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Monday, February 10, 2020

Zumpango, Edomex: 3 Suspected Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación Cell Members Arrested

The authorities link the three detainees with the cases of 10 homicides registered in the municipality of Zumpango, since May 2019.

Authorities of the State of Mexico reported this Sunday about the arrest of three suspected members of a Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación cell, linked to the cases of 10 homicides registered in the municipality of Zumpango, since May 2019.

When captured, three vehicles and a shotgun were also seized.

“These three individuals, identified as Francisco Javier‘ N ’, aka‘ El Cachorro ’, 29 years old; Ashli ​​Axel 'N', aka 'El Caballero', 19, and Aaron 'N', 20, were apprehended on the Melchor Ocampo road to Zumpango, at the height of Ejidos de Villa María, in the municipality of Melchor Ocampo, ”the Mexican prosecutor's office said in a statement.

“At the time of the arrest, three vehicles were seized : one a Volkswagen vehicle, Golf GTI type, black, 2016 model, with license plates from the State of Hidalgo; another Volkswagen, Classic Jetta type, white, 2009 model, with license plates of the State of Mexico, and a Lincoln brand car, type MKZ, white, with license plates of the State of Mexico, which would have stolen from the owners just before their arrest, ”he added.

The detainees, according to the Prosecutor's Office, were contesting the control of criminal activities in Zumpango with a rival criminal gang, identified as Los Sapos, and from this confrontation the murders would have resulted.

Among the homicides to which they are linked is a case of May 9, 2019, when the bodies of two 26-year-old men were located at Avenida los Hornos, Fraccionamiento Los Sauces.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat   Source


  1. Sol excellent 👍 catch, oh it's baby killer cartel, they will be let out soon. They are the top cartel that bribes the government.

  2. They must have not gotten the note: "We do not kill nor kidnap innocent civilians." "We come to only clean the filth from those who do".

    Guess they fucked that up.

  3. Take away the anyone even scared of these guys??? If any of them approached you in public and threatened couldn’t help but laugh at these idiots. They are straight up trash!!! They can claim CJNG or call themselves grupo elite but they will always be mencho’s little errand b1tches.


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