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Saturday, February 15, 2020

Zirándaro, Guerrero: Due To CJNG and LFM Violence Thousands of Residents Have Been Displaced

Already more than 30 dead in the community of "El Chivo". Additionally, more than 3 thousand displaced by violence leaving 40 ghost towns---

Federal and State governments have ignored our request to install 3 security points, laments the mayor

▲ The Morenista mayor Gregorio Portillo Mendoza, of the municipality of Zirándaro, Guerrero, showed yesterday the truck in which at least 14 people were burned last weekend.

Zirándaro, Guerrero -  A confrontation between alleged members of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) and La Familia Michoacana forced the displacement of around 1,200 people from the towns of El Chivo, La Calera and La Estancia, among others; with them they add more than 3 thousand displaced people from 40 communities since November 2019, equivalent to 30 percent of the population of the municipality of Zirándaro, said the Morenista mayor Gregorio Portillo Mendoza.

The morning of this Friday, in the town of El Chivo, with support from the National Guard and the State and Municipal Police, the mayor led a tour of the damaged houses and had a talk with the few settlers.

The owner of a house, who requested anonymity, narrated the terror he lived with his wife on February 8: “We have a little store, that's what we live on; We were eating shortly after 3 in the afternoon when we suddenly saw people running and then armed men went into the house shooting.

“My wife and I got under the bed, the bullets passed nearby us. So we were stuck like this for more than three hours when suddenly, before 7 pm, the shooting ceased and we told the gentlemen who were inside (the gunmen), maybe about 10, that for the love of God they would let us go, that we had no problems with anyone and we went out a back door to another family house.

"Then the confrontation resumed until at about three in the morning. Once the government (the Army) arrived, we were able to move to (the municipal seat of) Zirándaro."

On all the walls of the house there are hundreds of pockmarks that were left over from the gunfire of the Barret machine gun, .50 cal, the AK-47 and the AR-15, some even went through the concrete. Due to the confrontation in El Chivo, some residents said that about 60 people died.

The confrontation occurred on Saturday, February 8, they said, when members of the CJNG arrived in three armored vehicles, at about 3:30 p.m., and caught by surprise the bosses of the Familia Michoacana who were paying the weekly salary to their members. One of the armored vehicles, which had been stolen from a home company in Huetamo, Michoacán, was cremated with at least 14 people inside, they said.

Mayor Portillo Mendoza said he could not confirm the figure of 60 dead, because neither the state nor the federal government has the exact information of the casualties on both sides, but it is said that there were more than one hundred civilians armed.

Almost at the end of the tour, the entourage visited the house of Don Faustino N, who showed the traces of the bullets on the tin roof and on the walls of his humble dwelling, but also on trees and banana bushes broken by the bullets.

Image result for más de 30 muertos en la comunidad de "El Chivo". ya suman más de 3 mil desplazados por la violencia y 40 pueblos fantasma

Here you can no longer live

"I'm leaving," the farmer said disconsolately, "here I leave part of my life, my animals, we go with my wife and my children to Zirándaro, here you can no longer live, I planted two hectares of corn, but now I no longer have nothing."

At the end of the visit in El Chivo, where he accompanied the villagers to collect part of their belongings, Mayor Portillo Mendoza mentioned that the displaced are “600 from La Calera and another 500 from Acuyan, La Estancia, El Chivo, El Reparo, La Ciénega and Cambio.

He regretted that neither the state nor the federal government meets the demand to install three checkpoints: one in the municipal seat of Zirándaro, to prevent the entry of the CJNG; another in La Calera, to control access to Ciudad Altamirano and the mountains; and one more in Cuatro Caminos, for the control of access to Zihuatanejo. With these three filters, the rate of violence would undoubtedly decrease, because it would reduce its logistics, ”said the mayor.

On the operations he commented: How is it possible that three armored vehicles entered from Huetamo. There is an erroneous (government) strategy because they have not heard us, there has even been refusal to receive me at the State Coordination Board, they will hardly attend me on Monday.

We need to prevent criminals from continuing to use the population as hostages. This terror could have been avoided if the government had heard our demand to install these three security points, he concluded.

In Acapulco, residents of the communal assets of Cacahuatepec requested before the Executive Commission of Attention to Victims in the state to expedite their request to return to their localities.

They said that 30 families have been displaced since 2014 “due to the establishment of the community police headed by the spokesman of the Council of Ejidos and Opposition Communities to the La Parota Dam, Marco Suástegui Muñoz. He explained that there are displaced people from Las Parotas, Rancho Las Marías, Parotillas and La Concepción communities.

Mauro Gallegos Salgado, from the town of Parotillas, explained that this day they came to collect information from Mexico City, 15 days ago we already had a videoconference.

Among those displaced, he explained, there are followers and opponents of the construction of the La Parota hydroelectric dam on the Papagayo River, a project that has been undertaken without success by the Federal Electricity Commission for more than 15 years in the rural area of Acapulco.

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  1. I guess Mencho needs to buy Rosalinda another gucci purse...the guy is so greedy he continues to kill and displace thousands of innocents for a little extra meth cash. What a scum bag...the fact that AMLO refuses to catch him should be a crime in itself. With all the technology America has in the skies and Mencho still has the freedom to roll around in huge convoys in rural Jalisco is sickening. cjng is not a drug mafia it is a terrorist org...

    1. CJNG taking over the world. The new world order. Alienate

  2. But cjng ass lovers are gone Say mencho is helping this people and of course all who support CJNG are in USA from The comfort of their homes how easy to Say

  3. Its the Familia Michocana, Viagras alliance that is pushing into Zirandaro and the surronding areas not the other way.

  4. La Parota is an ambitious project, will make a lot of money, but nobody wants to split the profits with the people it will affect.
    All associated sides just want to steal it all with impunity.
    --The people burned in the truck were CJNG surprised by adversaries or contras or innocents? and why would that make the people leave their homes and lands?

  5. 2:38 Reach out to Who ??
    The Major of this town Should Know Excatly how many are dead and displaced in his town (jerk)
    Thats is his Job
    Part of him reporting about his town
    To the higher up Sounds to me he is a lazy creep Why would higher up in Gov listen to him If he dosent know all his peoples killed in his small town.

    There is not much Americans can do
    These people need to Stand Up and fight for their country not run and hide
    But its a very unfair fight
    That just makes these gangs stronger
    I dont have answers but The Stupid President of Mexico is a lazy greedy communist in my eyes
    If the Major has no powers then it falls on Who control that state
    He most likely dosent give a f$#k for these people
    Strange in the Violent places in USA
    People dont just run away from their homes they fight for their territory Which I wish we didnt have here at all ,, stray bullets hitting kids etc But in Mexico these farmers cant fight back they have only pitch forks and shovels against guns and a methed up gangs to fight *not fair fight so ya they gotta run away
    Wonder if those people were given guns to fight back, If they would ?
    Sorry but Mexicos really messed up

    A LIST/ Map OF EVERY STATE in Mexico
    To show who their Reps are And Majors are
    How long in office
    How much money recive by Mexico
    (not drugs) where they live and what their jobs are And how were they Elected
    All in English no (nick names)
    Address where they can be contacted

    Americans really dont have much say
    Except for the DEA CIA FBI because of drug trade etc All we can do is Try to slow down the violence/ drugs from coming into USA Thus the Wall..
    Its up to the Mexican People to Change Mexico
    If you want to help Pressure the Democratics to help Mexicans in Mexico
    To stay in Mexico to change the Presidents ways and everyone in power there Not bring them here

    Boycott all Americans doing Business there Make them stand up to the Powers to say Take Care of Your People
    But Greed coruption is much easier
    Plus the Fake Pride Power Egos in Office in Mexico will never Bow down to ask for help from us
    Much more involved and complicated
    The Wall and no trade deals are about as much as we can do
    Its up to Mexico to fix in the end really ..
    The rich Americans making money from Mexico and the Rich Mexicans making money in the U.S Just Dont Give a Damn
    I care about them bringing all that shit violence here.and the innocent people children
    The no balls Mexican President two faced pig Like ALMO I cant stand.
    Along the Violent Rich Drug Cartels
    Drug running will always be there
    But putting a cap on it and taking back some of their power is the key
    Drive them back underground ??
    The owner of this site is really the one to ask how to change Mexico or how to reach out to help

  6. To be honest my family is from xochipala guerrero, 2 years ago the familia michoacana displaced the guerreros unidos. It also caused the town to come out on the news. The familia michoacana were rude and loved to show off their power with the civilians. Last year guerreros unidos took over again and calm has come back. Im not cheerleading for guerreros unidos but here in xochipala guerrero they respect the people. Ive heard but am not sure, that guerreros unidos and cjng have an alliance

    1. I think all areas should be ran by locals so they respect the town folk more.

  7. Why are the cochos so ruthless??

  8. Learn to make IEDs. Place them in the road where narcos will pass or park. Detonate them via cellphone. Presto...narcos converted to pink mist. They will try to retaliate. Place many IEDs...block the road...wait...narcos stop on their way to village...detonate...vaporize all vehicles and occupants. ☠️

  9. Mencho is a scumbag. He kills innocents and children. Death to mencho. The search bloc is looking for you mench, you can run but you wont hide forever. Sooner or later they will smoke out of your rat hole.

    1. That's why they also call them The Baby Killer Cartel.

  10. Have they ever considered simply building a massive wall around the entire state of Michoacan and giving it sovereignty? There is truly zero hope for this state and everyone here knows it.


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