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Monday, February 3, 2020

Villa de Arriaga, San Luis Potosí: Army Seized Marijuana and Weapons Belonging to the CJNG

* While traveling on the Lagos de Moreno - SLP road, they noticed a truck fleeing the area at full speed

The Secretariat of National Defense through the IV Military Region and 12 / a. Military Zone, informs public opinion that on this date, military personnel under this territorial command, carried out a drug and weapons seizure in the municipality of Villa de Arriaga, S.L.P.

The events occurred when troops were making security tours near the Lagos de Moreno-San Luis Potosí highway, on a dirt road belonging to the municipality of Villa de Arriaga. They came across a person who noticed the military presence, fled the area aboard a vehicle towards an unknown direction.

For this reason a search was carried out on foot, locating under a tree, a pile covered with a tarp. After reviewing it the following was found:

* 37 packages of marijuana with an approximate weight of 355 kilograms.
* 3 long weapons.
* 15 magazines for long weapons.
* 420 rounds of different calibers
* 4 military type tactical helmets.
* 2 tactical vests with the insignias CJNG
* 2 plate carriers
* 38 metal caltrops
The seizure was made available to the corresponding authorities.

With these actions, the Mexican Army and Air Force reaffirms its commitment to Mexican families to ensure and safeguard their welfare at all times, contributing to the 2018-2024 Peace and Security Plan

And the National Strategy to Combat and Prevent Addictions implemented by the Government of the Republic in a prompt and timely manner. All while being carried out with an unrestricted respect for Human Rights and the patrimony of individuals.

This within the framework of the legality based on the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat   Source


  1. Wait but I thought that cjng never runs oh well I guess is pure Michoacaca hype..

  2. Funny how Human rights advocacy was implemented in the article. A rare glimpse nowadays from anyone where conflicts are occurring.

    Just noticing

  3. Most likely they let them go and gave the soldados something so they can act like they are doing their job


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