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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Mencho's daughter, Jessica Oseguera, personal background revealed in new court documents

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

Federal judge rules in Oseguera's favor and grants release on which US promptly appealed.  The hearing is today at 2PM.  She is being held by US Marshals: yesterday his order read as follows;

$500,000.00 Property Bond as well as placement in the High Intensity Supervision Program with GPS monitoring and home detention set for the defendant

Update:  Order Setting Conditions of Release entered by Magistrate Judge Meriweather, ECF [17], REVOKED. Defendant remanded to the custody of the U.S. Marshals.

Jessica Johana Oseguera González, the daughter of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes El Mencho, won at bail hearing yesterday in DC.  The federal judge granted her bail/release request.

She was immediately taken into custody by US Marshall's as the Justice Department appealed the ruling.  Another hearing will commence on Friday for a final ruling. (read filing below)

The government website had no file of dockets for Jessica until yesterday.

Within the documents, personal information was revealed with respect to Jessica.

Jessica is 33 years old and has no criminal record.  She was born and raised in California, and moved to Mexico while she was in High School.  She graduated and received a degree from a university in Guadalajara in 2009.  She is a dual citizen of U.S. where she was born in San Francisco, and Mexico.

She is the mother of two children, aged 4 and 12.  The children are U.S. citizens. She resides in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico with her children.

Jessica has family in Texas and California, including aunts, uncles and cousins to whom she is very close and visits often.   On those visits she accesses entry into the US by using her US passport.

Her attorneys claim

Jessica’s attorney Stephen McCool, contends that his client is being prejudiced against and has been stalked and harassed by the U.S. government.

He states that Jessica travelled to California in August, 2019 to visit her uncle and aunt. Her children accompanied her on the visit.

Jessica asserts that while on the visit, federal agents, who were investigation her brother, stopped and harassed her while she was with her children, by threatening her.  She says one agent threatened her and her family, “I have the power to put you and your family in jail.”

Nonetheless, she was not so frighten as to cut her trip short and in fact stayed in California for another month at which time she and her children returned to Mexico.

The hearing and arrest

On February 26, 2020, Jessica entered the US District Court (federal) of Columbia, to attend the hearing in support of her brother, Rubén Oseguera González, aka “El Menchito”. 

Jessica had driven across the US. –Mexican border into California.  While making entry into the U.S. Jessica again used her US passport, which was scanned, and was directed to a secondary screening process.  She was cleared and she continued to drive to California.
She flew from California to DC. 

When she arrived in the US District Court on Washington DC on February 26,, 2020, she was arrested at which time she was told there was a sealed Indictment against her.


The indictment charges her with five counts of “Engaging in Transactions or Dealings in Properties of a Designated Foreign Person.

These are similar charges she faced in Mexico, which were litigated and she was found not liable.

March 3, 2020

Order as of today 3.3.20 regarding other matters

Order as to JESSICA JOHANNA OSEGUERA GONZALEZ ISSUING, upon consideration of the parties' representations at the hearing held on March 3, 2020, and to ensure expeditious resolution of this case as required by the Speedy Trial Act and Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 2, the following SCHEDULING ORDER to control the timing of pretrial proceedings in this matter:
(1) by March 17, 2020, the parties shall complete all discovery;
(2) by March 27, 2020, the parties shall file any pretrial motions;
(3) also by March 27, 2020, the defendant shall file her Motion for a Bill of Particulars, modifying the Courts previous order, see Min. Order (Feb. 28, 2020);
(4) by April 10, 2020, the parties shall file any oppositions to the pretrial motions;(5) by April 14, 2020, the parties shall file any replies;
(6) on April 17, 2020 at 9:00 AM, the parties are directed to appear for a status conference in Courtroom 22A before Chief Judge Beryl A. Howell, at which time a date for trial will be set.


  1. How was a federal agent threatning her a criminal by saying he can arrest her what does. her lawyer want to do press charges against the agent for doing his job

  2. “I have the power to put you and your family in jail.”

    Sounds like a serious case of little man with little dick syndrome. The badge makes that go away for them.. try telling mencho that in his territory my dude!

    1. 7:44 mencho is a biatch,he's too busy running around he's one of those dudes That can't fight n have his lil rats do the job he can' who's lil dick syndrome is more severe menchos or the agent???

    2. Chivis I’ve had this done to me and have witnessed this as well. Federal Agents will say anything to try an scare someone for information

    3. Any idiot with a gun can kill people specially with a squad of meth heads. To take away someones rights legally is another thing. Why do you think any drug trafficking organization does not run with the same power in the US as in mexico? Why all capos afraid of American prisons? Only send their children to be protected in PC cells. SDSO

    4. You always shake the tree to see what drops. Including who do you call?

    5. You better believe it in Michelle’s voice

    6. Cartel fan boy lol

    7. And we dont believe the U.S judicial system. @7:56

    8. I don't say that hasn't happened. It make no sense chronologically in this case.

    9. More's to the point who fuckin cares,she is deep in CJNG so stop with the defence of poor little Jessica.
      Cheering for criminality,no wonder Mexico is the way it is.
      She is an arrogant idiot for attending Menchitos court date,would anyone here have done it ?

    10. If you read further it also states "she was not frightened".

    11. 2020 El Mencho is gonna get caught just a matter of time and logistics.

    12. sorry menchos days are numbered. imagine all that money and he cant even enjoy it openly, constantly running and hiding in his rat hole. is any amount of cash worth running and hiding all your life?

  3. Holy mackerel her azz is grassed.

  4. Excellent post chivis. Incredible that she would go to the hearing, but now we see that she felt no threat since she was stopped at the border, not arrested, and knew nothing of the indictment which was under seal.

  5. she is such a poor victim lock her up

  6. I hope she beats her case

    1. Yes lol, and hope her father continues to butcher and kill people for the love of greed and money.

  7. If she makes bail the U.S government is going to be on high alert. I dont think it takes rocket science to know she is a flight risk.

    1. She will not get bail:
      1. Even though she is a US citizen, she has no connections in the jurisdiction she is held in; maybe some relatives in TX and CA, but no connections to DC. She also has no recent employment history in the area. That’s strike one.
      2. She has shown to be very well-traveled with ample resources to provide the means to escape. That’s strike two.
      3. Her father is a damn drug lord and she herself has been sanctioned for laundering funds of an illicit origin. That’s strike three.
      Need I go on? I understand that no criminal record weighs in favor of pre-trial release, but that’s about the only thing she has going for her, and it’s not entirely true, as I’m sure many judges would consider being sanctioned by the Treasury Department as something akin to a criminal conviction.

    2. Yeah and so many other individuals political or criminal have been granted bail. All flight risks.
      Let's see what happens.

  8. An the biggest Pendeja award goes to no wonder all the Cunnis are all locked up they really thought they were untouchable.

  9. ANIMO jessica, eres us citizen no t azen nada girl.

  10. Attorney McCool. Sounds like Superbad's McLoving

    1. From the 1960's television cartoon Cool McCool "Danger is my business"

    2. Only millennials could come up with this stupid shit.

  11. U.S government is done WITH CDS and NOW looks like they are after CJNG.. Catching mexican capos seems like the norm. When DEA catches the main capo from other places like Russia or China is when I will be impressed.. 😆

  12. Those who do business with that family, in the US or Mexico ought to know what they're involving themselves with. One little rumor, like "he badmouthed me, or such, and your ass is grass. No baby, the US gov't wont protect you either.
    And those who believe shes not involved. She was raised in that world. Thats all she knows, its whats talked about behind the doors of their house, at the dinner table, along with who's doing who and pass the tortillas please. If the US govt is really Big brother, they know all about it.

    1. Born in the USA with children that are US citizens,and she moves back to Mexico. Tell me again that she's not involved or reaping the benefits of blood money? Yeah right...

  13. Hope she has the money to appeal, some of these laws have not been confirmed by supreme court yet, about time to get them thrown out. Many violations of civil rights in some of them.

  14. One is not defined by their parents and family...yes i see no explanation for a legit source of the funds but think of what the chances are of this...shes distanced herself from family and speaks by phone or text to her parents once or twice a month (THATS ME too) and doesnt have to involve herself with anything other than Hi? How are you? Hows the weather? (THATS ME too) and is set financially for life bc of who her family (parents&Cuini) is and how they set her up nice (Which is not me. I work hard and honest(i.e. legal tracable taxed income) but I pick up sidework for cash and buy/sell/trade with private individuals (nontaxed income that I may or may not be able to account for, but still don't). My point is you cant judge based on assumptions. I DONT support or condone her, nor would i ever want to meet her or have anything to do with her but Ill wait to pass judgement and if she has got legal $ then she can pay to live in a nice place in that jurisdiction and for top of the notch monitoring. Money legal issues never went that swiftly.

    1. A very clear and positive comment I agree.. if the real truth is told Yes I agree

      Buyselltrade antiques maybe???

    2. OfferUp, LetGo, Ebay, Craigslist, swap meets,flea markets, garage sales, etc. Hobby as opposed to business so that changes how the government assesses the $, but while it's legal theres no paper trail 99% of the time

  15. she should have known better you cant bribe your way out of this one, even don pablo knew that. better a grave in mexico than a cell in america

  16. Seems like her only crime is having Mencho as a father. It's not her fault how her Dad made his money

    1. Come on...this should be easy to understand. She has to rationalize her father's crimes or she could not look her 12 yr old in the eye. Her father is what's wrong with Mexico.

  17. Yea so afraid !!! She gets on an airplane To DC straight to court "That does not say your afraid *
    That to me that says. screw you I go where I want.. when I want
    And you cant stop me ..
    I dont believe her either
    They always Cry Victim
    When all that money Flashy clothes cars houses toys fake lips ~ all came by the Real Victims the dead the suffering children the drug addicts in streets of her San Fransico
    I wonder if when she sees them shitting, sleeping on her streets in San Fran she says I put them there with pride
    No Empahty Compassion guilt Morals
    How can you raise your child to have none of those things
    Think of how youd have to treat them to make sure they never experience them

  18. 7;56 Do you really believe that ?

    Do you think she knows it blood money and many innocents have lost lives homes children because it Just her daddys money ?
    Your right in one way But my thought is She is Not Innocent of any crimes Guilty YES of Lack of a Moral Compass.
    I am in the spot of the loser end of same type not drugs but family of Criminal behavoir
    My father dead But bother of dead father took everything bussiness gold houses then rapes us made sure his bothers kids (me) got nothing. Nada
    Now my cousins are rich have way more to spare and knew their father did horriable acts of abuse to us and left us with Nothing. They dont owe us !
    Your right his kids were not the ones that hurt us But they sure dont care what he did to us nor have they even offered my dead fathers share that was Stolen by their dad That they now benifit from .. Yes they are aware of all of it ..
    So ya maybe she knows nothing
    But I doubt it
    And if she learns about all the harm her father has done . would she feel bad anyway ?

    Life can really suck

  19. She is just a farmer.

  20. I enjoyed reading Chivis, thank you! Looking forward to the Friday hearing now!!!


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