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Friday, February 7, 2020

Zacacoyuca, Guerrero: El Chango Responsible For Armed Attack

Zacacoyuca, Guerrero - A recording circulates on social networks where you can see the exact moment when an armed criminal cell broke into a bullfight that took place in the community of Zacacoyuca, located in the municipality of Iguala, Guerrero.

The armed subjects, who caused panic among those attending the event held last Monday, wore black and carried long weapons type AK-47 and AR-15.

Although so far the official figures that the attack left are unknown, there is talk of at least three injured and one deceased who was allegedly the former municipal commissioner of the community of Paintla del Zapotal.

They armed attack at a bullring of Iguala; one dead and three wounded in Zacacoyuca. One dead and three wounded were the result of an armed attack in the bullring of the Iguala community.

This act of violence occurred around midnight on Sunday during a run on the occasion of the town's festivities. According to witness versions, the firearm shots came from outside the event, by the stands.

The armed subjects that were traveling in several vehicles also, set fire to the outside of the arena, increasing the psychosis of the attendees. The armed group fled by firing high-powered weapons along the federal highway Chilpancingo-Iguala.

Much later arrived elements of the Municipal, State, Federal and Mexican Army Police, who toured the area in search of the aggressors, but without positive results.

Red Cross paramedics transferred three wounded to the Iguala General Hospital, where in the end one of them lost his life. This deceased was identified as Fernando "N", 62, a neighbor of Zacacoyuca.

All the injured, it was reported, were in stable condition ; two of them only received bullet impacts in the buttocks, while the third, identified as the ejidal commissioner, named Reyna "N", 50, had an impact on his upper right armpit.

During the proceedings at the scene, the ministerial authorities located about thirty spent shell casings from high-power weapons (AR-15 and AK-47).

They place blame on "La Changa" as the person responsible for the attack.

The reports place him as the main extortion collector for the miners of Mezcala and Carrizalillo.

The criminal is hiding behind the community police in these areas, although in reality they belong to the criminal group of "Los Tlacos" who have control in that part of the Sierra de Guerrero.

Criminals only enter Iguala for a while and cause violence and move casually on the Iguala-Chilpancingo highway. La Changa and his people had control of Huitzuco backed by the PRI mayor José Luis Ávila López and his municipal police.

However, in Huitzuco, an opposing group murdered the head of Pilar Plaza "N" and then two of his men, which is why La Changa and his hitmen left Huitzuco and now intend to enter Iguala, which has caused alarm and psychosis with the citizens.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat   Source


  1. They armed attack at a bullring one dead and three wounded . One dead and three wounded were the result of an armed attack in the bullring

  2. hol up...what happened to Changas neck? Its virtually non existent and his body looks tiny? What the?

  3. Is he deformed or something? His arm looks all jacked up and his head is huge.

  4. Yet, another criminal group.

  5. A dead priista is a good priista, I would put more faith and good will on Guerrero Autodefensas and criminals than on any PRD, PRI,PVEM, MC or PAN "politician" who use the military and federal police to disappear 43 Ayotzinapa Teacher's College students AND THE EVJDENCE.


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