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Friday, March 6, 2020

Legal Marijuana Use in Mexico Might Become a Real Thing

Video translation is as follows:
Ciro Gómez Leyva: In other news, a law decree drafted surfaced today of the regulation from the planting to the commercialization of marijuana in Mexico. Both for personal use, as it’s known, and just as well for medicinal use. The opinion was created with more than just initiatives that were presented by the senators of all political parties.

What are the points in common? An individual can legally grow between 6 and 20 plants of marijuana for personal use. The final number is yet to be discussed. In addition, the allowed percentage of possession surpasses what’s legally allowed. Which is currently 5 grams to 28. What else does this project prepose? That users could smoke in public spaces except those areas that are smoke free.

And that it would be forbidden to sell marijuana derivatives mixed with other substances. Like alcohol, nicotine, or caffeine. And that in matters of cigarettes they cannot be sold per unit. Advertising, promotion, or sponsorship related to cannabis products will also be prohibited. As well as the consumption from minors. Well, it seems though that President López Obrador doesn't like that this initiative moves forward. The initiative to open marijuana for personal consumption in Mexico.

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  1. I thought small scale possession was already legal in Mexico?

  2. Pos quien sabe donde iremos a terminar nosotros como sociedad con tantos cambiaos radicales y sorprendente.

    1. "radicales y sorprendente"... Sol, you never smoked The Devil's Lettuce?

      Mexico is far behind every other country in most things. Never an innovativor...

    2. No mames. Con tanta violencia y estás preocupada por marijuana. No la fumes y se acaba el problema

  3. How about some analysis here? How have things changed since 5 grams became legal?

  4. Ha ha LMAO prohibited What is ?
    What is unlawfull and legal seems are moon beams away from each other
    Ha what a Joke Guns are prohibited but every gang member owns at least 2
    Like really is LE worried about pot
    ALMO is a JOKE of a Leader
    Guess Puppets cant have any brains

    1. 3:50 puppets do have some brains, washed of course...
      There is grifa in mexico and trafficking to the US since before AMLO was born, it increased when AMLO was still a young PRIISTA student and government on both USA and Mexico was already complicit on it...
      VIVA AMLO QUE ES SU MERO PADRE de todos, brainwashed or not, because that was the mexican people's will since 2006, on the third attempt the PRIANALES could not steal the presidency again, thank God.

  5. "...Well, it seems though that President López Obrador doesn't like that this initiative moves forward..." I've watched AMLO say he's for legalization. 🤔 if I find the link can I add it?

  6. Didn't Mexico legalized all small amounts of drugs this past decade

  7. it is legal here in canada. we can grow 4 plants of high quality. i have a pound in my freezer i give it away. no one pays for weed here. legalization took the money out of it.

  8. The chinese ended up in the toilet for centuries thanks to the drug addiction tolerated for a while by the chinese emperor until China's drug addicts couldn't even work or pay taxes and he outlawed it, the british restored drug trafficking by stealing Hong Kong and reimposing themselves at gun point in china, even MAO TSE TUNG had to work and do as told until the US "narco-capitalists" restored relations thanks to richard nixxon who sent disciple HW Bush as ambassador.
    --MEXICO GOT ACTOR JOHN GAVIN when reagan "won" and the parnas restored drug trafficking to the US, but this time it was grifa and cocaine...

  9. They still arrest you for small personal amounts all the time


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