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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

El Marro's Five Escapes

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from La Silla Rota

                       Las 5 fugas de El Marro

Sometimes he went through secret doors and sometimes through the roof, according to testimonies. El Marro lives on the run and he has escaped five times so far.

by Pablo Cesar Carrillo

In one year, José Antonio Yepez, "El Marro” has managed to escape from five different state and federal government special operations to capture him.

The authorities have arrested more than 300 of El Marro's employees, including his main lieutenants and operators, but the Villagrán criminal has always had an escape plan in all of his hiding places. Sometimes he went through secret doors and other times through the roof, according to testimonies.

El Marro lives on the run and he has escaped five times already:

1. The escape of March 3, 2019.

José Antonio Yepez's first escape was on March 3 when Operation Golpe de Timón began. El Marro's hiding place was fully identified in the strategy to capture him, but a last minute tip-off may have given him the information he needed in order escape a few hours earlier. 

When the Mexican Army, the State Public Security Forces, and the Guanajuato Attorney General entered, El Marro had already escaped. It is still unclear how the head of the Santa Rosa Cartel managed to escape. The investigation had been going on for several weeks and there were aerial photographs and intelligent work done of the area.

2.- The escape from La Cueva.

At the end of October, state and federal authorities had information that El Marro was hiding in a cave in the municipality of Santa Cruz de Juventino Rosas. There was a large operation and when they arrived there was nothing in the cave but an altar to the Virgin of Guadalupe, of which El Marro is a devotee. Authorities found clothing and food. José Antonio Yepez had managed to escape a few hours earlier.

3.- The day he ran away, beaten and weak.

On November 27, investigators from the State Attorney General's Office and Navy almost captured El Marro again, now in the municipality of Juventino Rosas.

"All beaten, weak, on one foot, and in poor physical condition,” as described by the witnesses who saw him in his flight. "The criminal threw himself off a fence and had difficulty running," said a woman who saw him escape.

4.- The day his wife was caught.

On January 30, Karina Mora Villalobos, the wife of José Antonio Yepez, was captured in the community of San Miguel Octopan, in Celaya. Days later it became known that Karina planned to meet with her husband El Marro but the police had been following her for days. The operation was exposed and Karina Mora's meeting with her husband, El Marro, was interrupted. She was released by a federal judge.

5.- The false capture of El Marro.

The fifth escape from El Marro was this March 10, 2020 in Celaya. The state and federal authorities carried out a large operation in several municipalities, looking for José Antonio Yepez and again they were close to capturing him. Criminals responded with a series of blockades on various roads. In fact, El Marro’s capture was believed to have been true but was finally denied by the Secretary of the Government of Guanajuato, Luis Ernesto Ayala. El Marro's last escape was more high profile as several journalists assumed and reported he had been captured. Thus, the rumor spread that El Marro was detained. It was not the case. El Marro fled again.


  1. Replies
    1. Reminds me of Tuta, hiding in caves. The money will run out and Marro won’t be able to pay for the tip-offs from the police.

    2. That huachicolero money bigger than that dope money. Its everyday money. Every day consumption, good flow he got going on. Not even the fentanyl and heroin money is better than the huachicolero paper. There is no reup other than the pemex, local officials, law enforcement corruption and the purchasing of weapons as overhead. But it's a everyday flow. Non stop customers. Think New Jack City in guanajato. 2 for 5 vials. There is no competition w this flow. 100k a day shit. No colombians, no fentanyl or prostitution could produce what this produce everyday. Non stop siphoning of Pemex oil. Everyday. Even if they dont sell they still store the surplus and sell it half price on wholesale level to gas stations and local population in Guanajato, Jalisco.

    3. 11:12 AMLO CLOSED THE PEMEX PUMPS, there was no gas for anybody, not even at PEMEX gas stations, it was good while EPN generals of Estado Mayor Presidencial were in charge of PEMEX security, now they are wanted men.
      THE WORST HUACHICOLEO occurs at PEMEX marine platforms where crude gets stolen by the whole ship and at PEMEX distribution centers, there they do not steal it by the milk jug but by the whole truck tanker.

  2. Just a matter of time. All those cookies and twinkies catching up

  3. Slick guy but unfortunately when the government has you on their list it's GAME OVER..

  4. He's a slippery guy. It is also said that he was at his sisters wedding when she got killed, that he slipped out before they saw him.

    He is becoming a legend in his own time. Much like El Chapo and his James Bond prison escape. Marro has a lotta balls, but he's had a lotta luck too.

    1. Didn't marro release a statement saying he was at the wedding and they waited till he left or something? He was calling cjng out to fight in a video I think.the guy killed on the motorcycle who did he belongs to

    2. Legend??? How he let cjng get away with killing his sister he needs to get to mencho before mencho gets to him

  5. El gobierno panista de Guanajuato está de mano con el marrano

  6. Michelin man prob have heart failure if he keeps running

  7. The life of a narco... always running... always hiding. Not much of a life at all if you ask me.

    1. The end results remain the same " Jail or Death".
      But lack of employment and sustaining oneself often dismiss rational behavior.

  8. WTF? This ugly fat slob, looks like a walking heart attack who couldn’t sprint 30 yards, yet gets away?

    AMLO’s Military and “Federales” are corrupt, and inept.


    1. This guy looks like Dr. Evil's sumo henchman, Random Task. He must have thrown his shoes at the Federales to get away.

    2. As another poster has written, the PAN governor and attorney general protect Marro. How else can one explain his elusiveness, famous and hardly known capos get captured in cities without much difficulty. Slowly his support system is being eradicated, his underlings are being captured or killed. Most importantly, his ability to make money has been greatly affected. By any chance, are you from GTO Queso@11:25

  9. Cjng picked the perfect time to do the bombing in celaya so the government would go against marro...

  10. Don't steal the government hates competition .


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