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Monday, March 23, 2020

Massacre in the Valle de Juárez; 6-year-old girl and two women executed, other children seriously injured

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat TY GUS  Herald de Juarez and Tiempo

A settling of scores

A shooting in a house in El Sauzal left two women and a small girl dead as well as nine other people with injuries this morning.

Two women and a six-year-old girl lost their lives,  while nine other people, including three children between the ages of 3 and 8, were injured,  they were transferred to receive medical attention.

The shootings were recorded at the intersection of Sauzal and Mina streets, located in El Sauzal in the Valle de Juárez.

 The events were reported in the early hours of the morning, assassins broke into the home while a social gathering was taking place.

As of Sunday morning, those executed had not been identified, but it is believed that the motive is a settling of accounts between or members of the organized crime, although the District Attorney continues to work on the investigations.

Unfortunately, this violent wave continues, after a series of attacks against elements of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat, the State Security Commission, the Mexican Army and the Navy Guard, which occurred last week.

According to the Municipal President, Armando Cabada, those responsible for these attacks were members of the criminal group "La Empresa" and the capture of one of its main leaders was reported.

However, during the hearing of one of the 16 detained by the authorities, he assured that he was hired by "Los Mexicles" to carry out, along with other men, a series of attacks against uniformed men.

Jonathan G. is the name of the triggerman, who mentioned during that he would receive a salary of 5,000 pesos a month.  He says he had  participated in the confrontation of Talamás and Independencia streets, where the agent Alma Rosa González died.

For his part, the District Attorney, Jorge Nava López, pointed out that the rise in homicides is due to the fragmentation of one of the main criminal cells in the city, but so far has not provided the name of this organization.


  1. A salary of about $250 US dollars a month to kill people. At no price should on kill people. But for $250?

    1. Countries do it for less with their armies. Have been for centuries.

  2. If La Linea has a code to not kill innocents then why do they work with los mexicles dumbasses??

  3. I guess it's ok to kill ladies and a little girl, that had no guns to shoot back, what cowardly cartel does this? Where's the Human Rights Group of Mexico when you need them, seems they only pop out of the shadows, for when a criminal cry's foul.

    1. Agree, give every Mexican family AR15 and 1000 rounds. Be the end of Criminals in Mexico. Would that be a dream. And the Democrats want take our guns away, than we can be like Mexico

    2. Learn one thing about Cartels, we in the US will never give up our guns

  4. cjng killing kids again

    1. 8:10 i thought cds had valle de juarez? Or did cjng took these plaza from cds? Damn another plaza cds runs from when they see cjng


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