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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Zamora, Michoacan: La Nueva Familia Michoacana Interrogate Jesus Alonzo Rodriguez

A new video has surfaced from the Mexican underworld. In this broadcast a former addict is disclosing the brutish recruitment tactics that the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación has been employing. Their stratagem involves threats of murder against those who refuse to join the cartels ranks. The peril also extends to immediate family members.

Video translation is as follows:
Sicario: Give me your complete name.
Jesus Alonzo Rodriguez: Jesus Alonzo Rodriguez.
Sicario: Where are you from
Jesus Alonzo Rodriguez: Panindícuaro (Panindícuaro, Michoacán).

Sicario: Why do we have you here?
Jesus Alonzo Rodriguez: Because the director Sergio Alonzo Garcia of the rehabilitation center Un Nuevo Camino de la Vida sent me to keep watch. While the godfather Javier Solis threw a grenade against a different rehabilitation clinic. And they also threw a cadaver wrapped in a blanket at another rehab plaza.
Sicario: Who are the ones in charge there at this rehab center?
Jesus Alonzo Rodriguez: Sergio Alonzo Garcia, Vicente Plancarte, and Javier Solis.
Sicario: And who are these men associated with?
Jesus Alonzo Rodriguez: There are in league with the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación.
Sicario: And who are their bosses?
Jesus Alonzo Rodriguez: Comandante Tena and Comandante Cuerva.
Sicario: Do they have you guys obligated to be there?
Jesus Alonzo Rodriguez: Yes. We are obligated to go out and cause chaos. Otherwise we will be killed as well as our families.
Sicario: The place where we picked you up. Do they also have others keeping watch in that center?
Jesus Alonzo Rodriguez: There are also another 2 persons.
Sicario: Ok. What other functions do this rehab center have?
Jesus Alonzo Rodriguez: The rehab clinic also picks up people and afterwards hands them over to the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación. And they in turn disappear them.
Sicario: Do they have you obligated to do this?
Jesus Alonzo Rodriguez: Yes. The obligated me with threats to do these things. Otherwise they would kill all of my family.
Sicario: Ok...

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat


  1. Video is safe for all to see

  2. So he's dead either way.

  3. I went to Rehab in the U.S. it worked I been sober ten years. In Mexico u go to work Cartel

    1. 11:52, The U.S. is no better than MX when in rehabs. Most of the rehabs now pay people to relapse just to milk the insurance companies or medicaid out of billions of extra dollars. When most are released from rehab the center gives them a hotel & up to $5K cash "to wait on their family". It's deadly sick game ran by the greedy on both sides of the border.

    2. im glad. get our numbers up. relapse kills too.

    3. @ 11:52 Good for You You made rehab work for you kodus
      Now this is Horriable
      no Goverment oversight
      wasnt there just a Story on ALMOs Rehab efforts !
      now again Money going into wrong hands Bribes etc
      isnt anything untouched by the Drug cartels
      Is Any thing sacred and Good left in Mexico ?
      What will ALMO do about this now ?

    4. 8:26 AMLO would support your right to express yourself,
      solutions come from people on the scene, police work of the area of the judiciary, not the executive, try and get legislation passed that helps your favorite cause.

  4. Al fin tosio el iteregador posiblemente ya trai coronavirus el.

  5. Thanks for the translations Sol

    1. You’re welcome. Learn from it so that we can put a stop to it however we can.

  6. How can people say this is about drugs?This has gone way beyond drug control plazas and corridors?

    1. Its the new world order

    2. It's the old Macho thing.

    3. The lack of recruits indicates the need for cannon fodder. The enticements of drugs & money for these individuals with drug addiction issues are not bad business practices.
      Unfortunately, the choice is clear with not many options.

    4. Exactly getting rid of the sick and those who depend on government funds mostly people from the villages . once in control the rest of the sheeps will follow in line . this isn't about drugs or plazas you are right , its power and political agendas immunity control for the narcos and looks like its going how they planned. Capitalism at its finest

  7. Nothing but acting or forcing someone to say what they want that is why the guy is all up in the guys face. It is well known that Los Carteles Unidos have been doing this since last year. Their is a video out there of a guy saying he was taken from a rehab center in Los Reyes and forced to fight near Santa Ines/ Tocumbo area that their were 30 others in the same situation.

    Their have been reports of CJNG taking women and men and having them do housekeeping for them.

  8. Talk about lower forms of humanity...
    Praying on others in desperate situations like this is one of the lowest forms of sickness that can manifest in humans, on both sides of the border, and beyond.
    I went to rehab in the US in 2001. I resented having to pay a fortune, fought it like an ungrateful total idiot cursing my counselor who tricked me in there up and down on the phone the first few days, I was not a model guest...but it did save my life!
    I had literally been told I would not make it 2x the same week I checked in, but I was not the one with a problem, but wiseed up and went along with it. It worked until 6 months later when it didn't, it only took me one night of vodka to be rushed right back to the ER and I was knocking on death's door once again.
    At that 6 month mark I was the only one alive and/or not in prison from my group..,I realized that my Dr was not full of it and not as stupid as I suspected, Earh shattering news but I finally was grasping that maybe I did truly have a slight problem and that this thing truly wanted me dead. I guess the last several close calls during those 2 ER extended visits battling to live was finally making sense. I was tired, was not sure how I was still alive, it was not me fighting that is for sure.
    My disease and my acute pancreatitus/gastro lifelong damage wanted me dead, but my remembrance of the tremendous pain it caused (that I still have today) along with my HP and my program, is much stronger, and has kept me free from alcohol and in recovery since then, Unfortunately some of us are vulnerable, I have seen it in all forms of scams, extortion, bribery, mental and physical abuse, insurance and hospital scams (think FL rehabs a few years back) and this activity in MX which I first heard about 2 yrs ago. I started to be asked about some of these acticties and some people from the States were missing that had gone for treatment as well.
    Praying on people at their mental and physical lowest, says nothing more than you are a total coward, showing just how sick and how low some are willing to go just to have a false sense of belonging to a group of equally sick bottom feeders.
    The only good news, I know they will realize some day soon that their deal was/is with the devil, and there is only one way out with ZERO chance of recovery.
    I hate to say it but I see some crazy things happen related to this in all different forms, within all classes and cultures and when noticed... They don't come back a 2nd time
    Congrats on 10yrs, that is a HUGE deal and you should be proud of that, shoot 24hrs is a miracle for us and thank goodness it's been a few 24hrs for us both, please may our HP keep it that way!
    Stay vigilant and healthy everyone!


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