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Monday, March 16, 2020

Chihuahua, Mexico: Failed Rescue Attempt For Imprisoned Huachicolero Carlos Cuevas Abundis

Unofficially, it has been revealed that businessman Carlos C. was not transferred from the hospital to the prison Cereso de Aquiles Serdán since it came to light that there was a possible rescue attempt.

It should be noted that yesterday, elements of the State Attorney General's Office had an impressive operation from the Los Angeles hospital to the prison Cereso de Aquiles Serdán for the transfer of the businessman, but it was canceled at the last minute.

It has now been disclosed that the cancellation of said transfer was as a result of a group of subjects who intended to rescue him.

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  1. This guy is hard core, he escaped his kidnappers and cut the ears off his bodyguards that set him up..

    1. That's why he was the boss. The boss is always the craziest and most dangerous one, unless they inherited their position like the Chapitos.

    2. Please post a link to the story of this guy if you have it!

      -El Australiano

  2. Now how did this attempt come to the attention of officials? Someone not something had to divulge this information.
    Usually within their own who comprises the activities of illicit behavior.

  3. how do we know if This is even true !

    where is he now ? who has seen him recently ?
    maybe he is in the US
    They might be bullshitting everyone
    It gets harder and harder to really believe anyone

    is Mexico gonna close their borders ?
    or is USA gonna go do it. during this Virus crap ?
    Anyone know yet the REAL numbers of sick / dead in Mexico. ?

    maybe start a weekly update of expiences on the Virus ???

  4. A trap could have been set to catch his liberators without using his real live as, must be just propaganda.
    Can't believe one pinche huachicolero is worth tanto pinche pedo y pendejismo.

  5. I don’t care what anyone says he’s a bad ass old man

  6. Weird using the word "Rescue"
    Always thought Rescue meant to help one in sort of a danger like drowning or in a fire or accident
    didnt know he was in Real Danger
    unless of course we change the meaning word Danger into being incarerated or
    doing time for his Criminalbacts facing Justice
    humm I wonder what a Good Honest Man is called now adays

  7. 12:49 Good Honest Men are called charlatans these days...
    By real charlatans, witches, drug traffickers, bank robbing whoremongers, tax cheats and snake oil vendors who can't crucify anybody anymore....


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