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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

AMLO disapproves delivery of "pantries" (food baskets) by organized crime, urges cartels to stop insecurity

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat    El Debate Reforma

Andrés Manuel López Obrador says distributing food baskets "does not help”

Mexico City.- The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, declared that he is against the delivery of pantries that in recent days have made elements of organized crime in different parts of the country due to the coronavirus crisis.

Andrés Manuel assured that distributing pantries does not help at all, but that what could help is that they abandon criminal organizations.
“I take this opportunity to tell those who are in organizations that are dedicated to crime, that I have been seeing that they are distributing pantries, and that does not help.”Said AMLO.
        Poverty stricken people have to improvise in order to comply with  the "mask" order

"It helps that they leave their slogans, it helps that they have love for their neighbor, it helps that they do not harm anyone" he said.

AMLO believes that it helps more if they think about their mothers and the mothers of the victims.

He reiterated that his government will continue working so that the Mexican people do not lack anything and do not have to go to organizations to obtain pantries or any type of income.

Despite the quarantine and the crisis facing the country, crime and confrontations have not stopped, so he urged criminals to stop insecurity in Mexico.


  1. AMLO is such an idiot and completely disconnected from the poverty and needs of his people.

    ***Yes. Cartel barbarians are a scourge, yet the sustenance they provide to the poor is to be commended.

    Maybe AMLO wants Mexicans to cook dogs, rats, bats and other sick shit like the Chinese 🇨🇳.

    1. Did you just read the title or actually read the report? What he says makes absolute sense. He's diplomatically calling them hypocrites. These cartels remind me of an abusive relationship where the dude beats the shit out of his wife one day and shows up with flowers the next only to kick her ass again the following week. FOH.

    2. @11:36
      Since when do barbarians (cartels) respond to “diplomacy.” AMLO has an uphill battle winning the hearts, mind, and stomachs of the poor.

      To your other point. I was reminded of something. A Mexican woman in a psychology class was distraught because she claimed her husband didn’t love her.

      *The obvious came to mind. The husband was cheating, yet that was not the case.

      *Apparently the woman though the husband stoped loving her because HE NO LONGER BEAT HEAR!

      A lack of formation from a stable home, where education and values play an important role, will reflect on the offspring. One can be poor yet noble. Are we seeing nobility in Mexico today? Not really. Corruption, barbarism, betrayal, selfishness, and more is the new norm.


    3. 9:42 I don't see any nobility on any of your constant rants against Mexico
      the country that elected AMLO for the 3rd TIME and made him presidente.
      Of course, the poor helped, and we are ready to go to hell with him and back with boxes full of cartel foodstuffs for the road.
      And again, if the kids want to keep killing each other,
      Who is going to stop them? Thank the Lord AMLO did not send tanks and military and federal police and marinas to shoot them up just to please the likes of you.

    4. Queso, sorry to spoil it for you buddy but AMLO is not Trump. I'm proud to say AMLO is more tactful with his words when it comes to delivering speeches... I'm sure you can pull some shit off of google where AMLO says some stuff that makes you say "huh?" But so does Trump... in fact... if you could rate AMLOS speeches to Trumps tweets, AMLO would come out winning. One mans idiot is another mans hero I guess.

      You're right in that cartels may not respond to "diplomacy" but I can assure you they react to agression, and agression can be conveyed with words. If AMLO was anything like Trump or Calderon at that, I would bet a lot more Mexican soldiers would be dead by now and you would still be blaming AMLO... You see Queso, it's very easy for you to beat the war drums when it's not you or your children fighting the cartels. You've claimed to live in mexico but I highly doubt that. You have the typical attitude of a self hating Pocho. I wouldn't doubt it if you're from Texas or new mexico.

      In regards to your last paragraph about stable homes, education and values, I believe you may have taken that from one of AMLO'S daily briefings. If you didn't, than it sure as hell sounds like something he'd say. AMLO is pushing for social reform, not adding to the violence caused by drugs.

      Look man, in the end, flowers are a nice gesture and all, but how about you quit the bullshit and stop beating your wife... in other words, a box of food is cool and all but mexicans would prefer you (cartels) would stop the violence. I'm guessing the message flew over your head.

    5. Sounds like your heart is so heavy with hate

      What 11:36 wrote has alot of common sense and very true in many many ways

      Why do you compare Trump to AMLO ?
      this was about the people not who president
      Concerta is a great medicine to keep ones brain from getting to scattered ..

  2. Chapos daughter was handing out boxes in Guadalajara, Jalisco

    1. Thats where sinaloa laundrys millions of dollars in Guadalajara

    2. That’s interesting considering it’s rival territory.

      Do you have a source?

    3. Hey man leave cds out of this they are good people just ask amlo he just had tacos with them


    4. Good for her, Amlo can take her to lunch


  3. The only ones who we're legit was chapos son and daughter who where giving out food in their control state Guadalajara other than that the others where dirty money

  4. cdg are a bunch of hypocrites, what most people don't know is that these "donations" come out of truck that are robbed on the monterrey-reynosa highway.

  5. Is AMLO schizophrenic? One moment he’s praising them, the next he is advocating peace, and now he’s complaining about their philanthropy.... I thought it was hugs over bullets?

    Ay ay ay.... AMLO = AimLow

  6. Amlo sounds just like my grumpy old next door neighbor always complaining about the neighbors across the street but never has the balls to confront them only calling the police on them with no success every time.


  7. Thanks Chivis. Keep sending hugs AMLO working well(sarcasm)

    1. 2:34 well, hugs worked fine on the US...
      For a time at least, until reality debunked the claims of them Dems hoax and witch hunt conspiracy theories...

  8. It's a sad fact that cartels helped those people more than he has

  9. The monogram is sickening.They behave as though they are some kind of Spanish nobililty from before turn of the century the fuckin classless idiots,the little monograms undoubtedly designed by his plastic daughter?Sad thing is people actually buy this self-serving shit.You want to help?Distribute foodstuffs without promoting your name and agenda,and distribute 1000s of boxes,you can easily afford it.You could do more in fact.Do you really think they care about"their people"They are as immoral and self important as any politico.A couple of boxes and we love them?Yes it actually works,please

    1. I agree Instead of Gucci stores FOOD BANKS stores Instead of owning 6 mansions Build homes for the poor
      instead ripping up farm lands for airstrips Farm supply seed drill wells supply better machinary teach all how to farm

      Instead of plastic surgery
      help children with deformities
      Instead of yachts teach fishermen how to fish responably
      better boats
      instead of nails and hair teach/protect woman from rape and unwanted babies
      instead of making movies
      teach children build schools
      programs teach how to weld or pipefitter or carpenters
      Build vocantional schools
      A old mexican man told me once The best gift to give is what you want to keep yourself the most

      AMLO sits in the middle of the fence to keep both parties happy he does nothing
      He says words that sound nice
      but they dont do shit
      Words are cheap But it keeps him alive and in office with bonus

    2. 10:42 tell us please how many millions of dollars AMLO bills the Mexican government for his golf outings and designer outfits?
      How about his torta and a soda pa' lleva' on his first class plane trips?

  10. That’s why organized crime is so accepted

  11. They make him look STUPID that's why...

  12. Thanks chivis for keeping us up with Mexico and coronavirus. your reporting on covid19 was stellar and made it easy to follow the day to day breaking news and stats.

    I could see where it became too much work, but while it lasted it was the one stop place for accuracy in covid19 reporting. I posted it on my social media and it was very appreciated by everyone.

    One thing I was wondering, just as you accurately reported about the mask frustration and confusion, I was curious as to your opinion on testing.

    Chicago follower

    1. Thank you for the kind words! Much appreciated.
      I will try and write later about the's complicated

    2. 11:58 after 4 months, it has been discovered that the states governors were asleep at the wheel, were asleep at the wheel had a job to do, it was EASY, and they didn't do it.
      No testing worth mention because of the evil bad bad governors.

  13. AlMO always says dumb stuff, not to give out to the poor, during the crisis, then step up to the plate and have food rations. The people you represent, could care what he says, as we all know, puts no effort in combating the high homicide rate caused by hoodlum cartels.

  14. Only reason they started giving out was because that other cartel started it otherwise they wouldn’t have gave out anything

  15. Maybe amlo should make his government take the job from the cartels and hand out pantries to the people instead of complaining.

  16. Guess sipping tea with Chapo's mother is appropriate. Charitable goods are inseparable from what he has been portraying with these cartels.

  17. Mexico is rapidly spiking on Corona virus pandemic....
    Infected...8,772. Dead...795

    Los Angeles County, CA
    Infected....28,963. Dead...617

  18. Why doesn’t the Mexican Government simply give out better food boxes than the cartels?
    Likely because they can’t.
    Mexico is in for a very bad year.

    1. 11:52 It has many years that have been bad, last year it was 35,000 homicides. This year is still hard to predict. Also add in the Corona virus.

  19. Ohh shit is that El Guero Palma in the coconut mask,hes out and about


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