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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Mexican Legislators Reject the Death Penalty

The coordinator for the deputies of the Morena political party, Mario Delgado, backed away from the proposal of legislators belonging to his bureaucratic assembly, known as "kiwis", on applying the death penalty in three crimes: rape when the aggressor murders his victim, cases of femicide as well as malicious homicides against minors.

The initiative, presented this Tuesday by the PVEM (Ecologist Green Party of Mexico) bench, is also signed by the deputies who "lent" the Verde Ecologista to Morena so that this fraction achieved the absolute majority in the Chamber of Deputies: Francisco Elizondo Garrido, Nayeli Arlen Fernández Cruz, Alfredo Antonio Gordillo Moreno, Ana Patricia Peralta de la Peña and Érika Mariana Rosas Uribe.

In the Chamber of Deputies, these legislators are called "kiwis", because they are "brown" on the outside and "green" on the inside.

Delgado affirmed that in his fraction the right of initiative of all the deputies and the parliamentary groups is respected.

"That is a proposal of the Partido Verde; I from my point of view do not share the proposal of the Partido Verde. I understand how sensitive a homicide against a minor, a feminicide against a minor, how painful it is, but I’m not sure that placing the death penalty on these crimes will contribute to eradicating or diminishing them, "said the Morenista.

Questioned about the signing of the five deputies of Morena in support of the initiative to recognize the death penalty, the coordinator stressed that the position that legislators take on various issues is free.

"There is no boundary in Morena, we always make the reasoning of what is best for our country and in that sense the votes are decided.

"For now, you know how priorities are determined in the legislative agenda. And the priorities in the legislative agenda have already been determined and made public since the beginning of this period, at the beginning of February," he said.

He said that his bench will be freely decided, according to the conscience of each legislator and what is considered best for the country.

"Of course there is no uniformity of thought, some will be in favor of that initiative and that’s good, and others will be against it. And that doesn’t mean that anyone distances themselves from any position," he said.

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  1. This is correct for a very important reason. First and foremost judges and lawyers and more so cops in Mwxico can be paid off making the poor person an easy target for set ups as to who receives capital punishment. Drug dealers and such have the most money so of course they will get away with murder.

    1. Exactly!! can you imagine those who didn't cooperate? or activists? Journalists? In the absence of law, order and justice there can not be the deadly weapon of false prosecution plus death penalty.

    2. U definitely make a valid point chivis.
      The American judicial system clearly supports the irregularities / injustices of innocent people having been executed.

    3. I would rather have the death penalty than spend decades in a Mexican prison.. SDSO

    4. Those rabid partisans in favor of death penalty are freely applying it like butter on hot toast, be it police like state police of Arturo bermudez or edgar veytia or criminals or their governors or real criminals and the armed forces and their Falsos Positivos

  2. MEXICO is so currupted, it favors the cartel members more, since they bribe the government, to continue thier criminal activities.

  3. Child rapists last about 2 days in prison

  4. A bit off topic, but what if the medical resources in prisons are inadequate to stop the spread of lethal viruses? Being confined in "very" crowded jails and prisons in Mexico (3rd world too) could be a virtual death sentence for anyone.

    P.S. How about if narco-cartel sicarios training camps and living quarters get infected with the Corona virus?
    Your thoughts?

    1. Good question @12:59
      There are many so- called 3rd world countries who are experiencing a spike of Corona virus. The 1st reported latin American country is Brazil. A highly populated country where inadequate medical access and resources are available. Moreover, where statistical cases are inconclusive. Rather, not available. Or given.

      Mexico is yet to confirm any such pandemic. Despite its population and immigration routes for many people fleeing war torn countries.
      I wouldn't feel any sympathy for those if this pandemic were only applied to narcos. Pretty sure many would agree.
      Unfortunately, this pandemic is affecting everyone globally.

    2. Mexico has yet to report any case of the Corona virus. Whether or not they test is yet to be confirmed by Mexican government. While all other parts of the world have confirmed.
      Raising the question of why? Brazil is the only confirmed Latin country of the Corona virus.
      Can only imagine the magnitude of this pandemic if authorities are withholding information of such.
      Can u imagine the border closure and the economic hardships that will come from such.


    3. My husband is stuck at our home in china. this outbreak happened at chinese N.. so our offices were closed and have been since then. he is not US citizen and his 10 yr visa expired during the time the embassy closed because of the corona virus, no visas are being processed for people stuck in china. .

      Our vet in china was mandated to work in one of the largest HUMAN hospitals in the south. let me repeat, OUR VET.
      Everywhere is a ghost town. no cars, businesses, restaurants etc closed. the few markets open have empty shelves. no masks, hand sanitizer ... no country will take him but he is prob going to HK because the physician there are excellent...BUT a 14 day quarantine. it is a mess. in that city we live on the penthouse on top floor of hotel. the hotel is virtually empty. But at least he has decent food. HOT food no cold stuff....

      china lies worse than mexico. people are in a panic because of this. it is nuts.

    4. My prayers for his safe return chivis.
      This epidemic has impacted many. America is yet to see the worst.
      I too had to reschedule my trip to Nepal. A humanitarian work program building schools for orphans in that region. All flights to & from have been suspended for many travelers due to this virus.
      Again wish him a safe and healthy return.


  5. Mexico’s prisons are overflowing, criminals are abundant and there’s no end in sight to cartel power. Why wouldn’t you have the death penalty? What is there left to try in order to bring peace to law abiding citizens? It’s mind boggling that they don’t have the death penalty. Implement it on capos, cases of clear murder, child molesters etc., but they have to use an inexpensive method. In the US the death penalty is often delayed since they can’t procure the deadly chemicals. Use robots to execute them.

    1. Because the legislators are in with the cartels; they say no, they get paid

    2. 1:45 let's explain it tu yu...
      You get caught and accused of being a drug traffiking rapist,
      the police advise you that you got caught and you are facked up, and you better confess, but you already confessed for fear of getting the chicharra up your ass, then you still get the chicharra up your ass for trying to be too smart, and you get the death penalty for a crime that was probably done by someone in government...
      Death penalty has been wrongly used, is being wrongly used, even on the US, and mexico will have its own fack ups.
      --Better to use lie detectors than torture and allow defendants every legal opportunity it to defend themselves and stop prosecuting BS and trumped up charges just because some maniacs demand it.

  6. you just gave Cartels to kill at will.....and if your important cartel member we will break you out of jail.
    Don't the politician realize that's why their still a 4th world country. No law and order.
    They should at least let citizen buy carry any kind of firearms. The police don't protect. HELLO. If you call the police you get cartel members in police uniforms knocking at your door to take you away.
    Mexicans need REVOLUTION

  7. Mexico already has the death penalty, the extra-judicial type, usually on the street.

  8. Crazy to watch a lot of this. Because there is complete absence log there. It applies where they need it, and it doesn't fly with with money paid. Silver or lead. I have read some interesting information lately. This was concerning Marco Antonio Paredes Machado. It seems when the government in Mexico arrested him in 2011, they waterboard him to get information out of him. The police in Mexico do whatever they want. And can you imagine what would happen if the poor person or the person who decided not to cooperate with them, what their fate would be? And I imagine one of the reasons why they do not have a death penalty, is because of the US funded drug war. I wonder if the senselessness in Mexico will ever stop.

    I admire you, Chivis, for, at minimum, at least showing what's going on in Mexico. I come on this site only to see the different aspects of things. Thank you.

    As a person that was once involved with all of these animals, I have a hard time comprehending the viciousness and the senselessness of all of it. And you see them taking out the upper heads of these organizations, and then the people coming in below them, and the new faces are a lot more vicious and don't use restraint. If you look at what's happening in northern Mexico, especially in Sonora, it's definitely prevalent and a lot more visual than it used to be. The old bosses were quiet. I'm not saying they were perfect, but they definitely were a lot more low-key.

    Good night to all my friends in Sonora

    El Conejo Loco

  9. Alot of innocent people will die with the death penalty.

  10. In the past they also rejected for citizens to bare arms to protect themselves. Stupid laws that keep Mexico going down hill.

  11. .quote

    I understand how sensitive a homicide against a minor, a feminicide against a minor, how painful it is, but I’m not sure that placing the death penalty on these crimes will contribute to eradicating or diminishing them, "said the Morenista.
    Why not Just try it for a while
    And watch the crime go down

    When these politicans speak they make me sick
    Camt you see how they turns the tables and Lie Lie Lie to all their peoplec
    I simply cant understand how anyone cant see this
    Its like NewcYork bail reform
    Its Not Working But people with small minds actually thought it would help
    Bad evil Vile humans are NOT going to change
    To protect others you must punish
    If you Take a life You give up yours
    Kill a child no Trials no bail
    Straight to the tree or chair

    This is why mexico wont ever ever change

    I am strong on Laws and the Rule of Laws and to favor child killers over a candy theif ??

    To let bad guys go on probation
    With supervision is the most Ignorant
    way of thinking
    I really hope That Mexico could get better But the more I read and hear the Mentality of your Gov. And just the common way of thinking my hopes vanish

    I saw a picture of ALMO it sure looked like he was useing the Nazi salute I hope not but

    What I would like to know from the owners of this site is *Your comments on what You think about if there is still hope for Mexico ??
    You have more knowledge and expertize
    Can Mexico change for the better ?
    And if You see hope How and Where can that change begin to happen ?

    We as outsiders dont know ! So we can only guess
    If you were The President and had no ties to any blood money
    What would you do first as President
    What changes would you make ?

    Now Your not a greedy person Nor are you tied by family members oweing no one but ,Your people and your country,
    Any one What does Mexico need to start to stop crime law lessness .
    Please tell us What would you do
    If you had free rein ??

    It would be very intetesting to hear from the people and not these Politians

    1. Most my family members have come to U.S. our children educated here, the kids rather speak English. They have become 100% American. Because of the Violence we do not back on vacation
      What for to get robbed r maybe killed. Its was wonderful place at one time. Its over

    2. If was President of Mexico my number one priority, Rule Of Law. Get rid of the Criminals and Cartel. Maybe someday, Amlo is more concerned about hugs. Sorry Sir will not work.

  12. They reject the death penalty, but those currupted in office sure don't reject bribes. It's law abiding citizens come last.

  13. Oh, but it would make the poor criminals suffer the inhumanity of being tortured to death by injection or frightened by the sound of a gun firing at them point blank, poor poor criminals, they suffer already and are misunderstood lost children and need hugs. (Mommy! Amlo! Need huggy please.)

  14. @6:43 (2-27-20)
    You have asked some very important tough questions. I have dwelled on these myself for years.
    Here is some top of my head thoughts:
    1. Mexico has many interellated problems... like a pomegranate has individual seeds. So, which particular seeds do we change first? Go ahead list some:
    Let's say you pick a. Education, and b. Violent crime just for starters.

    With the education (seed), what exactly will you change? Would you change teachers, books, unions, lunches, uniforms, school hours, curriculums, etc.). Would you do this en mass or piecmeal , or by slow or rapid degrees, or into all regions or selected ones?

    Let's go to the Violent Crime problem. How will you define this problem? What elements will you attack in groups or singly? Who will do the chores: police? Military? Mercenaries ? Ex- sicarios ? Prison or jail programs, Courts , lawyers, etc. What wIll you do about citizen gun availability for self defence? What about child and spousal abuse ... feminicide? What will you do about movies and music that openly or subliminally glorify violence? Or what about culturally ingrained violence such as bull, cock, dog fighting, and boxing?

    My pomegranate seed metaphor rapidly become overwhelming on at least 2 points:
    1. Resistance by those who profit from things as they are. The Mexican educational system has corrupt unions who support bad teachers, principles, etc. These bad educators will not change easily. Parents might strongly disagree with needed education reforms. Students, too, may resist needed changes. It could be a nightmare changing Mexico's educational system. My main point here is that many Mexicans have huge investment in things just as they are. These come in concievable forms including youth, merchants, employers, sex workers, morticians, clergy, law enforcement, judges, educators, entertainors, and, of course, politicians and narco-related minions of all kinds.

    I do not foresee any significantly positive changes for Mexican society in even 50 years. The pomegranate has way too many problem seeds. The narco-cartels have infected way too much of Mexico for it to ever recover.

    Finally, the world is well into the cyber technology age where it is possible to apply incredible personal,and socio-behavioral surveillance on people. Coupled with this, is that this technology can be used to control individual and social behaviors. This emergent cyber technology is transforming the world in myrid ways. So, perhaps it will take artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and technology "worldwide" to change things positively for Mexico and the world.
    Thanks for reading.
    I would love to read posts on my dismal perspectives.


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