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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Morelia, Michoacan - 24 bodies Found in the Coeneo Grave; Many Dismembered or Beheaded

There are 24 bodies that were in a state of decomposition in the clandestine grave in Coeneo, Michoacán, the prosecutor Adrian López Zolís reported this morning.

After the acts of investigation, the head of the State Attorney General's Office explained that, last Friday, in Pátzcuaro a criminal cell was dismantled to which weapons of exclusive use of the army were secured. The fact allowed information to be obtained that a property located in the community of Comanja, municipality of Coeneo was used for clandestine burials.

Therefore, a search warrant was requested. Last Tuesday, agents of the public prosecutor's office, assisted by the expert services and crime scene personnel, as well as agents of the Investigation Police, moved to the building, located at the exit of Santiago Azajo, said the prosecutor.

He said that it’s a construction in black work, delimited by a wall fence.

In the green and open sky area, several points of earth were removed, which, when inspected, found a total of 24 bodies in a state of decomposition, several of them dismembered. ”

The bodies were transferred to the Forensic Medical Service, where necropsy tasks are performed and studies in the field of genetic chemistry, forensic anthropology, among others, are being carried out for the integration of the basic identification form.

The majority of the victims, among which are five women, were between 20 and 40 years old, some have neck wounds from sharp objects and others were beheaded. ”

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López Solís said that tasks are being done to see if there is a coincidence between the bodies found and people reported as missing.

It’s worth mentioning that, in relation to this finding, the Unit Specialized in Investigation and Persecution of Murder Homicide already has solid and forceful data to continue working with the investigations and manage to present those responsible to the court to answer for these facts , said.

He confirmed that a Ford truck, a Chevrolet car, a Honda truck, a GMC truck and a Toyota were located; which have reports of robbery with violence in events that occurred in the months of January, November and December in the municipalities of Quiroga, and Purepero.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat   source


  1. The foundations of a nation built on the bones of the murdered.

  2. This is what is called "stiff" competition. More like, no competition.

  3. I thought CJNG has been promising to bring back peace and order to the public? No pos GUAO!

    1. 5:15 and peace will come,
      The peace of the cemeteries.
      While the malinchista party prays for Pax Americana.
      One sure thing is governors of PRD like Graco Ramirez, conejo, astudillo, angel aguirre rivero, and Panistas like Sinhue, corral and cabeza de cagadas de vacas, do not like opposition and they help their sicarios get away with murder, PRIISTAS LIKE THE DUARTES are not alone in their crimes.

  4. This is the reason SINALOAS are scared of entering michoacan and the reason they run from all the plazas CJNG enters.

    1. Ja ja scared to enter Michoacán When los Zetas ran los michoacanos out of ther own state los sinaloense son los que por lastima helped them out ya mencho los Valencia’s ran tell Sinaloa helped them out so next time you want to say stupid things rember that ok everyone has ran threw Michoacán los Beltran los del golfo los Zetas Jalisco Sinaloense ja ja what a joke

    2. Those Zs where michoacanos themselves Tisicos people

  5. The mass grave belongs to Carteles unidos some of those people were still alive 2 weeks ago. They didn't just stubble upon this they were given the information.

  6. Paztcurco cartel was dismantled, does that mean...the cell got arrested or does that mean thier equipment got siezed?

    1. 7:10 it means they were killed, retired, got sick, or were made into Falsos Positivos, Colombia style.
      The Plasa gat new too alive owners.

  7. Take down the misleading headline. These bodies were not found in Morelia. Just because the news story comes from the state capital, doesn't mean los hechos happened there. Attn: the Truth.

    1. The news come from Morelia, Michoacan.
      because the capital city is the seat of power from where the governor shows off.

  8. Gulp. I'm 15 min away on vacation.

  9. 11:34 put a note in your sock
    So if you happen to ummm u know
    Better yet make it a short vacation
    Better stay safe Come home early


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