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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Decapitated head of missing journalist found in Acapulco

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat   TY GUS  Proceso

Journalist Víctor Álvarez Chávez, who had been missing since last week, was found beheaded in the metropolitan area of ​​the port of Acapulco, the Guerrero State Attorney General's Office (FGEG) reported.

The Prosecutor General's Office reported in a statement that a severed head was located on Olympic Street, next to a secondary school in Ciudad Renacimiento.

The forensic and genetic opinions indicated that the head is that of  the director of the digital media Punto por Punto, Víctor Álvarez Chávez, 53, who was reported missing since Wednesday 1.

So far the body of the reporter has not been found, who was abducted the same city as where the head was found.

In this regard, the Article 19 organization issued a statement this week to demand that the authorities of the three levels implement the communicator's search protocols and revealed that the victim had received death threats derived from his journalistic work.

With the crime of Víctor Álvarez, there are five media workers killed during the administration of Governor Héctor Astudillo Flores, and all cases remain unpunished to date.


  1. Amlo doesn't like journalists, he promised them protection. Jorge Ramos hates the U.S. but lives in Florida. Jorge u r a complete Lie. Say u love Mexico, but r rich in the U.S. and live in a big fancy house.

    1. Quite the hypocrite when it comes to speaking on behalf of US immigration policies. Always decrying never assisting.

    2. Whatever policies are NO-ONE has a divine right to enter the US illegaly,sorry but just like Mexico has a stricter policy on immigration and protects her borders,so the US has a right to protect hers.Difference being everyone can pull the race card on the US and everyone does.We all know it,you know it and i kow it,but dont mention it or you wont get posted?

    3. He works in the US why would he live in Mexico?

    4. 8:52 your in the same boat I am welcome aboard...yes he was once, told by a reporter, (since he wants all asylum seekers to be granted) if he would accept a few of the imagrants to stay at his mansion in Miami. he chose to ignore the question, but sure is good at asking bold questions to high officials which get him in high problems.

  2. 8:46 AMLO has declared the independence of the press, and that they are free to report their opinions and the facts, as they see fit, including the sold out press that gets paid to publish lies and attacks against him based on AMLO's refusal to subsidize them for favorable reports, a practice we call CHAYOTE in Mexico...NO MORE CHAYOTE FOR ANYBODY
    --If local caciques, drug Barons or warlords do not like the reporters and their BS that is their problem, but attacking reporters from any media is against the law, according to AMLO they will be investigated and prosecuted.
    Regarding jorge ramos, he is a venezuelan, has gone places, but see where he lives, in the snakes' nest of drug trafficking bay of pigs survivors, still trying to make a living off international extreme right intrigue for profit.
    I suspect he is too cute (used to be) and most of all cares about getting a beautiful woman here and there to while away his last years before senility sets on his life like a sinking sun...he lives off selling out his fame, period.

  3. I dont know the mx constituion but i assume the president has no influence on the gob. of each states as they are voted by the people of that state.
    Why then blame Amlo?
    You must blame the mx people, you can see it very well in tamps with the free coronoa boxes from CDG. They are selling their kids for some food to the narcos and later crying when they burried the remaining pieces.

    I am sorry that mexico lost another hero, one who tried to put some light into the darkness. D.E.P.

    We will see how the Garcia Luna case is evolving and if the US can bring some justice

  4. The more crimes criminals commit, the more they will hate those who investigate and write about them...


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