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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Suspected assassins arrested for the murder of Michoacan Congressman released; Congress demands justice

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Morelia, Michoacán.-  The two young men who were detained yesterday for being suspects in the assassins of the Michoacán deputy, Erik Juárez Blanquet , were released from custody,  local media reported today.
They were innocent, not the suspects police were searching for.
According to information from local media, after inquiries from the Public Ministry yesterday night, it was determined that the two arrested men did not participate in the murder.

At  the time of their arrest, they were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time, as they only passed through the site where the motorcycle was abandoned, along with two helmets, clothing and the weapon reported used in the murder of the congressman.

Users of social networks were also responsible for disseminating the truth,  that the two subjects are students of the Faculty of Law of the Michoacana University, that they are in the process of graduation and that they were not originally from the state of Jalisco as it had become reported after their arrest.

They demand justice in the State Congress

After the news that the true assassins of the deputy Erik Juárez Blanquet had not really been arrested, today justice was demanded in the State Congress.

"In the face of the murder of Deputy Erik Juárez Blanquet, the public authorities must show their strength so that impunity does not violate the rule of law," said Deputy Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla, who is a member of the Security Commission in the State Congress of Michoacán.


  1. Sound like politicians are scared as hell. That’s great, let them feel the same fear as ordinary Mexicans.

  2. Guess justice for all others deceased & dissapeared has been sidelined. What hypocrisy of many to dismiss the thousands of victims fallen prey to these criminals.
    Next in line for procession is; "Si Se Puede" chanting by those political figures.

  3. How many innocent civilians have been found guilty of crimes in Mexico? If not for their enrollment in a law school. These individuals of lesser caliber (non- profession) would have been indicted.
    The malicious display by most mexican officers are visible in their apprehensions. A human rights violations that has been noted by many.

  4. Mexico IS one big human rights violation.

    1. Mexico is just too real plain and simple

    2. 12:14 Mexico escaped the serial violations of human rights LatinAmerica has undergone since Operation Condor in the 70s, until FECAL came to power in 2006, but Jaime Roldós, Jorge Eliecer Gaytan, Cesar Augusto Sandino, Zapata and Pancho villa before allende, were not exactly given baby showers by the US...

  5. FM/Viagras are untouchable in Michoacan

    1. What about the 15 poliviagras in aguililla?


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