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Friday, March 13, 2020

Oblatos, Guadalajara: An Armed Criminal Cell Attacks 4 Young Men

An armed criminal cell shot over 30 times a group of young people who were gathered outside a house located at the intersections of Hacienda Santiago and Hacienda Del Carmen, in the Oblatos neighborhood in the municipality of Guadalajara, where two men died and two more were found injured.

The wounded had an approximate age of 18 years, the two victims were locals from the area, however, no one wanted to give data to identify the deceased, they only indicated that they lived a few blocks from where they were executed and that they were vagrants. The aggressors fled aboard a white vehicle.

Forensic personnel went to the crime scene where casings of different calibers were found. Apparently this was a dispute between criminal groups.

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  1. Jalisco is a mess. Tens of murders almost every day. Not talking about the common graves...CJNG vs CDS are all in.

  2. anyone who kills cjng has my support. cjng kill babies and the elderly. 99% of people hate cjng

  3. 6:47 you know everything so right, 99% of your baby and elderly murdered must be waiting in hell for you to give you a prize.
    These crime victims may have been criminal drug traffickers themselves, assaulted for showing their ass on somebody else's turf, but they were no minors or elderly, lucky we don't get you blaming chayote killer AMLO, LOL.

  4. Family in Guadalajara say the same, cjng is a plague that should be exterminated.


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