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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Five men executed in armed attacks in Empalme, Sonora

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat   source

Empalme, Sonora.- At different times and places in the Sonoran municipality of Empalme, five men were shot dead during the early hours of this Monday.

A first event was recorded around 00:30 this day, in the Bella Vista neighborhood, where two men were shot to death.

The victims of this first event were identified with the names of Víctor Manuel J., and Ricardo Alejandro G., approximately 30 years old, whose deaths were confirmed by paramedics who came to the scene.

Subsequently, a second event occurred at 04:00 am, when armed individuals opened fire and deprived three people of their lives in the place known as El Rizo de Oro.

Police and ministerial authorities of the Attorney General's Office  will be in charge of following up on the multiple killings.


  1. those hits are made by professional gun man you clearly see they have a military background like the DEA say they like a army now

    1. Those guys would be slaughtered in another state it’s puppies vs puppies in Sonora

  2. March recorded month over 3000 Homicides, Amlo what going to do????? Probably absolutely Nothing.

    1. He fights the corrupt officials which are using the cartels to make big money. How will you solve a murder if the cops investigating are bribed, as so the judge and the proscecuter?

  3. Names and ranks please,
    that could point to some motives for their dismissal.


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