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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Monclova, Coahuila: Cartel del Noreste Interrogates Ricardo Mendoza

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Drug traffickers from the Cartel del Noreste executed and beheaded a man who was accused of being a crystal meth seller in the municipality of Monclova in the state of Coahuila.

The body of the victim who also had traces of torture was found in the Linda neighborhood next to the train tracks that passes through the area. The head was left between the legs of the young man of about 35 and 40 years old.

But that wasn’t all, because along with the mortal remains, the executioners left a narco message in which a warning was left for other alleged drug pushers. Claiming what would happen to them if they were caught by the Cartel del Noreste.

It’s not the first time that the Cartel del Noreste attacks alleged drug dealers. On January 24 we published the interrogation that was circulating on social networks of an alleged drug trafficker whom this criminal group interrogated and then dismembered in Coahuila.

During the broadcast, a naked man appears whom his captors have covered his eyes with adhesive tape and who displays visible signs of torture.

The subject says that his name is Ricardo Mendoza, who is a drug pusher, and that he’s supplied by people related to the police corporation Fuerza Coahuila that operates in the state.

Another case was recorded on December 24 when in the municipality of Arteaga, the remains of a dismembered man who had severe traces of torture appeared. Next to him was a chilling narco message from said criminal group.

The man between 25 and 30 years of age had his hands, feet, and forearms cut off. His chest had been cut up mercilessly. In the message that the brutal Cartel del Noreste left behind, the following can be read:

”This was my fate for hanging out like some pussy around Fuerza Coahuila. And for having sold crystal meth here. Sincerely , C.D.N. ”

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario: What’s your name fool? What’s your name!

Ricardo Mendoza: My name? My name is Ricardo Mendoza. I’m from the Colonia Guayulera. I’m a drug pusher. Leo González supplies me. And he in turn is supplied by the Comandante Priscila from Fuerza Coahuila. And all this happened today because of the Cartel del Noreste. We’re being told that they’re not here to contaminate anyone. And that they’re not going to harm anyone with crystal meth or anything like that. On the contrary...

Sicario: They want everyone to get the fuck out of the way...

Ricardo Mendoza: They want everyone to get the fuck out of the way. They don’t want anyone...

Sicario: Not to sell crystal meth...

Ricardo Mendoza: They don’t want any drug dealers. Especially all the crystal meth dealers.

Sicario: Otherwise, they’re all going to end up like me...

Ricardo Mendoza: They’re going to end up like me.

Sicario: Destroyed...

Ricardo Mendoza: I recommend that you all turn away. Stop selling crystal meth.

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  1. so was he killed for selling crystal meth or not selling crystal meth for the northeast cartel?

    1. Gosh dont you know how to read it says up there

  2. Esos pinche fueerza Coahuila valen pura verga
    Sorry chivis for my language
    But this guys always try to get myself and brother in our trucks for anything petty.
    Que si somos narcos del gavacho!
    Quieren mordida

  3. So CDN are looking out and taking care of the community.Thanks CDN your the GOOD cartel,we weally weally bewieve you,we weally do.
    And did you know pigs can sprout wings and fly?

    1. 9:43 Fuerza Coahuila Pigs can create flying shit,
      even I can see it flying around in your head.
      Competing as criminals by recruiting and forcing drug trafficking by poor broke asses who get murdered by CDN is not very nice, as your taking sides with fuerza coahuila is very ignorant and dumb

  4. Is that the same dude in the picture?Clothes back on?Fuckin front on them,CDN killin some poor fucker cause he sellin crystal,as if they dont sell to anyone,not just your "gringos"They fighting over domestic sales all the time,they would sell to your grandma if she was a spending punter

    1. That's what I was going to say. They dressed him back up? Or told him TJ get dressed. I didn't see the vifeoysk don't know if he was decapitated in it while naked.

    2. Oh yes its not just americans that consume drugs its every country in the world. Americans just consume more because they can afford it

  5. tambien en nuevo laredo no dejan que vendan cristal ni heroina... si te pescan vendiendo heroina o cristal te matan y se te pescan consumiendola te tan unos tablazos.. funny because while CDN don't let nobody sell meth or heroin they flood I-35 with heroin and crystal.. in laredo a lot of tecatos from nuevo laredo cross just to get their fix cuz over there you can't find heroin or crystal.. the only drugs they allow in nuevo laredo to be sold to the locals is weed, crack, coke, and benzos (alprazolam and clonazepam)

    1. 11:16 benzedrine from a mexican pharmacy for 30 cents of a peso.
      Aktedron 40 cents of a peso, it was more classy and better packaged too.
      In the 70s and late 60s.

  6. fuerza coauhila es cartel de sinaloa

    1. In Torreron I’m sure they are

  7. Why would they allow him to get dresses again and take of the canela tape? That makes no sense. I wouldn’t doubt it if Fuerza Coahuila is the killers behind this. Picked him up later. Didn’t like the fact that they got thrown under the bus

  8. CDN for the people! hahaha

  9. Even though i dont agree with the killing of this poor drug dealer I do agree with cdn not allowing crystal & heroin to be sold in the north of mexico, by the souths government goons. I just passed by monclova on Saturday, its such a nice modern but still traditional north mexican city, it be a shame if it turned like mexico citys ghettos

  10. did anyone watch the video? what happens at the end?

    1. Nothing dude,video is safe to watch

    2. Video is safe for everyone to see. The guy is being coached on what to say. His death can only be seen in the pics.

    3. He becomes Swiss cheese.

  11. To bad this was done by a drug gang to a different drug gang and Not by the good harding working people of Mexico
    Its just a dream but it would be nice to put a end to All Drug Gangs Everywhere for ever
    Yea yea I know it will ever happen
    We as humans do suck
    Cant even think of a furture for your children but we keep having them to suffer, As the world turns, It gets worse, Only if we all were really created equal and greed power egos did not exist I am glad I am old enough to not see it for much longer but it hurts very much to see this chaos get worse.
    Where is all this killing etc going to look like in ten yrs Really
    Its going to get worse Younger killers will emerge, more addicts in every country around the world. Drugs are killing people every where not just in the States and Mexico There is not one country that does not have a problem with drugs the UK to China Japan
    New Zealand / Austriala is one kinda hell for millions of addicts Germany Turkey Iran Russia Alaska has a hugh child death rate Its Every where
    Shame on us for not stepping in in time to get a hold of it Shame on them for letting it get out of control.
    Greed Power Egos
    3 most evil words of destrustion of the human Race of all colors and creeds
    Its everyones fault not just the users but the dealers tbe whole human way of doing things The fault sets on everyone even my self you the readers because we as humans have become so selfish and needy for nicer things we dont really need.
    Humans have been in destrustion mode since we have been here on earth
    Histroy shows us that
    Many achivments but along with all that comes the bad side of that coin
    Cars built great, But we go to war and kill to get what those cars need to keep moving "Oil"
    Yes improvements on heatlh medicines to live longer save lives But with that science had made drugs like Meth
    Every step forward We seem to destory something good
    We have shown we cant govern our selves let alone Govern others
    We cant have freedoms with out destorying morals
    We are truely screwed up
    Gang members are like mini hitlers
    GOVERMENTS of all kinds are like a bad broadway show Actors
    One thing I think we all have to realize is we are all going to die
    Yes be dead and no matter how much money you have or dont have wont matter you cant escape death dying of old age
    I laugh at these greedy people who want more We are all going to die and money power egos wont separate you from being dead buried forgotton rotting in the earth So why all the ugly in the world We all will end up the same way
    Its the 21 grams that separate from our bodys when we die we better worry about You just might become that dog you kicked or that child you abused
    Or that junkie or that victim you killed or abused You just might end up in that HELL you didnt believe in.

    1. 8:00 don't worry about all the problems in the world in so many lines, name instead one or two criminal cocksuckers with a list of their wrong doings to help get better acquainted with them,
      the victims do not matter as much.

    2. Good ideas in your post. Yeah, mind/mood altering drugs ( including alcohol) are everywhere in the world. It is called Globalization. Humans now form one humungous hive. Look at lots of things we two legged bees have in common....weapons everywhere and for every age and gender; iPhone and computers, videos, ... and drugs!
      IMO, we have to find ways of dealing with the scourge of illicit drugs from a combined global perspective and not piecemeal. The UN is not a good model for many reasons. Interpol might work better... I don't know enough about it.
      Final point, illicit narcotics usage is likely to get worse in the future as people become more crowded, poorer, and miserable. Social and psychological misery combined equals the need for narcotics.
      Good post, amigo


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