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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

U.S. Files charges against Caro Quintero's nephew--seeks extradition

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat   Reforma

The New York Department of Justice revealed Monday that it accused Ismael Quintero Arellanes of drug trafficking, a suspected member of a faction of the Sinaloa cartel, who was arrested by Mexican authorities on January 29th.

According to a document from the East District Prosecutor's Office in New York, accusations were filed against Quintero Arellanes for conspiring to manufacture and distribute heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana, as well as illegal possession of weapons as part of a drug trafficking organization.

Quintero Arellanes,  nephew of fugitive boss Rafael Caro Quintero, was captured in Culiacán in a coordinated operation with members of the National Defense Secretariat (Sedena) and the Marine Secretariat (Semar).

"The US intends to request his extradition to face charges in the Eastern District of New York," the statement said, adding that "the defendant conspired with members of the Caro Quintero drug trafficking organization to flood the US. US with large amounts of heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana. "

"This accusation and arrest is indicative that the encirclement over the members of the Sinaloa cartel is being narrowed, such as Ismael Quintero Arellanes and the “arch enemy of the DEA” (US Department of Drug Administration) Rafael Caro Quintero," said special agent Donovan.

Donovan also indicates that although Caro Quintero continues to flee, work continues hand-in-hand with international, local, state and federal partners to interrupt the drug trafficking operations of the Sinaloa cartel.

The accusations presented by the US authorities also indicate that Quintero Arellanes participated in the trafficking of heroin, methamphetamine and cocaine from February 2015 to June 2018, and marijuana from January 1980 to June 2018, as well as the use of weapons during drug trafficking activities.

Rafael Caro Quintero, currently unaccounted for, has been singled out as one of the founders of the late Guadalajara drug cartel.

He became considered one of the most dangerous Mexican drug traffickers in the 1980s until his capture in 1985 by the death of an agent Enrique Camarena of the US Department of Drug Enforcement (DEA).

Upon leaving prison, the authorities assume that he joined the ranks of the Sinaloa cartel and was involved in drug trafficking, the reason that led the United States to decide to open a new trial in the Court of the Eastern District of New York, the same in which the Mexican drug trafficker Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán was tried.


  1. Be interesting to see if there are any ‘judicial errors’ that result in release prior to extradition, or if it will actually happen

  2. Why doesnt the USA extradite the criminals in China that sell fetenal/meth ti the Mexicans? TT

    1. 5:19 some people are trying to impose tariffs, why fight with colleagues?
      The DEA got their nails trimmed after Camarena exposed the true criminals working drug trafficking to the US, his torture was intended to know how deep the Kiki Camarena Cancer had spread into the Reagan Administration, while ronnie slept on his wife's knees...
      FELIX ISMAEL RODRIGUEZ MENDIGUTIA and "Lt Col" OLIVER NORTH have been denounced, by real DEA AGENTS LIKE HECTOR BERRELLEZ and Phil Jordan who are not in the DEA or it's good graces for not taking it easy, federal police commander Guillermo Gonzalez Calderoni got whacked for helping Berrellez more than for betraying Carlos Salinas De Gortari, after all he did fighting rival narcos and police in Mexico, just like Barry Seal.
      The DEA thrives fighting old time narcos and the un-aligned competition FOR THE DRUG TRAFFICKING BUSINESS, that's all folks...
      There are more drugs than ever, that the reason why, and addicts still get created from junior highs all over the US, some with legal prescriptions.

  3. "Upon leaving prison, the authorities assume that he joined the ranks of the Sinaloa cartel and was involved in drug trafficking, the reason that led the United States to decide to open a new trial in the Court of the Eastern District of New York."

    Well you know what they say about "assume" ?

    It makes an ass out of U & Me

    1. "Upon leaving prison" should re-written as: ("After erroneously being released early from prison by a corrupt Judge in Jalisco"). Do you really think Don Rafa is no longer in the game?? How about his brother Miguel who was released from a USA prison, crossed backed over into Tijuana and was NOT taken into Mexican Police custody? Should we Then ASSUME Miguel's no longer in the game as well?? I wonder why El Guero Palma was taken into custody by Mexican Police after he was was released by U.S. Authorities. Should I then ASSUME El Guero Palma was more guilty than Rafa and Miguel Caro Quintero? These guys are all birds of the same feather and deserve to spend the rest of their lives together in the Supermax with their good buddy El Chapo! They could reminisce abut the good old days in Guadalajara when Chapo was their errand boy.

    2. El Güero Palma Salazar still is in prison in mexico but there were never charges against him, only trumped up charges.
      His problem is Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo who still calls the shots in some circles, after all el Güero and El Chapo facked up gallardo's AFOs and also wants to pay him back for murdering his family

  4. Hadn’t heard of this guy. Gracias , Chivis!!!!


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