertisement money, to spread the truth of what is happening south of our border.

      Does it do any good is impossible to say. I do know it helps me avoid feeling helpless.

      I just wish US press would be free to report the harsh truth. Multiple journalists from major publications,like Reuters have shared with me they can"t write what they want to, as it is not allowed. WTF???

      Stepping off my soapbox... :)

    5. Thanks, Chivis.

      I was tired of seeing this dork. Would love to see him show up in Tamaulipas in his kilt looking for “work”

    6. ūüėĄ...saying "Lazca sent me...

    7. Nothing Scots about you, wanker.

  7. Drug traffickers cooperate with Kaibiles and Government since the formation of the School of the Americas, and not just in Guatemala.
    That what guatermalan communists got for pelting vp richard nixxon with eggs and rotten tomatoes.

  8. He brought down many CDS guys probably even CHAPO

  9. Good! Those people are scum of the earth


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