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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Chihuahua:: Narcos 237 pandemic - Coronavirus 0

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  LaPaloka

The month of March ended with 200 executions in the state’s  two main cities.

In Ciudad Juárez there were 160 executions and in Chihuahua another 39 deaths in connection with drug trafficking.

According to daily reports, another 38 executions occurred in the rest of the state, for a total of 237.
The damages by Coronavirus are of a dozen of infected in the entire State.


  1. A parasitic disease which continues to outnumber other infectious diseases. The mortality rate of catching either or is evident here.

  2. They just aren't reporting accurate numbers like in China. In Juarez if you go the the hospital with any symptoms they throw you in a room with everyone else with symptoms. If they are wrong they send you home.

  3. The State of Chihuahua does not have buget for testing, former governor Cesar "el Capulina" duarte stole all the money and put in foreign banks leaving the state in debt and new governor hungering for more, more, and more, federal money "to fight crime" by stealing the budget too.

  4. Delicias the 3rd largest city and calmest in the state

  5. Exactly! Coronavirus is a threat, but definitely hyped up by the media.

    1. 1:00 your so abudalah! You get the smartest award of the week, I agree with you it's so hyped up.....194 dead and 3,441 in Mexico. Also let's continue social gatherings, also eat tamales with your favorite mujer.
      Arriva Los hyped uppers

    2. You don't believe in the deaths
      CV has caused in the world?

    3. @100 what a dumazz

    4. This pandemic has created endless opportunities for all types of criminal organizations.
      No hype on what's killing many. Estimates of deaths could be astronomical if not for the quarantines.


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